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Biden hunts for taxes

View in browser Bloomberg Follow Us Get the newsletter Since the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in America, earnings have soared, stock markets have hit records and consumers lucky enough not to have been
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Get ready to pay more

View in browser Bloomberg US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell reiterated on Friday that “it's time to taper,” shorthand for the slow removal of financial supports that held up a once pandemic-
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How the 1% avoid taxes

View in browser Bloomberg As the supply chain crisis threatens holiday shopping seasons all over the world, President Joe Biden is pretty powerless to do much about it. Ports, yards and warehouses are
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Crimes against humanity

View in browser Bloomberg The White House outlined a plan to vaccinate younger children against Covid-19 once the shots are approved by regulators, a critical next step for the US to beat back the
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Bitcoin’s turning point

View in browser Bloomberg The first Bitcoin-linked exchange-traded fund listed in the US debuted as the second-most heavily traded on record—a feeding frenzy that might just be a watershed moment for
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Fear of delta-plus

View in browser Bloomberg Wall Street is wrong. The panicky talking heads are wrong. The former government officials are wrong. This seems to be the message coming from the Fed, according to minutes of
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Global traffic jam

View in browser Bloomberg Follow Us Get the newsletter Port logjams are getting worse, with broken supply chains sparking global shortages of everything from bicycles to vaccine vials. The Port of Los
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China breaks the silence

View in browser Bloomberg It was another big day for the booster debate. A key advisory panel recommended US regulators approve an extra shot of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine. It brings
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Warning on oil

View in browser Bloomberg The energy crisis keeps getting worse. Shortages of natural gas in Europe and Asia are boosting demand for oil, deepening what was already a sizable supply deficit in crude
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Supply chain fears grow

Bloomberg Inflation: is it transitory? The question seemed to be on everyone's mind Wednesday. Prices paid by US consumers came in higher than expected for September, though in certain reopening
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Biden 2, Texas 0

Bloomberg US 2, Texas 0. That's the score as far as two huge airlines are concerned when it comes to a governor trying to block federal vaccination requirements. American Airlines and Southwest
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Buy the dip

Bloomberg While some have been beating the “inflation isn't transitory” drum pretty loud of late, two Wall Street giants just proclaimed that they're wrong. “Despite near-term uncertainty, we
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Facebook faceplants

Bloomberg Follow Us Get the newsletter It was a week that Mark Zuckerberg would probably rather forget, and one that may end up being a turning point for Facebook itself. At a US Senate hearing,
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Elon gets even richer

Bloomberg US employment grew in September, albeit at the slowest rate so far this year and far below estimates, possibly complicating any move by the Fed to scale back financial support for the economy
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Crisis for the holidays

Bloomberg Senate leaders struck a deal to pull the US from the brink of default—for two months, anyway. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell agreed to
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Debt fight delay

Bloomberg Democrats signaled they would consider Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's offer of a deal to raise the US debt ceiling into December, a tactical retreat by the Kentucky Republican
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Facebook’s terrible week

Bloomberg The switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy was never going to be easy, and the past few weeks seem to have proven that point. The world is living through the first major energy crisis
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Supply chain ‘disaster’

Bloomberg It was an ugly day for US markets. Fears over inflation, the global energy crisis and Fed tapering spooked investors again and a selloff in big tech stocks resumed. Apple cratered, sending
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Energy crisis worsens

Bloomberg Follow Us Get the newsletter The global energy supply crunch, triggered by a whole host of causes, is biting harder and encroaching further into daily life from Europe to Asia. There's a
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U.S. nears 700,000 dead

Bloomberg The US is approaching another grim milestone, a worst-case scenario that seemed almost unthinkable when the pandemic began. Close to 700000 Americans have been confirmed to have died from