Just checking in with you . 

Did you get the copy of the Voice & Vision Questionnaire I sent you yesterday?

If not, you can click on over to get started on it today: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XJ4ShONUWVb7RI5wE-GcuX0pFtfoGbsxyJFwA_9nj_E/edit

If you did, and have already gotten a bit of it filled out -- GOLD STARS FOR YOU!

You know, if this were a classroom. And I were a teacher. And there were snack and nap times scheduled into our days.

(That actually sounds like a fantastic idea. Do you have snack and nap times scheduled into your days?! I think I need more snack and nap times in my life.)


Back to the questionnaire.

Tomorrow will be your first exercise, figuring out your one-of-a-kind Voice, based on your answers.

So, you can see how actually HAVING those answers is gonna be pretty imperative.

Ok, I'm off to write something for someone (maybe even myself...how exciting!) 

But I'll be back in your inbox FIRST THING tomorrow morning. 

Til then ~ Elisa

P.s. If you are already gung-ho about getting your Voice & Vision up, running, and shaped to perfection, you might be a perfect fit for one of my Voice & Vision Consultations. Book your one-on-one consultation with Elisa (that's me!)