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April 29, 2022

We absolutely loved reading yours answers to yesterday's question. We asked, "Who's a musical artist, dead or inactive, you wish you could've seen live?" Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Whitney Houston, and even Beethoven were among the more common responses. But really... no Nickelback?!

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Game of Nutrition

  • Kellogg's, one of the world's largest cereal producers, is challenging anti-obesity food rules soon to take effect in the UK
  • The rules, meant to reduce childhood obesity, restrict the marketing of certain foods, depending on their salt, fat, and sugar ratios
  • Kellogg’s is fighting the rules, saying that the government is only considering the nutrition of dry cereal, when most people eat cereal with milk — which is more nutritious
  • The UK govt. says breakfast cereals account for 7% of the average child’s daily intake of added sugars
The UK gov said, “Restricting the promotion and advertising of less healthy foods is an important part of the strategy to halve childhood obesity by 2030, prevent harmful diseases and improve healthy life expectancy.” Kellogg's says the government will not have a "reasonable conversation" with them.

US Economy Shrinks

  • The US economy shrank by 1.4% in the first 3 months of 2022
  • It was a large drop from the preceding quarter (the last 3 months of 2021), when the economy grew by 6.8%, and marked the first time the economy shrank since the early pandemic
  • Economists said the main driver was supply-chain issues, which led to more imports and fewer exports, as well as decreased business investment and government spending
  • A recession is often defined as 2 consecutive quarters (6 months) of negative economic growth
Things may get tougher in the coming months: To reduce inflation, the Federal Reserve is likely to raise interest rates, which pulls money out of the economy and slows economic growth.

Trash Mountain on Fire

  • A mountain of trash is on fire in the outskirts of Delhi, India’s capital, casting a smog cloud over the world’s second largest city
  • The trash pile is roughly 17-stories tall and covers an area greater than 50 football fields
  • When waste in landfills decays, it releases combustible gas (methane). In high temperatures, that gas can ignite
  • It's the fourth major landfill fire near Delhi in recent weeks. Delhi and other parts of India have been experiencing the most intense heat they have in decades, with temperatures exceeding 110ºF (43ºC)
Delhi is one of the world's hottest cities, and this year has been particularly warm: According to the Indian government, March was the hottest March in over a century, and this month is on pace to be the hottest April in years. Temperatures were forecast to hit 115ºF (46ºC) on Thursday.

FDA Proposes Menthol Cigarette Ban

  • The US FDA proposed a ban on menthol cigarettes and all non-tobacco flavored cigars. The ban could take effect as soon as 2024
  • The agency said flavored tobacco products attract child smokers, and called the step necessary for “reducing youth experimentation and addiction”
  • Since 2009, menthol — a chemical found in peppermint — is the only flavor that has been allowed in cigarettes in substantial quantities. It tastes minty and makes cigarettes less harsh
  • Over 33% of annual US cigarettes sales are menthols
Menthol users skew younger, helping tobacco companies to broaden the market for their products. The US government has considered a menthol ban for nearly 20 years.

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Which famous chef/food personality do you like better?

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Gordon Ramsay

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Culture & Sports
  • You're a Jaguar, Harry: The Jacksonville Jaguars selected the University of Georgia's Travon Walker with the #1 pick in the draft
  • Yank the Corden: James Corden announced that this will be his last year as host of The Late Late Show on CBS. He has no plans for what's next
  • Awkward, man: A petition to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 has gathered a whopping 2M signatures amid the ongoing trial 

  • Amazon announced its first quarterly loss since 2015. Rising costs, lower sales, and its investment in EV company Rivian were behind it
  • How bout them apples: Apple, on the other hand, posted a blockbuster quarter. Its sales rose 9% to $97.3B and its profits beat expectations
  • Work from... Airbnb: Airbnb says it will allow employees to work from anywhere going forward without docking pay

  • Kissing in the metaverse? Scientists have made a device that gives your mouth, lips, and tongue a sensation, setting the stage for virtual kissing
  • Bring home the bacon: Researchers are sending lab-made bacon to a group of people with a rare red-meat allergy for a study
  • A French rooster owner was taken to court for her rooster's noise. A new law that protects the "sensory heritage" of the country could save her
  • Oh, Dios Mio: Catholicism is on the decline in South America. In the last 10 years, Argentina's Catholic pop. has dropped from 76% to 49%

Happy Friday, everyone. We're trying out a new form of 20 Qs today: True/False edition. We give you a statement, you tell us if it is correct. Just drop a "true" or "false" next to each number in your response email. 

Question: The Maxes are funny 
Answer: False

As always, send answers to Have a ~truly~ great weekend. 

1. Epstein killed himself
2. The Moon Landing was real
3. Weed should be legal
4. Society is moving in the right direction
5. Elon Musk bought Twitter to protect free speech
6. Italian food is the world's best cuisine
7. iPhone is better than Android
8. Pro sports leagues are rigged
9. The world would be better if social media didn't exist
10. Governments should do more to limit processed foods/sugars
11. Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing President Kennedy
12. Jellyfish are scarier animals than black bears
13. Judge Judy would make a good host of Jeopardy!
14. The Philadelphia Eagles have a pleasant fanbase
15. Red Bull is a better road trip drink than coffee
16. Apple should pay us for all unused iTunes gift cards 
17. Microplastics consumption deserves more news coverage
18. 68 degrees is the perfect temperature for night time
19. Escalators are better than elevators
20. Forget pizza, pineapple doesn't belong on tacos

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Yesterday's Poll:

Would you want to live to be 119? 
Yes: 31.3%
No: 68.7%

Yesterday's Question:

Who's a musical artist, dead or inactive, you wish you could've seen live? 

Lou from New Jersey: "I wish I could have seen David Bowie live, and to make the dream even better; Chris Farley would be sitting beside me drinking beers"

Ken from NYC: "Led Zeppelin any time between 1969 and 1975, or before Jimmy Page broke two fingers on his left. His guitar playing was never the same"

Sam from Austin: "Johann Sebastian Bach. I'd love to be front row at a concert of his best musicians hearing something like the Magnificat for the first time"

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Final Thoughts 

Happy Friday, everyone. We hope you have restful and enjoyable weekends. We'd like to send you off with this video of baby orangutans learning how to crack coconuts, because...why not.

See you on Monday.

- Max and Max
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