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FTT Update: The First Crypto Paycheck

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Thanks to everyone that joined our first Twitter spaces last night! Despite a Twitter outage for some folks, we managed to have 250 listeners and a great convo. Next week
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FTT+: Instagram Felt Cute, Might Mint Later

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Before I forget, don't miss our Twitter Spaces tonight with Charley Ma and Charles Birnbaum at 8ET! We'll be talking all things DeFi and traditional finance. Ok back to
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FTT Update: Another Hit to SPACs

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Bracing for some cold weather hitting Austin over the next couple of days. And by cold, I mean 20s and 30s, which I'm more than ok with for a few days. On Monday, we
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FTT+: JPMorgan Spends How Much On Just Maintaining Its Tech Stack?!

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. When JPMorgan reported earnings last week, you might have seen a lot of people look twice at one number in particular: $12B. That's the amount the company plans to spend on
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FTT Update: How Do You Announce Funding on a Friday When you Champion a 4-Day Workweek?

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Happy Friday and the start of a long weekend. I highly encourage everyone to support a Black-owned small business on Monday (and every day). It's a small but great step
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FTT+: New Crypto Skeptics At the CFPB and SEC

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. First off, please take this three minute survey for me and get entered to win a Fintech Today hat or 1-month free of FTT+. Second, I'm pinch hitting for John who's got a
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FTT Update: Sequoia-Backed Companies Account for 25%+ of the Nasdaq’s Total Value

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Quick intro today: check out the latest episode of the Policy Podcast that I do with Plaid's John Pitts. We took a look at FDIC Chair Jelena McWilliams' departure and
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FTT+: What Happened to My Fintech Stocks?

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. So I have a few fintech stocks in my portfolio, and recently, their performance hasn't been so hot. That's a bit of a change considering stocks like Affirm, SoFi and
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FTT Update: Binance CEO Is Worth How Much Before Crypto?!

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Hope everyone had a great first weekend of 2022. Jordan and I did the typical “eat, sleep, workout, play with dogs” schedule. It works. Shortly before the weekend started, I was
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FTT Update: This Chick I Banged a Few Months Ago Gave Me the Company Idea

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. I've started to think about taxes a bit, and the anxiety caused me to stop after about 1 minute. Ugh. It was nice when I was 22 and just had a simple W2 to upload to
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FTT Update: That’s A Lot of Apes

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Not gonna lie, getting back into the swing of things has been rough. Apparently astrology has something to do with this as well. I can't remember the specifics of which moon
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FTT Update: The CFPB Is the Only Federal Bank Regulator With A Confirmed Leader Right Now

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Welcome back! Let's see if I still know how to do this. Jordan and I had a lovely holiday in Texas. We got drinks at a speakeasy on Christmas Eve, a tasting menu dinner and
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FTT+: Our Interview with ConstitutionDAO

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. I hope everyone was able to enjoy Christmas even if plans changed, and that you're happy and healthy heading in 2022! I won't keep you here long, I'm just sending a
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FTT+: End of Year Investor/Operator Survey Results

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Every once in a while, I like to ask some of my brightest friends in our industry what's on their mind. Did DeFi come out of nowhere? Will funding ever slow down? What's
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FTT+ Guest Post: How Much Did MoneyLion Really Buy Even Financial For?

​ ​ Hi all, I'm Vieje. I'm the Director of Equity Strategy at Secfi, where we help startups and their employees make informed decisions to get the most value out of their equity. I hope you
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FTT Update: #QuarantineDAO

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. So, guess who's staying in Texas for Christmas… Yup, Momma VerHage has contracted Covid (doing totally fine thankfully), and things just seem to be getting worse across the
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FTT+ Expert Charley Ma on the Future of Insurtech

​ ​ ​​Hi everyone, Charley here. I've recently been spending more time trying to get a better understanding of the insurance value chain, and thought it'd be interesting to share some of my
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FTT Update: Fintech Bae's 15 Seconds As A Billionaire

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Quick programming note: this is our final week of newsletters for 2021! Also, I'm super excited to sit down with two members of Constitution DAO tomorrow to record a podcast
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FTT Guest Post: De-Risking Consumer Lending (pt.1)

​ ​ Hello FTT faithful, I'm Ryan. Long time reader, first time guest poster. I co-founded Truework (think modern credit bureau, starting with income and employment data) in 2017 after seeing how
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FTT Update: Another Crypto Hack

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. I'm in a sassy mood today, so brace yourselves for this newsletter. The Christmas party was a success on Friday. New podcast is out today with Stripe's Head of EMEA Matt