Issue #252: base layers, bold hairstyles, making room for change 💫

Friday edition: Our best recommendations for your downtime.
Issue #252 ~ January 7, 2022
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Editor's Note

My not-quite resolution? Embrace more change.

Goals shift, priorities evolve... and that can be a good thing

by Olivia Rogine, Director of Brand Strategy and Special Projects

Good morning,

Happy New Year! I hope this newsletter finds you well on your way to breaking whatever resolution you set out for yourself in 2022 😅. Juuuust kidding, but can I be honest? I kind of dread this time of year. There’s so much pressure to be the best versions of ourselves, we forget to make room for what’s bound to happen: goals shift and priorities change.

This year, instead of inevitably disappointing myself one month into carrying out resolutions, I’m embracing the unexpected. These seeds were planted a few months ago, when I moved across the country with my partner (yes, we were part of the great COVID-migration). See, immediately after moving I felt compelled to build my routines again and recreate a familiar pace to my days, as if it would offer some sort of comfort and semblance of normalcy in my new surroundings. Cue: the same breakfast, workout class, and daily patterns that I had outgrown somewhere around the 400th day of 2021.

What I soon remembered was that I actually love change. Why was I boring myself with sameness? I feel most alive when I’m exploring like going for an unplanned hike or deep diving on a niche topic (think: orange wine, the physics of wireless charging, high-altitude baking...). Discovery, in its many forms, keeps things interesting (and keeps me on my toes)!

Picking my life up reminded me that we’re always beginning again, shape shifting through different chapters of life. I understand that not all change is welcome. But I find that when our routines are rooted in change, rather than habit, we open ourselves to possibility. So here’s my challenge to you: invite small moments of change in your day, week, month, and even year. And don’t worry, I won’t hold you to it like that looming resolution.

Here’s some thought starters on how to invite change into your day-to-day:

Regardless of how you choose to move forward in this new season of life, there’s room for it all: routines, rituals, and yes, even radical change.

Happy new year,

P.S. Do you have a blanket that you absolutely love? One that perhaps you're spending even more time than usual in as we all figuratively and literally hide under some blankets this January? We want to hear about your most comfortable blanket ever. Let us know right here, and send pics and links if you have 'em!

weekly picks

this week's picks and reads were curated by Olivia Rogine
  • For a sorta fancy WFH lunch... I’ll admit it: I miss packing lunches for work and putting thought into my mid-day meal. I’ve tried to recreate what I liked about lunch prep in the comfort of my own home, like pre-portioned snacks and having a real “lunch time” to look forward to. Lately, I’ve been trying out INKA’s utensils, chopsticks, cloth napkins, and handy lunch kits. Who knew that aesthetically pleasing reusable containers could be so satisfying?
  • Cove offers personalized migraine care from specialized doctors, including treatment and prescription medication plans. They also have supplements for migraine relief, which you can get 20% off on as a GNI reader: try their refreshing Oasis hydration powder, vitamin B-complex capsules, and essential oil roll-on today with code GIRLSNIGHTIN20. Sponsor

  • No doubt... I enjoyed this podcast episode of Hidden Brain, all about the psychology of self-doubt. It explains that “impostor feelings” is a much more accurate description than the all too familiar “impostor syndrome.”

  • Warm winter gear, but make it cute... As a new resident of Colorado, I’ve been upgrading my winter gear as a rite of passage. Somewhere in between REI and aimless internet searches, I came across Halfdays. It has since solved all of my winter wear concerns with warm and dare I say it ~stylish~ pieces for the slopes like these soft-shell snow pants and these versatile base layers.
    • Speaking of bundling up for chilly activities, this new app helps track your friends and performance stats out on the trails, among other things.

  • Break out the crackers... You may have noticed tinned fish has had a year in 2021. I didn't really get it (I thought, canned fish is canned fish, right?!) until I tried Fishwife. Fishwife’s fish pieces are extra chunky, sustainably sourced, and are preserved in oil with flavorings like brown sugar and garlic salt (so much better than plain ole’ water). I like the smoked rainbow trout with a crunchy cracker, some avocado, and lotsss of everything bagel seasoning.
  • Cutting back on drinking this year but still want to unwind with something sophisticated? Curious Elixirs booze-free craft cocktails are for you. They're handcrafted with organic ingredients and infused with adaptogens to help you de-stress. With code GNI22, try one of their classic cocktail-inspired drinks—think Blood Orange Spritzes and Spicy Margaritas—today for $10 off of orders over $50. Sponsor

  • What even is fashion right now? Fashion has seen some dramatic changes since COVID—from the adaptation of loungewear into everyday life to historic spikes in online shopping. The recent democratization of American fashion is so noteworthy that the editors of Vogue wrote United States of Fashion, the latest book on my TBR list, paying homage to the ever-evolving creativity in the industry.

    All picks are independently chosen unless it’s noted as a sponsorship. GNI might get a cut of your purchase if you decide to buy something.


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weekly reads  

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