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Google adds a scary warning to potential podcast listeners
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Sounds Profitable with Gumball this week looks at merch - merch we’ve even mentioned admiringly in the past in this very newsletter. Bryan interviews the creator of Were You Raised By Wolves, Nick Leighton.

  • A content warning and privacy notice has been added to the Google Podcasts app, in multiple languages and territories. The app is a top 5 podcast player according to most podcast hosts - the notice links to this page.

    • The message makes it clear that Google doesn’t host content (stories from Sky News UK, the Brookings Institution and others have highlighted content issues in podcasting recently). The company already blocks some podcasts from under 18s and people not signed in.
    • The message also, curiously, highlights that IP addresses are passed through to podcast hosting companies if you play an episode. This is also the case when you click on a website in Google Search, so we’ve asked Google why it’s there, and what’s so special about podcasts to merit this un-nerving warning.
  • Spotify has shut down its original podcasting studio, known internally as Studio 4. 15 people will be either moved to other roles or made redundant. Described as a “junk drawer” by one staffer, the division produced the shows that weren’t produced by Gimlet, Parcast or The Ringer (which Spotify purchased later). Shows don’t appear to be cancelled.

  • Amazon Music Podcasts has more than 200,000 podcasts, and “55 million customers”, according to a podcast creator outreach document being shared by the company. It says that you’ll be able to track your download numbers in their dashboard “soon”.

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