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FTI #273: Believe.

This newsletter isn't the only place I deliver value. For example, on Twitter I recently shared a brilliant way to use Instagram, how to avoid one of the most common mistakes creators make, and how
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FTI #272: Don't worry about it.

Don't worry about people "stealing" your ideas. 99% of people won't act on a great idea even if you gave it to them and paid them to act on it. And the other 1% won't be able to
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FTI #271: Choose again.

If you don't like the food you order in a restaurant, you can choose to order something else. If you don't like where you live, you can choose to move. If you don't like your current career
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FTI #270: Game on.

You're never going to figure it all out. Because as soon as you figure one thing out, you'll discover there's a new thing you want to figure out. This shouldn't depress you - it should
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FTI #269: Turn everything off.

Pick a topic. Turn everything off. Spend a few minutes just thinking about it. Sometimes all it takes to come up with a great idea is to give yourself the space to do so. Now, on to this week's
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FTI #268: It's rarely the most important thing.

Here's an easy way to get better at promoting your creations: Watch 30 minutes of the home shopping network and take notes on how they pitch their products. I learned more watching them sell a pair
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FTI #267: Get lost.

Get lost in your thoughts. Get lost in your creations. Get lost in your journey. Get lost. And see what you find. Now, on to this week's ideas... * * * 1. How To Get Newsletter Subscribers "A
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FTI #266: Get excited.

Excitement is contagious. If you're not excited to create it, it's unlikely anyone will be excited to consume it. If you're not excited to share it, it's unlikely anyone will be excited
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How James Clear sets prices

Image When James Clear first started doing speaking gigs, he had no clue what to charge. So, he randomly picked a number ($500). Then, every three gigs he got he raised his fee. He's continued to
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Some people will be wrong

Before she landed her iconic role on Friends, Lisa Kudrow got fired from Frasier. And before that she faced rejection after rejection as most actors do. When asked how she dealt with all that rejection
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3 goals, 1 document

Start a shared spreadsheet. Write your three goals for the month in it. Invite your friends or audience to add theirs to it. Congrats, you'll now accomplish them since you've got the ultimate
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If you don't write it down...

Decades ago David Crosby said something interesting to Joni Mitchell. A moment later she asked if he remembered what he had said. He didn't. She scolded him and explained that's why you need to
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Are you average?

Here's a cool way to find out. (via Check Your Pulse) 11936 Darlington Ave. #200, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA Unsubscribe | Change Subscriber Options
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FTI #265: I've got some big news.

It's time for a new chapter of this newsletter. Starting Monday, For The Interested will become a daily newsletter. Let me explain... A couple months ago I launched a daily one-paragraph newsletter
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FTI #264: It was all a dream.

Lots of people dream about things. Lots of people talk about doing things. Lots of people come up with reasons why they can't do things. Not enough people do things. Now, on to this week's
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FTI #263: Permission granted.

I'm amazed how many people wait for permission to make the thing they want to create. But this week a client pointed something out to me: "Those people don't actually want to make the
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FTI #262: All the things.

You don't have to do "all the things" to succeed as a creator. I don't. And it hasn't stopped me from building a large audience and strong business around my creations. Here's
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FTI #261: Tick tock...

Tomorrow (June 21st) is your last chance to get my Newsletter Accelerator course at a discounted rate of $247. Price goes up to $297 after that. I'm incredibly proud of the course and sure it will
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FTI #260: It's available!

Today's the day! My updated and expanded Newsletter Accelerator course is now available. It features a ton of proven strategies to help you grow your newsletter. You can learn more about it and get
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FTI #259: Game on (or off).

Image You're probably playing too many games. And it's holding you back. This is why. Now, on to this week's ideas... * * * 1. What I Learned From The Book "Who Not How" "You