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Issue #45: Plant Daddy by Jordan Hipwell

Today, we're looking at Plant Daddy by Jordan Hipwell. Plant Daddy is a simple, user-friendly, app that helps you care for your plants. Whether you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or just
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Issue #44: Robot Call Blocker by Murphy Brantley

Today, we're looking at Robot Call Blocker by Murphy Brantley. Robot Call Blocker offers immediate relief from over 700000 spam, telemarketing, and robocalling phone numbers. The spam list is
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Issue #43: Countdown Bar by Aleksander Popko

CountdownBar is a Mac menu bar app designed to assist you in tracking the days leading up to your next significant event. Indie Watch Issue #43: Countdown Bar by Aleksander Popko By Aryaman Sharda – 12
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Issue #42: Tyme by Lars Gerckens

Today, we're taking a look at Tyme by Lars Gerckens. Tyme is a powerful and feature-rich time-tracking app that keeps your project times and work statistics synchronized across all of your Apple
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Issue #41: ToothFairy by Michael Tsai

Today, we're looking at ToothFairy by Michael Tsai [and Robin Lu]. ToothFairy simplifies the process of connecting and disconnecting from Bluetooth devices by offering convenient buttons accessible
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Issue #40: PastePal by Khoa Pham

PastePal is an iOS clipboard manager that allows users to easily manage and access their clipboard history. It features a simple and intuitive interface with powerful search and organization
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Issue #39: Sequel by Romain Lefebvre

‌‌Today, we're looking at Sequel by Romain Lefebvre. Sequel is an elegant iOS app that helps you keep track of the movies, shows, games, books, and audiobooks you want to check out - all in one
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Issue #38: DevCleaner by Konrad Kolakowski

‌‌Today, we're looking at DevCleaner by Konrad Kolakowski. DevCleaner provides an effective solution for reclaiming storage on your machine by helping you delete stale Xcode caches. Xcode often
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Issue #37: Obscura by Ben McCarthy

Today, we're looking at Obscura by Ben McCarthy. Obscura is an advanced camera app that offers an impressive range of features and functions to help you capture stunning photos. The app is packed
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Issue #36: Shape by Arthur Van Siclen

Today, we're taking a look at Shape by Arthur Van Siclen. Shape is a lucid dreaming coach that offers expert guidance to help you learn how to have lucid dreams in just 30 days. The app provides
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Issue #35: WEST by Andrew Sawyer

Today, we're taking a look at WEST by Andrew Sawyer. WEST is the ultimate photography companion that enables you to capture, edit, and customize your photos with ease. With a curated selection of
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Issue #34: Happy Scale by Russ Shanahan

Today, we're taking a look at Happy Scale by Russ Shanahan, Happy Scale is a weight tracker that takes the sting out of weight fluctuations. Using smoothing techniques, it helps people conquer
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Issue #33: Balance by Alexander Sandberg

Today, we're looking at Balance by Alexander Sandberg. Balance is a time tracking app for those who want to achieve and maintain a good work-life balance. The app offers a range of features,
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Issue #32: Astro by Matteo Spada

Today, we're looking at Astro by Matteo Spada. Astro is a brand-new App Store Optimization tool that helps you improve your app's visibility and increase your app's revenue. With Astro,
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Issue #31: Chorsee by Ben Noland 🧼🧹

Today, we're looking at Chorsee by Ben Noland. Chorsee is an iPhone and iPad app that helps families streamline chores and allowance tracking. With Chorsee, you can create profiles for each family
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Issue #30: Recurrence by Stephen Hayes

Today, we're looking at Recurrence by Stephen Hayes. Recurrence helps you manage and track all of the repeating tasks in your life. Need to know something about a task that occurred three months
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Issue #29: HomeCam by Aaron Pearce

Today, we're looking at HomeCam by Aaron Pearce. HomeCam allows you to monitor all of your HomeKit-enabled cameras live on one screen. While Apple's Home app only shows snapshots of your camera
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Issue #28: Tasks by Mustafa Yusuf

Today, we're looking at Tasks by Mustafa Yusuf. Tasks is the task manager you've been waiting for to help you take your productivity to the next level. It allows you to track and organize your
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Issue #27: LineupSupply by Brett Bauman

Today, we're looking at LineupSupply by Brett Bauman. With LineupSupply you can simply upload an image - like a music festival lineup - and it will create a Spotify playlist featuring the artists
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Issue #26: Reading List by Andrew Bennet

Today, we're looking at Reading List by Andrew Bennet. Reading List is designed to make it incredibly easy to plan what to read, to track your reading progress, and to record information about the