Build In Public: ⭐️ Spotlight Edition ⭐️ (Edward Igushev, Co-Founder & CEO, TrueSource)

Build In Public: ⭐️ Spotlight Edition ⭐️ (Edward Igushev, Co-Founder & CEO, TrueSource)
By KP • Issue #27 • View online
Hi everyone, welcome to the latest Spotlight edition of the Build In Public newsletter. In this recurring Spotlight series, I invite and interview one new startup founder each round to unpack insights and actionable advice from their story that can be helpful in your own journey. 
In today’s edition, I wanted to feature Edward Igushev, co-founder and CEO at TrueSource.
Full disclosure: TrueSource is a startup I’ve been helping within my personal capacity and is in no way affiliated to On Deck.
I first came across TrueSource and the founders from a mutual friend. I jumped on a Zoom, saw the demo, and loved what they were building. As we know, the creator economy has allowed millions of indie builders and creators to spin up new businesses. One underrated category is data-centric businesses. (Think IMDb, Zillow or Crunchbase). This is where TrueSource shines as it allows people to rapidly build products using data sets (either on Google Sheets, Airtable or CSV files) and monetize.
As a fan of the emerging new no-code tools, I agreed to help them with their public Product Hunt launch today. Check it out here and go support them!
The founding team is super passionate about this space and I recently sat down with the co-founder and CEO Edward for an interview.
Here are the full notes from my interview with Edward:

A Conversation With Edward Igushev
KP: Hi Edward! Welcome to the Build In Public community. Why don’t you give us a quick intro?
EI: I’m Edward Igushev, Co-Founder & CEO of TrueSource. I worked at Google for 6.5 years working on a Machine Learning Platform and after at Glean (Enterprise Search Engine) working on various infrastructure projects and Enterprise Knowledge Graph.
KP: How would you describe what you are building currently?
EI: We’re building TrueSource - a no-code platform to build and launch intelligent data products and monetize them. We allow creators and businesses to build data-centric apps like Crunchbase or IMDb in 5 minutes. Think of it as Shopify or Substack for data. On top of that, TrueSource links data products to compound value for creators and their users.
KP: What’s a recent milestone you’re excited about?
EI: We were heads down building our product and talking to users and customers. We’re very excited that we’re at the point when we can provide access to the product to a broader audience to try it out.
KP: What specific inflection point led you on this journey? Why are you building what you are building?
EI: I have been always passionate about data. Building a no-code platform with the ability for creators and businesses to leverage each others’ data is our first step towards our vision to become the database of the world.
KP: Who does your current project help/serve the most? (Ideal Customer Profile)
EI: TrueSource serves the most anyone (individual or business) who’s building data-centric applications starting from simple ones based on one table to sophisticated applications with multiple connected tables and various filters, search, nested pages, navigation and monetization like Crunchbase, IMDb or Zillow.
KP: What are 1-3 killer features/selling points that you believe make your offering quite unique and valuable as compared to the alternatives?
EI: Our key differentiating features, which no other no-code tools have are:
  • Native support for multiple connected tables;
  • Ability to add nested pages and complex navigation;
  • Automatic filters and search;
  • Built-in monetization;
  • Ability to leverage other creators’ data. We’re the first no-code platform with a built-in community of creators and businesses;
KP: What is one tip on building a startup you’d give your younger self from 4 years ago?
EI: Do not wait and go earlier on the journey.
KP: What is one tip about no-code you’d give someone getting started in their journey? 
EI: You can achieve and build way more than most people think. Give TrueSource a try and let me know if I was right or not!
KP: Where can people find you on the Internet?
EI: They can follow me personally on Twitter or LinkedIn. They can follow TrueSource on Twitter, LinkedIn or join our growing data-creator community on our Slack channel.
KP: Where can people find your newest product launch/release? And do you have an ask for the community?
EI: As was mentioned before, today, we are “live” on Product Hunt. We would love your support, feedback, and comments. Come join the discussion here on Product Hunt.
Thank you for reading! Please share this with your friends on Twitter/Linkedin or if you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to hit reply :)
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