Kotlin Weekly - Kotlin Weekly #283


ISSUE #283

2nd of January 2022


Google Protocol Buffers Support Idiomatic Kotlin Bindings
Thanks to the newly added Kotlin support of Google Protocol Buffers, it leverages Kotlin advanced syntax to generate idiomatic Kotlin bindings using a set of factory methods that constitute a nice DSL.

Sane Intellij Plugin Development With Live Plugin
Dmitry Kandalov wrote a blog post about creating plugins for IntelliJ IDEs using Kotlin and LivePlugin.

JS in Kotlin/JS
Martynas Petuška has written an article sharing his knowledge about Kotlin/JS interop.


Consuming Activity Results using coroutines
Second article of the series on how we can convert and consume Activity Results using coroutines.

Adventures in Tracking Upload Progress With OkHttp and Retrofit
This article by Marton Braun tells the story of how Stream’s Android team refined their progress tracking process during file uploads in the Stream Chat Android SDK.


Kotlin: Decompiled – How its features are represented on the JVM
In this video you will find almost every single language construct of the Kotlin programming language compiled to JVM bytecode and then decompiled to Java again for better readability.

Modern Android Development features [Google Between The Brackets 2021] (Episode 12)
In this episode we will be with GDE Mohit Sarveiya, GDE Madona Syomba and GDG Jay Whitsitt discussing Modern Android Development features and how you can utilize them better.


Slacking with Zac Sweers
In this episode of Talking Kotlin Zac Sweers from Slack talks about all that has happened since his last appearance: Multiplatform experiments, Kotlin usage in Slack, Thoughts about Compose and more.


FOSDEM Kotlin DevRoom CfP
There is one more week until the CfP for the FOSDEM Kotlin DevRoom of this year closes. Check it out, and consider sending a proposal for a free, open and community friendly conference.


An Interpreter/Transpiler, written in Kotlin, for the esoteric programming language Folders, a language with no code and just folders.

Jetpack Compose image loading library which fetches and displays network images with Glide, Coil, and Fresco

A lightweight library to help you navigate in compose with well-typed functions.

MockK v1.12.2
MockK has released the version 1.12.2, with a significant CVE vulnerability fix.

Twitter's API v2 Objectified. This library will save you time from creating data objects to access twitter's API v2.x.

Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) library for MurmurHash, a non-cryptographic hash function for general hash-based lookup focused on simplicity and performance.


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