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FTT Update: $COIN Goes Public

​ ​ Hi everyone, Jordan here. Today is a special day for fintech and an even bigger day for crypto enthusiasts. Coinbase has gone public, the first major crypto exchange to do so. It's a day to
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FTT Update: Where Billionaires Store Their Crypto

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. I've only been here a week and Austin has already minted a new Fintech Unicorn. You're welcome. Also, Cokie and I recorded a new episode of Tux Time talking about why
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FTT Update: India Mints Four Unicorns In A Week

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. My movers arrived today! I honestly can not recommend Roadway enough. They were absolutely amazing. Ping me if you're interested in using them! I won't get any money but
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FTT Update: I Should Have Tried Harder to Buy Shares of Plaid

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. I'm actually writing this while laying by the pool at our new apartment complex in Austin. Tux hung out with us down here yesterday while we were taking a lunch break too.
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FTT Update: And Your Fintech March Madness Finalists Are...

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Finally in my new apartment and movers will arrive later this week. The end is in sight! Loving Austin so far :) Before we get to March Madness and the News, I have to mention
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FTT Update: Your Fintech Final 4 Are...

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Currently in Nashville. Tux loved listening to live music last night. Though now over the course of our trip, he has contracted pink eye, so Jordan is spending $130 at the vet
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FTT Update: Confetti No More

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. I'm currently buried under a bunch of stuff in my Toyota Rav4 on the way to Austin. No Toyota didn't sponsor this newsletter, nor did the amazing Roadway Moving Company
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FTT Update: Your Fintech Elite 8 Are...

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Buried under a lot (and I mean a lot) of moving boxes. The big move starts less than 48 hours from now though! And thankfully I was able to see Ian in person before I left! He
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FTT Update: Vote In the First Fintech March Madness Bracket!

​ ​ Hey everyone, Jordan here. Looks like I passed my FTT initiation, because I'm back! March is one of my favorite times of the year - the weather finally starts to turn in NYC, vaccine
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FTTea with Cokie: Customized Banking

​ ​ Hi y'all, Cokie here! Today, I'm fortunate enough to be joined by Sufi Sidhu, Co-Founder and CPO at Otomo. We met a few months ago on what was supposed to be a 30 minute call, but quickly
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FTT Update: Please Don't Do April Fools Jokes

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Three things you need to know outside of the news today. A new episode of Tux Time is out with my dear husband/FTT Head of Ad Sales, Jordan Greenberg :) I got to meet the one
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FTT Update: Nubank Adds How Many Customers Each Day?

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. I move to Austin in 11 you could say my life is a bit hectic right now. But, it's also caused me to go through a bunch of NYC memories over the past couple of
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FTT Update: Wave of Companies Going Public

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Just got back from picking up our podcast mascot Tux from the groomer. He's looking as stellar as the job openings we're featuring below from Cash App and Commonstock. ​
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FTT: We Made An NFT

​ ​ Hi everyone, Jordan here. Over the weekend, I wrote this piece for our premium subscribers. While our website will be up soon and everyone will be able to get a better idea of what we publish
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FTT Update: What Does the Government Think of Fintech?

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Remember last week when I told you how excited I was for my podcast episode with John Collins of FS Vector to come out? IT'S OUT! Run, don't walk, to listen in to this
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FTT Update: Seems Reasonable

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Very much glad that it is Friday. Tomorrow I'm heading to Washington Heights to grab an outdoor brunch with some of the incredible middle and high school girls that I mentor
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FTT Update: Open For Puppies (And Fintech News)

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here from a Spring-like week in NYC. I just got done recording an episode of Tux Time with FTT Expert John Collins and I can not wait for you guys to listen to it next Monday.
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FTT Update: Today's Newsletter Is All About Women

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. Happy International Women's Day! In honor of this glorious day, we are only covering female related stories in today's newsletter. We also have two job postings in our
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FTT Update: A Week Full of M&A

​ ​ Hi all, Julie here. The SPAC wave is continuing, and we have a new, must see video explainer for everyone out there. Not only will you learn something, but you'll laugh a bit along the way.
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Special FTTea with Cokie: Climate x Fintech

​ ​ Hi y'all, Cokie here. Let's talk about the planet - specifically the relationship between climate and fintech. I decided to write this piece somewhat selfishly -- for my own learning and