Sunday Coffee

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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0057

☀️ Good Morning Last week, Shopify released Inbox, an evolution of their existing products Ping & Chat. Only, Inbox has a much bigger ambition. And by including it within the store admin, Shopify
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0056

☀️ Good Morning Courses, courses everywhere ✨ But seriously, online education has reached its fourth frontier, fueled by people's hunger to learn and the phenomena of working from home, exacerbated
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0055

☀️ Good Morning I've talked extensively about my love for Webflow, the powerful no-code website builder that powers my personal blog and DelightChat's website. Today, I explored 6 other no-code
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0054

☀️ Good morning I tried something new this weekend. Nowadays, you see people selling a Notion or Airtable template with decent success. Have you ever tried this? I certainly haven't. The primary
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0053

☀️ Good morning Often times you'd remember something you once thought was true, only to realize that you didn't know well enough. When that happens, you can either update your thinking or
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0052

☀️ Good morning How often do you pay attention to how you think? How you make decisions decides all the outcomes of your life - work, health, relationships, everything. How you think dictates the
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0051

☀️ Good morning Phew, I finally got my first dose of the vaccine. Had terrible chills and body ache, which started roughly 12 hours later and lasted for a day. Feeling much better this morning! If you
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0050

☀️ Good morning Welcome to the 50th edition of Sunday Coffee. We've made it to a half-century 🎉 I have a new blog post for this weekend. It's about a principle I learnt long ago but somewhere
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0049

☀️ Good morning At the age of 27, I finally learnt how to brush properly. Turns out, there's a lot of other things in life other than proper dental care where I hadn't got the basics right -
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0048

☀️ Good morning There's 2 distinct modes of the mind, whether you apply it to life or work. Either you are looking at the big picture and thinking deeply about it, or you're knee deep in
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0047

An update on how life and work has been so far in 2021. Good morning! I've been writing blog posts and sending out the Sunday Coffee newsletter for nearly a year now. It's been a rewarding
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How To Be Useful During India’s Covid-19 Crisis | ☕️ Sunday Coffee

Good morning There's 4 types of people on the internet amidst the Covid-19 crisis in India. People who are suffering and desperately asking for help. People who are arguing about whose fault it is
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⛑ India's Second Wave With Covid-19 | ☕️ Sunday Coffee

Hey, This isn't a usual Sunday Coffee. India is facing a healthcare crisis of unprecedented scale. I've gathered information that's relevant to people who might be facing struggles and need
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0044

☀️ Good morning How do you do your goal setting? I follow a framework called 3 month year. It's where I treat every 3 month block as if it were a year, and I plan and execute accordingly. Why? A
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0043

☀️ Good morning Last week, my course Programmatic SEO made $2885 in 24 hours, thanks to the #GumroadDay phenomenon. This weekend, I tried something different. Instead of writing a blog post and then
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0042

☀️ Good morning Sankalp and I had a long discussion over beers yesterday. It was about having finite time and resources for our weekend projects, which means we have to cut down on some and prioritize.
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✅ DailyHabits is on ProductHunt

Good afternoon and Happy Holi :) I know you've heard too many times from me in one extended weekend, I promise this is an exception. ☕️ What's brewing? Today, I'm doing my 2nd launch on
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0041

Good morning It's actually afternoon already and I'm on my third ☕️ I've been hastily editing videos on iMovie, creating cover images on Figma, uploading them while editing the tutorial
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🎙 I am doing a livestream (first time!)

Hey This is a Saturday coffee instead of Sunday. But I had to tell you all that I'm doing something really scary. I'm going to livestream the entire process of building a personal blog on
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Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0040

Good morning Welcome to the 40th edition of Sunday Coffee ☕️ It's always exciting to try something new. I'm doing that this weekend - a new video tutorial series about Webflow. A lot of people