This is beginning to hinder our journalism

Since President Joe Biden was elected, we’ve lost more than 4,000 monthly donors. That’s a 20 percent decline in less than two years.

I wanted to make sure you saw this important message about The Intercept’s finances. Your monthly donation — even of just a few dollars a month — can make an incredible difference in sustaining our journalism.

We’re writing today because The Intercept is facing a major financial shortfall, and we want to be transparent about what’s happening — and how you can help.

Our nonprofit newsroom depends on the generous support of readers like you — but especially on those who make an ongoing monthly donation. Their commitment provides a predictable, steady base of support that allows us to plan confidently for major investigations.

Unfortunately, since President Joe Biden was elected, we’ve lost more than 4,000 monthly donors. That’s a 20 percent decline in less than two years.

Of course, traffic and ratings have dropped across the entire media industry since Donald Trump left office. But The Intercept doesn’t accept website advertising or charge for subscriptions, so our finances are especially vulnerable.

We’ve already cut every cost we can think of — including our own salaries. But the sad reality is that this drop in revenue, and the associated uncertainty about our budget, has already begun to hinder our journalism.

This is no time for us to pull back. Not with so many accelerating crises fueled by unaccountable power and private profit: Climate emergency. Dystopian surveillance. A broken political system.

So today we’re setting an ambitious goal: The Intercept needs to reach 16,000 monthly donors by April 30.

If you depend on The Intercept’s independent journalism, will you take the next step today and become a monthly donor?

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Thank you,
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Ryan Grim
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