I Took a Ride in a Self Driving Car (and Didn't Die)

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January 22, 2022

At CES, I saw extraordinary gadgets that will probably never make it into the average home. From transparent displays to robot drummers, CES had it all. But one tech I did get to try out that you might someday enjoy was a self-driving car.

Yep, I took a ride in a car that drove itself without any human help. Well, almost without any human assistance. If you overlook the two times the safety driver had to hit the brakes to prevent a crash. So close and yet so far. Check out the top story for all the details.

Other Highlights:

  • In other car-related news, Tesla might announce a new product in the future. Only this will go on your head.
  • Forget Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E; it’s time to start planning for Wi-Fi 7.
  • Hope you like your current profile picture because the next one you use for Facebook and Twitter might be an NFT.
  • …and more!


I Took a Ride in a Self Driving Car (and Didn’t Die)

For years (decades, if you count movies), we’ve been promised self-driving cars. You’ll get in, sit back, and let the car do all the driving while you relax or get some work done. While at CES, I took a ride in a self-driving car, and it feels like the promise is closer than ever. But still far away. Read More »

Google Confirms It’s Investigating Nest Doorbell and Camera Malfunctions

Since November of 2021, dozens of Nest Doorbell and Cam owners have experienced battery problems in cold weather. Some of these smart doorbells and cameras are encountering severe battery drain on cold days, while others refuse to charge after an especially chilly night. Read More »

Wi-Fi 7 Is Already Coming: Here’s What We Know

Just one month ago, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced FCC certification for Wi-Fi 6E, a cutting-edge standard that utilizes the 6GHz band to reduce network congestion. But Wi-Fi 6E may not get the hype it deserves, because Wi-Fi 7 is already in the works. Read More »

This Free Fitbit Premium Trial Is Only for People Who Canceled

If you canceled your Fitbit Premium membership after running through a free trial, you’re in luck. Fitbit is offering some customers an additional 3 to 12 months of its Premium subscription for free—here’s how to check if you’re eligible. Read More »

Facebook and Twitter Are Racing To Make Your Profile Picture an NFT

Without social media, NFT owners would have no place to show off or sell their expensive digital assets. So it’s no surprise that Facebook and Twitter want a piece of the pie. Both platforms are racing to adopt NFT technology and culture, starting with their users’ most popular request—verified NFT avatars. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE This Clever Under-Desk Headphone Stand is the Perfect Cable Management Solution
This Clever Under-Desk Headphone Stand is the Perfect Cable Management Solution

Looking for a place to store your headphones at your desk but don’t want to take up any more space on it? Get an under-desk headphone stand mount. The included 3M adhesive allows for a clean and strong attachment that only takes a few seconds to install. This clever solution allows you to keep up to two pairs of headphones within arms reach while simultaneously not adding to the (cord) clutter of your desk. It’s also available in side-mount and the more premium Pro varieties if you’re looking for alternative and sturdier options.

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Tesla’s Next Product Might Go On Your Head

This week we learned that Tesla recently applied for an expansion of its trademark into the audio segment. The company added a trademark to sell audio equipment like speakers or headphones under its brand, suggesting your next Tesla purchase could go on your head. Read More »


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