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The State of Frontend Testing 2022

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ISSUE 121  April 30th 2022




Welcome to the 121st issue!

This week I'm happy to share with you a little success of mine.

I had the honour to write my opinion on the testing part of The State of Frontend 2022 report.

I was positively surprised by the results and found a lot of insights about developers' mindest, tools and trends.

If you test frontend applications, I highly recommend going through that report.

Happy testing! 🙂

Dawid Dylowicz  Permalink




Agile Testing: How can metrics help?

Fahim Sachedina explains how to do Agile testing right and lists out metrics that can help you measure the effectiveness of your tests.

Additionally, James Lyndsay came up with plenty of Questions about Metrics that may come in handy when evaluating them.  Permalink


Become A Software Testing Detective

Here are a few points from Prashant Hegde on how practising mindfulness and working on your mental models can bring out the best of you as a tester.

In relation to that, Pricilla Bilavendran wrote a nice article on How To Be An Open-Minded Tester?.  Permalink


On Untestable Software

Blake Norrish emphasises why software testability is such an important thing, describes how it relates to testing, and advises on what we can do better.  Permalink


Properly Dealing with Software Bugs

Bugs are part of the software. Steven Bui shares useful tips on how to investigate, prioritize and fix their root cause.  Permalink


What benefits can testers bring to startups, besides testing?

Working at a startup as a tester is different from working at a big company. Eugene Ponomarenko explains what other roles and responsibilities the tester may need to take on there.

Additionally, Ani Hakobyan raises a question: Why Software Testing engineers should be more technical?  Permalink


Why The World Doesn’t Need QA Engineers (But still requires quality assurance)

Enrique Decoss describes the trend of shifting from QA-based testing to developer-based testing and explains what it means for testers.

Also, Should Test Automation Be Left To Software Engineers?  Permalink




End-to-End testing using Selenium WebDriver and Java

Mohammad Faisal Khatri wrote a very detailed, step-by-step guide on how to do test automation in Java using the Selenium WebDriver. There are tons of code examples.

Furthermore, Arvind Choudhary wrote a handy article about Why you should use Loggers if your Java testing framework.  Permalink


How we run all our browser tests in parallel AWS Lambdas

This is a great overview of how Dan Iosif built a custom, scalable solution to parallelise TestCafe browser tests using the AWS serverless features. The result? The test suite now runs 2x faster.  Permalink


Importance of API Automation Testing

Manish Saini gives a good overview of API automation testing and its importance in the automation pyramid.  Permalink


Is there any site where I can see API Testing bugs?

Learning API testing and want to practice? Someone asked about that and people shared a few helpful sites. For more ideas, I also suggest checking out the second thread.  Permalink


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Fused Testing Methodology: Smarter Ways to Combine Manual and Automated Testing

Introducing automation? Not sure which test cases should be tested manually or with automation? mabl and Testlio are teaming up to share strategies to help you find balance in your testing methods. Register for a free webinar.  Permalink




10 Best Test Case Management Software in 2022

Are you looking for the best test case management tool? Vinci Lam describes what good tools should have and gives an overview of many popular solutions.  Permalink


Cypress 9.6.0: Easily test multi-domain workflows with cy.origin

A long-awaited feature is finally coming to Cypress — they finally added support for handling multiple domains in one test!  Permalink


How Selenium Actually Works

Selenium is one of the most popular test automation tools. But do you know how it actually works? Steve Pryde prepared a great overview, including differences between Selenium 3 and 4.  Permalink


How to Choose the Right Bug Tracking Tool

Marija Dimoska describes what you can expect from a good tool for tracking bugs and shares a handy comparison table that may help you decide on choosing one.  Permalink




Fixing a bug... 🤣



Thanks for reading!

If you like this newsletter and it helps you become a better tester, you can say thanks and buy me a coffee.

PS. I'll be transferring every donation to Nasz Wybór Foundation which supports Ukrainian refugees in Poland. 🇺🇦 🙏

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