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🦄 Switchboard: Collaborative cloud coworking

Founded during the remote work boom at the start of the pandemic, Switchboard is a collaborative coworking space that enables teams to directly work on the same project. The app is organized into
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🦄 Walnut: Lending platform for health care bills

Walnut offers a “healthcare now, pay later” system by paying the medical bills of individuals and allowing them to pay those bills back on a monthly payment plan. Repayment schedules are customized on
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🦄 Bardeen: Automate repetitive tasks with one click

Bardeen is a no-code workflow automation tool. Users download a Google Chrome extension (to be expanded to other browsers soon) and select from a catalog of 300+ common prebuilt automations, or “
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🦄 CommandBar: Bringing commands and search to any app

CommandBar is a search bar that enables users to search for a command or navigate within an application. Developers can add CommandBar to their apps and customize it with a low-code interface. 🦄
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🦄 Magical: Automate copy-and-pasting between tabs

Magical allows you to quickly transfer data between browsers tabs. It collects data from websites and allows you to use it as variables in your browser for automatically populating sheets, forms,
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🦄 SegmentStream: Advertising without cookies

SegmentStream provides businesses marketing analytics without using internet cookies. The company uses proprietary machine learning algorithms that monitor user behavior to reverse engineer advertising
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🦄 creator now: YouTube creator school

creator now is an online learning platform and community for aspiring YouTubers, co-founded by YouTuber Airrack. A total of 300 participants participate in a six-week program where they are encouraged
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🦄 Magna: Token distribution/cap table management for web3

Magna is a platform that allows companies to manage capitalization tables and distribute token equity to employees and investors. Its automated platform aims to save companies time and prevent lost
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🦄 Whimsical: Unified collaboration workspace

Whimsical is a set of online collaboration tools: Docs, Flowcharts, Wireframes, Mind Maps, and Projects. These five tools, which the company calls “primitives,” essentially combine the use cases of
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🦄 thirdweb: Build web3 applications with ease

thirdweb is a platform that allows developers to build web3 applications like NFT collections, marketplaces, and tokens without extensive blockchain development knowledge. Its software development kits
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🦄 Alts.co: Alternative investment discovery and analysis

Alts.co is a community-based company built to inform people about alternative investments. Originally started as two separate newsletters from both founders, Alts was created to give its readers
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🦄 Subject: Custom educational curriculum for all

Subject (previously known as Emile Learning) is an accredited learning platform seeking to lower the barriers to accessing a quality high school education. It has over 65 courses across core subjects,
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🦄 Launch House: Communities for ambitious builders

Launch House is building programs for ambitious people to collaborate and make life-long connections. It offers three month-long programs including Launch House (for founders), Hack House (for
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🦄 Climate X: Climate risk data and analytics

Climate X provides next-generation climate data and analytics, quantifying how different climate change pathways could result in physical risks to businesses, such as the probability of risks like
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🦄 Lovewick: Stay in love

Lovewick is an app meant for couples to strengthen their relationships. It offers features such as question games, community-inspired date ideas, and research-based relationship tips to make it easier
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🦄 Castiron: Enabling online restaurants

Castiron is an e-commerce service that provides websites to independent food sellers such as cooks and bakers. In addition to landing pages, it offers features such as inventory management, automated
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🦄 Weavit: Capture your thoughts

Weavit is an app that allows you to log thoughts that come to mind throughout your day and turn them into insightful and organized notes. After downloading the app, you can add a new “thought” by
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🦄 EarlyBird: Invest in your loved ones’ children

EarlyBird is an app that allows friends and family to invest in the financial future of a child. Once a parent has set up an account for a child, people can gift money to that account, and see an
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🦄 Ownit: Easy connected checkout for brands

Ownit gives direct-to-consumer brands the ability to sell their products on any platform through a single, consolidated checkout page. Regardless of where a customer found the product (social media,
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🦄 Creatively: Job platform for creatives

Creatively wants to be the “LinkedIn of the creative world.” Its job platform offers tailored features for creatives such as portfolio-showcasing and gives companies the ability to reflect their