Kotlin Weekly - Kotlin Weekly #271


ISSUE #271

10th of October 2021


Results of the Kotlin Multiplatform Survey Q1-Q2 2021
The latest KMP survey, with a lot of input from the community, is now live. Check out all the results, some of them surprising and fascinating.

The road to the K2 compiler
The JetBrains team has been working on a new K2 Kotlin compiler for quite some time. Svetlana Isakova writes here about some of its peculiarities.


Idiomatic Kotlin: Simulating a console to solve Advent of Code
In this new chapter of Idiomatic Kotlin, Sebastian Aigner will be simulating, diagnosing, and fixing a small, made up game console.

Testing the Kotlin Native memory model
Kotlin/Native’s strict memory model has been a common topic of interest in the community, but creating and testing a new memory model is a significant undertaking. Kevin Galligan explores the Kotlin Native memory model in this article.

Prefer Sequence for big collections with more than one processing step
This new article based on the Effective Kotlin book explains why we should use Sequence in certain cases.

How to use an in-memory database for testing on Ktor
Sometimes we want to use an in-memory database while testing our software (a DB based in memory, not in disk). Marco Gomiero wrote an article explaining how to do it.

Don’t abuse Kotlin’s scope functions
Kotlin's scope functions can be easily abused. Nav Singh explains in this article how this happens, and how to prevent it.

What Rust could learn from Kotlin
Rust is becoming more and more popular, but can Rust learn anything from Kotlin? Certainly yes, and Cedric Beust was reflecting about this.


Keep your mobile applications performant (and your users happy)
When something goes wrong, you need to imagine what that customer support ticket will look like. Sentry removes the need to imagine by providing rich context about errors and performance slowdowns in your mobile applications. New users get 1 month free using code KOTLINWEEKLY.


Kotlin’s Flow in ViewModels: it’s complicated
Loading UI data in Android applications can be challenging, and Google released the first Architecture Components to help with it. How does it combine with Flow? It is complicated, check out this article to learn more.

A journey about how to measure build times for Android
Ralf Wondratschek has published a blog post about how we measure build times at Square.

Dependency Injection with Kotlin and Koin
Life is not only Dagger or Hilt. Matthew Casperson wrote an article explaining how to implement common dependency injection scenarios with Koin and Kotlin.


Idiomatic Kotlin – Destructuring Declarations (Make your code super expressive!)
Check in this video how the destructuring declaration of Kotlin works.


Senior Android / Kotlin Developer (100% Remote)
We are hiring multiple Senior Android / Kotlin Developers. Work from anywhere for the world's leading brands and get supported to do more of what you love. Join the most energizing community for remote developers.


How Zalando Adopted Kotlin
Ole Sasse and Gregor Zeitlinger talk in this chapter about how Zalando has successfully introduced Kotlin on the server-side.


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