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Should you hire for smarts or experience?

Think twice about that first hire. Issue № 48 | Aug 7th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, When you're as big a movie fan as me, you can't help but see the clichés. One in particular sticks out: the
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Do you need a cofounder?

What our founders say might help you. Issue № 47 | Jul 31st, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, Ever wondered if it's worth finding a cofounder? After hundreds of interviews, we're still unsure. Some
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Are you a generalist or a specialist?

The answer could change your life. Issue № 46 | Jul 24th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, Ever heard founders talk about wearing “many hats”? The story usually goes: Founder launches a business in an area they
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Some wisdom (and a new business idea) from an 80-year-old

How much of your day is spent doing this? Issue № 45 | Jul 17th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, Admin. We all hate it, and yet we all have to do it. Just keeping our interview folders organized earns a
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New SaaS Startups with <$20k TTM Revenue For Sale 🔥

Figma-to-website in seconds, Shopify app for boosting image load times ⏱, contract management platform, and more! Platform for managing contracts and setting automatic renewal reminders with $10000 in
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New Mobile & Marketplace Startups For Sale 🔥

1:1 tech career coaches and interview prep, platform for simplifying influencer and brand collaborations, and more! Marketing suite for simplifying collaborations with influencers and brands with
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Why history isn’t always the best teacher

Change the narrative. Issue № 44 | Jul 10th, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, How did you imagine adulthood? A straight line from school to college to job or business? Many of today's societies push that
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Tweaks for weeks 🛠

It's the little things that matter. Hey there, How was your 4th July weekend? We're still slapping on after-sun and washing burger grease from our fingers. After shipping another batch of
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3 founder-proven ways to validate your ideas 

To build or not to build 🤔 Issue № 43 | Jul 3rd, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, Where do your ideas come from? The muse often visits me at night, just as turn the light off to sleep. It's a tad
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📣 MicroAcquire for Slack: The best listings, delivered to you instantly

Never miss an acquisition opportunity. Hey there, Time is seldom on your side when acquiring a startup. You're evaluating over 2000 potential targets and competing with over 150000 buyers. You need
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Can you play detective? 🔎

Why data-driven founders do better Issue № 40 | June 12, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, You've probably heard people describe data as an asset. From the NFL to Deloitte, data helps a wide range of
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There’s a fork in the road 🤔

Scare yourself rich. Issue № 40 | June 12, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, First, a HUGE thank you to everyone who gave us feedback last week. We're over the moon with your responses and already working
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Ask and ye shall receive 💬

Your opinion matters. Issue № 40 | June 12, 2022 Hey there, Can you do us a wee favor this week? This is our 40th issue of Bootstrappers Weekly (we've interviewed over 160 founders!), and I'd
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🎉 Introducing the Guided Acquisition Process (GAP) 🎉

Your acquisition in a step-by-step workflow. Hey there, What's the reward for building a successful startup? Getting acquired, of course. 😉 But until now, the confusingly complex acquisition
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Disruption on a budget 💪

Aim high. Issue № 39 | June 5, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, It's been over 25 years since Clayton Christensen coined the phrase “disruptive innovation,” but you still find plenty of it happening today.
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Why no founder is an island 🌴

Find your mentors. Issue № 38 | May 29, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, You've probably come across the term “solopreneur” before, right? It's a bit overwrought for my taste, but I like that it
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Why it pays to put the cart before the horse 🐴

Instant product-market fit Issue № 37 | May 22, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, If you're on the cusp of starting a business, it might pay to wait a little. One of this week's founders built an
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Scaling secrets from those in the know  👀

3 effective strategies Issue № 36 | May 15, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, >> Can you beat the law of diminishing returns? When you launch your business, one thing soon becomes clear: Growth, the
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🚀  Bootstrappers Weekly 🤘 How to topple giants

The dinosaur that lost it all Issue № 35 | May 8, 2022 Hey bootstrappers, >> Big and bad versus lean and mean. Remember the movie Jurassic Park? In one scene, the characters flee a Tyrannosaurus
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What we shipped in April 😎 Spring cleanin’ the marketplace ✨

Chat and listings upgrades Hey there, Stephen here from the Product team with your monthly update. 👋 In April, we focused on giving you more control over the marketplace. From messaging to listings,