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Monday, May 9, 2022

 -Mayor Eric Adams, justifying the detention of a mango stand owner

In terms of pure symbolic power, Ukraine has recently dealt its Russian invaders a series of crushing defeats. 

It's much harder to rack up symbolic victories, when you're the invading country, and your war is based on lies, and you're losing.

It's been such a rough stretch for Putin he may have actually contemplated sneaking aboard his yacht and living out his days at sea. Unfortunately, Italy seems to have confiscated that vessel. No one can say what he'll do next, or how long this contrast will hold, but if he's even a little open to the idea that maybe this little war of his hasn't been worth the trouble, there's never been more evidence for it than right now.
Check out the latest episode of Offline! This week, Chris Hayes, host of MSNBC’s All In, sits down with Jon to talk about the ways the internet has reshaped what we can hear online, his distinction between attention and recognition, and makes the case that this new era isn’t just bad for our society, it’s bad for our souls. New episodes of Offline drop every Sunday wherever you get your podcasts.

A confluence of protectionist populism and Restoring Normalcy™ seems to have imperiled the solar industry just as the U.S. has reached the crossroads of the clean-energy transition, and faces the imperative to reduce inflation. The precipitating issue is a Commerce Department investigation into whether foreign solar manufacturers have skirted U.S. sanctions on Chinese-manufactured solar panels and cells, which are heavily subsidized by the Chinese government. That investigation could result in the U.S. assessing tariffs on those exporters retroactively, which has already driven up costs for importers, before the investigation has run its course. Senior officials, including Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, would reportedly like to step in to remove the logjam and restore solar industry capacity, but they’re hamstrung by the Biden administration’s dual commitments to refrain from Trump-era meddling in federal investigations and to support American manufacturers.

From the fascinating-if-unsurprising annals: Partisan animus in the U.S. is frequently driven by misperceptions about how widespread extremism within the political opposition. From there it follows: partisan polarization as observed in the U.S. doesn’t derive entirely from the substantive objectives of political parties; there is also an element of “false polarization” in the mix, driven by these misperceptions, which in turn drive animus. Multiple mechanisms underlie this phenomenon, but media fixation on examples of partisan extremism is one major source of “false polarization,” not necessarily because it misleads people about the existence of extremism, but it persuades people that the most extreme views of the opposing party are more widespread than they are. The authors of this study only acknowledged the widespread literature on asymmetric polarization in passing, but the implication (and, well, the obvious read if you pay any attention) that false polarization is a greater problem on the right, where agitprop, lying, and the smearing of political opponents is much more common.

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Residents of Austin, TX, overwhelmingly adopted a ballot initiative prohibiting police enforcement of marijuana possession laws, and execution of no-knock warrants. 

The journalists of Ukraine have won a Pulitzer Prize, special citation award.

Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) defended his vote to impeach Donald Trump during a Republican primary debate, exposing almost every other Republican running for re-election as a coward, nihilist, or insurrectionist sympathizer. 

Cool Webb space telescope images just dropped


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