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Bytes: React Query is single and ready to mingle

This week we've got open source rebrands, dinosaurs that aren't extinct anymore, and a new film from the Jordan Peele of Web Dev. Welcome to #111. Hi, I'm TanStack. Nice to meet me. The
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Bytes: C++ kind of sucks, actually

This week, we've got Google's succession plans, Bun tattoos, and my virtual wolfpack chatroom from 2005. Welcome to #110. Live footage of the C++ succession ceremony Google wants to build the
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Bytes: what exactly are the differences between JSC and V8?

This week, we've got robots, engines, and minions. Welcome to #109. When you finally give GitHub Copilot your credit card Love, Death & (Coding) Robots Last year, GitHub introduced us all to
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Bytes: Sun's Out Bun's Out

As a reminder for all our cultured readers, today is National Slurpee Day so make sure you take advantage. This week, we've got hot cross buns, a new Shrek getting chosen, and how to apply The
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Bytes: Like any good doggo, ESLint might be a little overbearing

Happy Fourth of July to those who celebrate and happy July 4th to those who don't. This week, we've got our special Bytes Cocktail recipe, our class action lawsuit Airbnb developers, and a
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Bytes: Hot Spec Summer is BACK

This week, we've got Hot Spec Summer, Shopify's Big H, and Bionicles fan fiction. Welcome to #106. Hot Spec Summer is back A tradition unlike any other Last week, we observed the only religious
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Bytes: If it renders on the edge, it's time to pledge.

This week, we've got the Death Cab for Cutie of auth solutions, lessons from Daddy Warzucks, and nowhere to hide. Welcome to #105. We are fast. We are lean. We are French. The build tool coming for
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Bytes: 15 badges earns you a waffle party

This week, we've got one IDE going to heaven, fifteen GitHub badges to earn a waffle party, and a million ways to be cruel. Welcome to #104. Welcome to the cloud, my son Is the cloud heaven? Last
16 : 34

Bytes: What do Air Bud and Angular have in common?

This week, we've got an Air Bud crossover for the ages, a new team-building drinking game, and a master plan for infiltrating the Vue Mafia. Welcome to #103. Was this a real movie, or did we all
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Bytes: Twitter beefs between framework authors

This week, we've got a new way to feel something test your code, some bundler fan fiction, and the hardest diss of the 18th Century. Welcome to #102. My first (and last) testing conference Fact
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Bytes: Two words: React fatigue

This week, we've got blessings from the platform, math being a very cool thing, and yet another existential crisis. Welcome to #101. The Chrome team presenting new platform features Google I/O
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Bytes: 10 things we learned turning 100

🎉 Welcome to issue 100 🎉 We were planning on doing an awesome giveaway, but after looking at $NET this morning, it'll have to wait until issue #200. Let's rage 10 things we learned turning 100
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Bytes: Why Web Components Lost

This week, we've got React hook turtles all the way down, Jörmungandr trying to take down JavaScript, and a surefire way to get on Linus Torvalds' good side. Welcome to #99. React hooks are
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Bytes: making FTP cool again

“WTF is this?” First off, watch your language. The RWD Weekly newsletter (of which you were subscribed) has merged with Bytes (this newsletter) to bring you our educational, yet delightful dose of
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Bytes: The Edge is just a spicy CDN

This week, we're experimenting with our runtime features, learning about The Edge™️, and (hopefully) avoiding accidental tax fraud. Welcome to #97. Some experiments pay off Node gets experimental