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View in browser Hi! Honestly, I did NOT expect to make $74k in November. 🤯 Yes, November RPMs are 🔥... But my traffic had been on a decline since the summer. Somehow though, things turned around! 📈 So
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I'm glad it's over.

View in browser Can I just say how happy I am that Black Friday has f*cked off now? Anyone else feel that way? For my travel site, I spent ages putting together two Black Friday emails - one for the UK
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How I went from $18k/year to $750k/year

View in browser I have a constant feeling that I'm going to wake up and it's all been a dream. Because I'll admit, it doesn't sound real, does it? “I started a hobby blog a few years
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Ooops SORRY!

View in browser SORRY! Yesterday I sent you an email, but I missed one very important detail... The coupon code to get 40% OFF KeySearch is BLACKFRIDAY. That brings the price down to $10.20 per month (
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I'm sick of it too.

View in browser I've always hated Black Friday. I don't know what's worse... The way it originally was, when it was one day only and people were fighting in the aisles... Or this
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This NEW tool will SAVE US ALL!

View in browser Amazon really are douchebags, aren't they? Being such a large company, they can totally get away with kicking people in the dick. Bellends. Honestly, it boils my piss. You probably
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Week In The Life: How I make $500 per hour (working part-time from home)

View in browser Hello! This week's email is a bit of a different one... I'm writing it on a Megabus - which is the best way to travel 120 miles if you only have £3. Actually, it's the best
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View in browser Hey hey! Is it just me, or is there a real lack of income reports this month? I get it. Sharing the downward graphs isn't as fun as sharing the upward ones. And thanks to recent
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I just launched a new niche site

View in browser Me: "I'm focusing on ONE website." Also me: "This new niche is too good not to go into." Hands up if you can relate! It's been six months since I launched a
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How I'm Updating Old Posts (Copy This Method)

View in browser Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you'll know that updating old content is VITAL. And I don't mean just giving it a quick spruce up. I mean PROPERLY working on your
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Why I'm starting my day 3 AM

View in browser I woke up at 3 am. Then 3.10 am. Then 3.20 am. Each time feeling more and more nauseous Until I admitted defeat And then spent the next several hours alternating between laying on the
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Gossip from last week.

View in browser Hi there! Last week was a busy week for me as I attended two in-person meetups here in the UK. The first was a Birmingham event organised by Jason Mills from The Affiliate School. And
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View in browser Hey hey, niche site people... It's that time again - income report time! In this month's report, I'm gonna show you which of my sites got beasted by the Helpful Content
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Read ALL my previous emails here.

View in browser I started the NSL newsletter in May 2022 with just 683 subscribers. I've emailed every Tuesday without fail for 16 months. And now there are over 15000 of you on the list. THANK YOU
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Know when to quit your niche site.

Most of you should View in browser I think the most frustrating thing in the world is when something takes longer than you expected. Think about it... Traffic jams Flight delays Flat pack furniture
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My New 18-Year-Old Website Manager is 🔥

View in browser I'm not hungry, but if you're eating a tube of Pringles, I'll have some. I'm not looking for another dog, but if one comes into my life I'll gladly give him a home.
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I tried something new (mixed results!)

View in browser Can you imagine toiling away on a project for five years before launching it to the world? I don't think I could do that! But that's exactly what my friend Alex did when he and
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I just dropped everything for this.

View in browser I am JUGGLING right now! I still have blog posts to write and YouTube videos to make from a $10k press trip I took over a month ago. Eek! I have a $600 (gifted) luggage that's been
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How Long To Spend On Each Post (Use My Calculator)

This depends on your site. View in browser Last week, I wrote a Tweet that said: "If you're not spending at least 4 hours or $100 per article, it's probably not good enough." And boy,
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As promised.

View in browser Hi! Since I moved to a new city where I don't know anyone, I've been making a real effort to talk to at least one new person every day. There's SO MUCH value in making