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FTI #286: It's easy to assume.

It's easy to assume you know best. It's easy to assume you know what people want. It's easy to assume you know what's going to happen next. But it's just as easy to assume you don
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FTI #285: Winners.

Winners don't always win. They just don't let a loss convince them they're a loser. Now, on to this week's ideas... * * * The Starting Five 1. Five Creative Ways To Get A New Coaching
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FTI #284: It's time to start.

You can only learn so much without doing. You've learned enough. It's time to start doing. Now, on to this week's ideas... * * * The Starting Five 1. A Suggestion For Your Sales Page Show
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FTI #283: I appreciate it.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I want to thank you for your attention, interest, and support. I appreciate it more than you know. Have a great holiday and if you happen to find yourself in a conversation
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FTI #282: How to be interesting.

Passionate = interesting. The more passionate you are about something, the more interesting you'll be when you talk about it. Even if you just talk about movie theaters. Now, on to this week's
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FTI #281: Look what I made for you.

I made something special for you this week. Click the first link below to see it. Now, on to this week's ideas... * * * The Starting Five 1. 80-Minute Social Media Mastery Feel like your social
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FTI #280: One and the same.

Creating is curating. And curating is creating. Everything comes from something else. Now, on to this week's ideas... * * * The Starting Five 1. 12 Things You Don't Have To Do To Succeed As A
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FTI #279: Happy to help.

For some, "I'm happy to help" is just a phrase. For others, it's a lifestyle. Now, on to this week's ideas... * * * The Starting Five 1. The Two Minutes It Takes To Read This Will
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FTI #278: What do you think?

This week's issue has a slightly different format. It's the same content, but restructured a bit to make for a quicker, simpler read (in theory). I'd love to hear what you think of it. Can
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FTI #277: Get connected.

A lot of smart, helpful, creative people read this newsletter. And I'd love to help you connect with them. Introduce yourself and what you do here to find others who may share your interests.
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FTI #276: Yes.

Creators often ask me whether they should focus on quantity or quality. My answer? Yes. 😉 Now, on to this week's ideas... * * * 1. How To Get Clients "A collection of the most valuable advice
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FTI #275: This is progress.

This is what progress feels like. Now, on to this week's ideas... * * * 1. The One-Sentence Formula That Reveals The Missing Ingredient In Your Goal "I want to get _____ by helping _____ get
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FTI #274: Norm.

There's so much to learn from a great comedian. How to write. How to communicate. How to persuade. How to be vulnerable. How to be authentic. How to develop a voice. How to be unique. How to stand
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FTI #273: Believe.

This newsletter isn't the only place I deliver value. For example, on Twitter I recently shared a brilliant way to use Instagram, how to avoid one of the most common mistakes creators make, and how
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FTI #272: Don't worry about it.

Don't worry about people "stealing" your ideas. 99% of people won't act on a great idea even if you gave it to them and paid them to act on it. And the other 1% won't be able to
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FTI #271: Choose again.

If you don't like the food you order in a restaurant, you can choose to order something else. If you don't like where you live, you can choose to move. If you don't like your current career
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FTI #270: Game on.

You're never going to figure it all out. Because as soon as you figure one thing out, you'll discover there's a new thing you want to figure out. This shouldn't depress you - it should
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FTI #269: Turn everything off.

Pick a topic. Turn everything off. Spend a few minutes just thinking about it. Sometimes all it takes to come up with a great idea is to give yourself the space to do so. Now, on to this week's
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FTI #268: It's rarely the most important thing.

Here's an easy way to get better at promoting your creations: Watch 30 minutes of the home shopping network and take notes on how they pitch their products. I learned more watching them sell a pair
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FTI #267: Get lost.

Get lost in your thoughts. Get lost in your creations. Get lost in your journey. Get lost. And see what you find. Now, on to this week's ideas... * * * 1. How To Get Newsletter Subscribers "A