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I'm a hot mess. 😳

View in browser I read an email from Jon Dykstra this morning. He said: "I'm an absolute disorganized mess. I don't follow strict budgets. I don't have publishing schedules. I don'
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5 things I learned when I sold my website for $180,000

View in browser Let me take you back in time for a moment, To the start of lockdown in 2020. I had a 9-month-old travel blog, It had recently been accepted to Mediavine, But then with the news, the
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How much 💰 I made last month (Full Breakdown)

View in browser Hi I find reading people's income reports fascinating. Any not just because I'm nosy... When I first started blogging, it showed me what was possible. It really spurred me on to
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I should have done this differently...

View in browser The biggest thing I've learned in my journey from $0 to $30k per month... Is how important it is to be organised. To have systems and processes in place. Yes, I've managed to
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Soup or a sandwich?

View in browser When I started building niche websites. I didn't put any thought into whether I should be focusing on ads or affiliates for revenue. I didn't actually expect to make any money
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Keyword research idea for you ❤️‍️🔥️

View in browser Here's a keyword research idea for you. I used this to draft a batch of articles That will not only attract traffic They'll also attract links to my site. Double win! Okay, so
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Whipping it out in public

View in browser When it comes to images for a website, I like to take my own photos whenever I can. I don't use a camera Just my iPhone. But I'm always whipping my phone out! Snapping pics just
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$100,000 in one day 😱

View in browser I just watched a teenage YouTuber Talking about how he made a dropshipping tutorial video That made him over $100000 in ad revenue. A single video! It's important that you know just
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My best trick!

View in browser Keyword research is everything. When it comes to building your niche site, it's easy to accidentally waste your time. There are two ways people do this… 1. Writing about topics that
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I quit my job and 10X’d my income

View in browser When I started a travel blog in 2019... I had NO IDEA that I could make money from it. I'd been working as an SEO manager for over 10 years, And never managed to make more than $18/
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Read this if you want to be rich

View in browser I've always been a firm believer that you have to work smarter, not harder. Let's say you want to make $5k per month... There are different ways you can do that with a niche
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Sometimes, stealing is okay.

View in browser The easiest way to rank at the very top of the first page? You've got to steal the featured snippet. If you do that, You can jump from the bottom of page one, Right up to that
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I almost don’t want to tell you this

View in browser If you're on my email list, I'm guessing you found me on Twitter? I only joined Twitter very recently, But my SEO tips kinda blew up. I got 5000 followers in the first 2 weeks.