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Near the tipping point

Bloomberg Follow Us Get the newsletter The world can be a dangerous place. Natural forms of destruction have blighted the Earth since the dawn of time. But thanks to human intervention, the planet may
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Dangerous games

Bloomberg After a yearlong delay due to Covid-19, and some scandals and high profile resignations, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are finally underway. The Games, the first ever without spectators, promise to
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Serious penalties

Bloomberg Chinese regulators are considering serious penalties for Didi Global after its controversial initial public offering last month. Regulators see the ride-hailing giant's decision to go
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Unprepared for new variants

Bloomberg The US has been a pioneer in creating methods to follow diseases as they spread and mutate. The country just isn't a leader when it comes to using those tools. Scientists sequencing Covid
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America’s fifth wave

Bloomberg Tom Barrack Jr., the founder of Colony Capital and a former top fund-raiser for Donald Trump, was indicted for illegally lobbying for the United Arab Emirates. According to federal
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The gathering storm

Bloomberg For some time now, the stock market has been breaking and re-breaking records despite darkening skies. Now, investment strategists are wondering if the combination of Covid-19's fast-
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Choosing danger

Bloomberg Follow Us Get the newsletter Huge swaths of the US population, mainly those living in Republican-leaning areas, are turning down vaccines against Covid-19, helping to inflate the number of
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Burned out bankers

Bloomberg Hard-nosed Wall Street CEOs have been beating the drum of late about how burned out bankers need to stop whining and get back to their desks. Appeasing young stars with perks and flexible
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Yellen says no

Bloomberg Bank of America shares tumbled the most in eight months as Wall Street learned of its struggle to build back lending income in the second quarter. While government aid programs helped big
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Wall Street cash bonanza

Bloomberg Morgan Stanley cashed in on last quarter's hectic dealmaking, helping the firm post its second-most profitable quarter on record and weather a steep decline in trading. Investment banking
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U.S. inflation just spiked

Bloomberg Prices paid by US consumers surged in June by the most since 2008, topping all forecasts and testing the Federal Reserve's commitment to monetary support for the economy. Excluding the
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A bad sign

Bloomberg Social-distancing rules were tightened in Bangkok, Seoul and parts of Vietnam as the more easily transmitted delta variant of the coronavirus continues to spread. Tokyo entered its fourth
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Where China and America agree

Bloomberg Follow Us Get the newsletter Beijing and Washington have finally found something they agree on—neither likes Chinese companies going public in the US After cracking down on ride-hailing
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Google gets targeted

Bloomberg Dozens of US states are poised to sue Google for allegedly abusing its power over developers that distribute apps through the Google Play store on mobile devices, people familiar with the
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‘Choose another living’

Bloomberg Big banks have been trying to one-up each other in a bid to be the kindler, gentler workplace for aspiring masters of the universe. But some on Wall Street see things differently. Cantor
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Fresh Covid warning

Bloomberg Fulfilling one of his campaign promises, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order intended to crack down on monopolistic practices while expanding business competition. The directive
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Why China might lose

Bloomberg When will China overtake the US to become the world's biggest economy? Few questions are more important to the future of business and geopolitics. The Chinese Communist Party, which is
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The next Jeff Bezos

Bloomberg While the world's richest person contemplates the stars, the man who will replace him has his eyes very much on the colossus his boss built. Steeped in the company religion of putting
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Alito paves the way

Bloomberg A few less-than-polarized decisions from the US Supreme Court last month seemed to indicate a hint of compromise despite its Republican-appointee dominated makeup. The last-minute push by the
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The ‘wrong pandemic’

Bloomberg The US and other countries need to have more of a security mindset regarding health issues in the wake of the coronavirus, Moderna Chairman Noubar Afeyan said Wednesday at the Bloomberg New