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Tuna Fish.

This is hands down the most bizarre story I've ever heard in my life. LET'S CALL IN THE HEAVIES. In Antibes –– a gorgeous coastal town that sits along the French Riviera like a stubborn old
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Mind your head.

Journeying "across the pond" feels like staying the night at your friend's house. MIND YOUR HEAD. I arrived in London late last night after spending a long weekend in the English
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I'm 25 and date a 16 year old.

Remember all those starter packs that were all the rage circa... THE "I WANNA BE A FREELANCER" STARTER PACK. TL;DR... For the next 24-hours, you can get two for the price of one. In other
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No diving.

No pissing, crapping, finagling nor gapping wounds of any kind. Somebody call security. Fancy-pantsed branding gurus love clutching their cold brews while running their clients through "
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You're fired.

Your company cares about you. They just care about their bottomline more. YOUR COMPANY CARES ABOUT YOU. BUT THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR BOTTOM LINE MORE. TL;DR... Due to some technical difficulties, your
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Papa is waiting.

A century-old guest lecture from the one and only... I'M NO HEMINGWAY –– BUT YOU COULD BE. TL;DR... The latest lesson in How to write words that sell like a Florida Snow Cone Vendor on the hottest
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My pen prints money. 

Here's how yours can, too. MONEY TREES ARE THE PERFECT PLACE FOR SHADE. Several years back, a gent with a thick Belarusian accent called me up, out of the blue, and asked me how much I would charge
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Feeling stuck?

Improvement is not linear but staggering and fleeting and some days, cruel. IMPROVEMENT IS NOT LINEAR –– IT'S STAGGERING AND FLEETING AND SOME DAYS, CRUEL. TL;DR... I've been doing quite a bit
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Rub some dirt on it. 

Sorry, but you desperately needs to read this. THE "DIRT" ISSUE. THE TL;DR... You're probably wondering why this email looks a little different than usual. It's actually an issue torn
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How I've sold $35,000 worth of poetry.

I suppose I make a better adman than poet... *sighs* IF YOU CAN SELL POETRY, YOU CAN SELL ANYTHING. I've written three books of poetry & prose: 1. One Minute, Please? 2. After her 3. Guillotine
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The time Don Draper bummed a cigarette off my buddy. 

I was in New York City with my girl for the release of her most recent album. AND THIS AIN'T NO SHIT. THE TL;DR... How to become the Don Draper of cold email is an afternoon-sized guide that will
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I got you something. 

Is it a... pony? SPREAD THE WORD. Growing a newsletter is tough work. It's like trying to resurrect the Dodo. That being said, I need all the help I can get... I run a referral program at Sticky
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You're looking at Sticky Notes first ever referral program.

You bring me subscribers & I send you cool stuff. SPREAD THE WORD. SPREAD THE WORD. SPREAD THE WORD. TL;DR... So, I've rolled out a referral program. 💌 It's fairly straightforward: 1. You
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Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Or, risk suffocating beneath your own ambition. Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. If you make your living as a writer, a designer, a marketer or an entrepreneur, there is this invisible pressure
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Rub some dirt on it.

My argument against a culture obsessed with hyper-sensitivity. THIS EMAIL LOOKS DIFFERENT BECAUSE IT IS DIFFERENT. THE TL;DR... You're about to read a complimentary issue of Chasing Hemingway.
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David will always have the advantage.

How to hogtie your competitors and leave them for dead. How to hogtie your competitors with the written word (and leave them for dead). The TL;DR... I'm taking on new projects. But, not with just
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Shots fired.

Hot takes on advertising, art and dancing with the devil. Drop the Guillotine on me. BC.. While we're three days into Don't Break The Chain, it's certainly not too late for you to enroll.
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The truth about great people.

(That nobody can seem to wrap their head around...) Good + Good + Good + Good = Great The short story... Great people are "good" over and over again. Don't break the chain is your chance
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You up?

It's okay, I'll just catch you in the morning. I love the flowers on the corner. The TL;DR... Being that I'm just now sitting down to write –– it's 2 am here in New York –– I'm
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Don't break the chain.

The writing advice that changed my life. Don't break the chain. Don't break the chain. Don't break the chain. The short story... Don't break the chain is a 29-day writing course taught