Ahrefs - Ahrefs' Weekly Digest #65

Hey there, 

Did you know that you can paste up to 10,000 keywords into Keywords Explorer and get Traffic Potential for the group instantly? 

If you didn’t know, don’t worry. Lily Ray discovered it recently too.

But now that you know this tip, it’ll fit perfectly with our video this week on how to find a niche. After you’ve decided on a niche you want to target, now’s a great time to check the traffic potential of all the keywords you want to target and then prioritize them accordingly.

✍️ New on our blog

8 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Continue in 2022 by Mateusz Makosiewicz

2022 is coming. You may be wondering which digital marketing trends are fads and which are staying. In this post, Mateusz has identified eight directions digital marketing is heading toward in 2022 and beyond. 

Here they are:
  • Search intent is king
  • Word of mouth is still a trend
  • Privacy factors will impact digital advertising
  • Omnichannel marketing is a must
  • Video is an essential marketing channel
  • Data changed marketing for good
  • Frictionless experience is ideal for customers
  • Remote work is here to stay
What do you think? Do you agree with Mateusz, or is there something we’ve missed out on? 

Steal Our SEO Report Template (Inspired by SEO Experts) by Michal Pecánek

While SEO reports are dependant on a client’s business type, this is what everyone generally wants to see:
  • SEO KPIs
  • Ranking progress
  • Organic traffic progress
  • Backlink growth
  • SEO health
But writing a report isn’t just about dumping these metrics into a document. You need to interpret them and convey the impact of your work in the most succinct and coherent way possible. 

With this in mind, Michal consulted with tons of SEO experts from our Ahrefs Insider Facebook group and created an SEO report template anyone can use. (Click here to make a copy.) 

What Is Content Writing? 13 Tips for Creating Amazing Content by Si Quan Ong

With over 300 blog posts and 200 YouTube videos (most of which are scripted) under our belt, we know a thing or two when it comes to content writing. These tips are from our experience. 

For example, we always create an outline before writing any post. While we make sure to include our own unique ideas, we also take inspiration from the top-ranking pages. Specifically, we use the on-page report in our SEO Toolbar to find common themes and points we may want to include in our post.

Another idea you can consider implementing is to store a commonplace book. Also known as a “second brain,” this is a central depository for all your ideas, quotes, information, etc. Whenever I read a book, watch a YouTube video, or listen to a podcast, I make sure to note down good ideas in my “second brain.” That way, I never run out of ideas whenever I have to draft a new post. 

WordPress SEO: 20 Tips and Best Practices by Joshua Hardwick

WordPress is the CMS of choice for many SEOs and bloggers. But remember that while WordPress is SEO friendly, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically rank high on Google just because you use it. 

Make sure you’ve completed all the basics: 
  • Set up permalinks
  • Generate a sitemap
  • Set an SEO-friendly URL slug
  • Exclude low-value content from indexing
And more. 

Use this post as a checklist to ensure that you’ve got everything down pat.

📹 New on YouTube

How to Find a Niche for Your Online Business by Sam Oh

There are two ways to find a niche for your online business:
  • Dig into a competing website’s traffic and financial information – Go to EmpireFlippers or Flippa and browse around. You’ll be able to see a site’s age, its page views, its monthly profit, and more. 
  • Use Google Ads data to estimate commercial value – Go to Content Explorer, enter a relevant keyword you’re targeting, then eyeball the sites’ traffic value to see if the niche has commercial value. 
Those are just ways to find a niche. But actually choosing one requires you to answer three questions:
  • Should you follow something you’re passionate about or choose the niche that brings you money?
  • Should you choose a low-competition niche that allows you to get traffic faster without having to compete against big brands? Or should you chase a high-competition niche that doesn’t limit your earning potential?
  • How niche should you go?
Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to solve these questions. It’s a mix of personal and business decisions. And it eventually comes down to a variety of factors, such as what you’re driven by, your skills, your level of resources, and more.

📚 What we’re reading

Google Search Launches Enhanced Autocomplete With Second Column [Article]

Google has officially launched new enhanced autocomplete search suggestions that may include a second column of predictions. The new enhanced autocomplete interface may show additional search predictions, including “people also ask,” “people also search for,” and other content that is related to the query.

How to Find Affiliates – A Step-By-Step Walkthrough (2022) [Article] 

Andy Cabasso of Postaga shows you how to use Ahrefs to find affiliate partners. Tl;dr:
  • Enter the domain of a competitor/adjacent company into Site Explorer
  • Go to the Backlinks report
  • Set the dropdown that says “Ref. page URL” to “Target URL”
  • Add a “?” in the search box and click search
While you may get a mix of random results, you’ll also be able to find affiliate links. From there, you can look at how an affiliate link is constructed and search for it specifically to find all the affiliate partners.
Till next time. ;)

Si Quan
Content Marketing @ Ahrefs

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