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Is this the only resolution worth making?

Pay it forward Issue № 69 | Jan 1st, 2023 Hey bootstrappers, Today might have you thinking about yearly goals or lamenting those you missed. Rather than dwell on past mistakes or an uncertain future,
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How to make some last-minute sales before the year ends 

Advice from one of the world's best copywriters Issue № 68 | Dec 25th, 2022 Happy Holidays, bootstrappers! Here's a tasty tidbit from Drayton Bird, a renowned copywriter who David Ogilvy once
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What nature teaches you about business

Red in tooth and claw Issue № 67 | Dec 18th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, In nature, animals, especially those lower down on the food chain, often give birth to large litters to better their chances of
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Is your pricing model holding you back? 

Why it pays to be flexible Issue № 66 | Dec 11th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, Knowing how to monetize your business isn't easy. Recurring subscriptions, one-off purchases, pay-per-use, ads, or
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How to create a new market for your business

Being first doesn't always involve a race. Issue № 65 | Dec 4th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, I noticed something during my two-week vacation that you might find helpful. When I don't need to be
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Is your industry broken?

A simple change might be incredibly valuable 💸 Issue № 64 | Nov 27th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, People are hopelessly inefficient, aren't we? We need to eat every so often, sleep eight hours a night,
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Are you any good at this skill?

Your business depends on it. Issue № 63 | Nov 20th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, Back in the early 2000s, I took a telesales job to pay my way through university. It's probably the toughest job I've
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Who do you want your business to help?

Sometimes, it's you 🤗 Issue № 62 | Nov 13th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, You might've heard people say you can't escape your past. Whether true or not, your experiences – good and bad – shape
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Three ways to finance a new business

No funding or debt required Issue № 61 | Nov 6th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, Have you heard the myth that it takes money to make money? It bothers me for two reasons. First, it ignores the influence of
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Which comes first: audience or product?

One has a clear advantage worth knowing. Issue № 60 | Oct 30th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, You've heard of the chicken or egg dilemma, but what about the audience or product? Traditionally, you'd
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Who’s got your back when times get tough?

If you need help, ask these people. Issue № 59 | Oct 23rd, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, They say you find out who your friends are when times get tough. I'm not sure about you, but the saying rings true
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Is this the cure for indecision?

Every traveler needs a compass. Issue № 58 | Oct 16th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, You'll make thousands of critical decisions in your career – some of them life-changing. But have you developed a
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Why it might be time to quit the 9-5 

Finding purpose through entrepreneurship Issue № 57 | Oct 9th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, If you work a day job, chances are it's not making you happy. Gallup reports that job unhappiness is at an all
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The top reason most founders fail 

One word that may make all the difference Issue № 56 | Oct 2nd, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, I interviewed a founder recently who's sold four businesses on MicroAcquire. During the interview, I asked
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Three SaaS models from atypical founders

Medicine, relationships, and reviews get the SaaS treatment. Issue № 55 | Sep 25th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, If you want to sell a business one day, you won't find an easier one to sell than SaaS.
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Teach your teams to be customer experts 🧑‍🏫

Who knows the most, sells the most. Issue № 54 | Sep 18th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, Who knows (or should know) the most about your customers? Your marketers? They ought to know who they're selling
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Three lessons on recurring revenue

From products to services Issue № 53 | Sep 11th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, Many of the founders we interview seek recurring revenue. It's a popular business model because it's easier to forecast
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How much should you charge customers?

Founders share their monetization models. Issue № 52 | Sep 4th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, >> Is there anything trickier to get right than pricing? While higher prices can convey a premium product
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What does it feel like to get acquired?

Bootstrappers alumni tell all. Issue № 51 | Aug 28th, 2022 Hey there, Bootstrappers turned one this week! 🎂 Thanks for subscribing, reading, and supporting the publication for the past year. It means a
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Erm, can we talk? 😬

What to do when things get awkward Issue № 50 | Aug 21st, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, Remember the last difficult conversation you had? Perhaps it was with a spouse, colleague, or family member. You might