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Hi there,

After a holiday night out (or even a night in, if you're hosting!), you might want to go straight to bed. We get the instinct, but hear us out: there's nothing better than slinking into something cozy and savoring some alone time after you've had a long, jam-packed evening. That's why we're partnering with Eberjey to make the case for a good night routine. Our suggestion? Three easy steps:

step 1: put the *good* PJ's on

We recommend Eberjey's Gisele pajamas, which have that iconic PJ look with a modern and silky feel thanks to its sustainable TENCEL Modal fibers. This fabric is temperature-regulating, so you can feel comfy whether you run hot or cold.

This sleepwear is also easy to care for: it won't pill and it's machine-washable.
The best part? Gisele pajamas are super customizable (lots of colors, and both cropped and slim options!), making them a great gift for everyone on your list. Right now, you can shop Eberjey’s biggest sale of the year: 25% off with code JOY25.

step 2: be kind to your future morning self

No matter how tired you are, there's a few things you should probably do before going to sleep. Think: washing (or at least rinsing) the stack of dishes in your sink, lighting a candle or spraying room spray to make your place feel like your own again, or taking off your makeup (if you're wearing any).

step 3: create a calm nighttime atmosphere

We take night routines pretty seriously around here, but they're not one-size-fits-all. Some ideas:
  • If you're coming from a holiday party or gathering, jot a few of your favorite memories down to look back on.
  • Save a chill podcast episode for before bed. 
  • Dedicate time to reading one chapter of a comforting book.
  • Have a stretching routine.
  • All of the above!
The important thing is to make time to check in with yourself before calling it a night.
We hope this helps you reset and refresh after a busy evening. —The GNI team
This email is presented in partnership with Eberjey.

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