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In today's edition: 

🚢  Plans to lower shipping carbon emissions

🚁 Autonomous tree-planting drones

📱 Solving the world’s problems with “open” technology

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💼 Big Business (2-minute read)

A win for Right to Repair - Sort of? 
Situ: We’ve spoken before about the volume of electronic waste sent to landfill each year. This is partly due to consumers not easily,  or affordably, being able to repair their devices to extend their lifespan without voiding warranties.
This week, Apple launched their program, making self-repair kits available for newer iPhones, in theory giving consumers the ‘Right to Repair’.
Thing is…  For a repair to be valid, users must buy parts stamped with Apple’s seal of approval and rent a $49 tool kit. This ends up making some self-repairs more expensive than alternatives which could hinder adoption.

Climate startups shed employees amid a slowdown in large funding rounds 
Many Startups are looking to prune costs amid tightening of larger-sized funding rounds from investors ($100 - $150mn). Many Indian start-ups are doing this by shedding staff. = Lots of highly in-demand climate talent coming onto the market. Green talent agencies like Climatebase will be critical to ensure these changemakers continue to have an impact. It remains to be seen whether similar trends will be observed globally.

Japan tables plan to lower carbon in the shipping industry
The world’s second-largest ship-owning nation, Japan, has told shipping regulators it would support a tax levied against the CO2 emissions produced by maritime transport. The global shipping industry produces 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, however, the sector is the lifeblood of global trade and is difficult to decarbonise as alternative fuels (i.e. hydrogen) aren’t yet available at scale. Japan’s proposal (only the third nation to offer a meaningful financial incentive to decarbonise shipping) would see the finance collected from carbon taxes invested into zero-emission vessels and tech.

🤖 Future of Tech (1-minute read)

Transparent solar panel could power cities in the future
What are transparent solar panels? Made of photovoltaic glass, the tech converts light passing through the glass into electrical energy.
Benefits? From mobiles to skyscrapers provide a source of untapped clean energy supply. Transparent solar panels are also well suited to urban areas (unlike their conventional counterparts) - key for the transition to net-zero cities. 
The future… Copenhagen’s International School already uses transparent solar panels which fulfil half the building’s energy needs. To drive mass adoption, need to solve an energy-production/transparency tradeoff. The more transparent a panel is - the less energy it produces.

Autonomous seed-shooting drones can plant 40,000 trees a day
The novel technology combines artificial intelligence with specially designed seed pods that can be fired into the ground from drones. The creators, Airseed, claim that it performs 25x faster and 80% cheaper compared to traditional methods. The drones complete two flights: In the first round of flight, drones identify site-specific plant species and create an optimum planting pattern to maximise ecological benefit. In the second flight, seeds are planted. The drones will then continue to monitor changes in tree canopies and biomass over time.
Caution: With any reforestation effort, it is important that the potential ecological impact on local flora and animals has been evaluated to avoid unintended consequences.

🤿 Deep Dive (2-minute read)

"Open technology" and tackling the world's biggest problems

Open technology… tech solutions that are made freely available to anyone who wants to use, modify, or build on them. 

  1. Digital Public Goods (DPGs): Such as software, data and artificial intelligence models anyone can build on (E.G. DIVOC = modifiable software that’s generated over 1bn verifiable vaccination certificates in India and Sri Lanka.)

  2. Digital Public Infrastructure (DPIs): Societal scale digital systems which are essential for public and private service delivery like national payment systems. (E.G. OpenG2P = cash transfer system built during the West Africa Ebola crisis) 

Solving global issues? An open-source approach to technology can help governments more efficiently develop tailored solutions to urgent challenges by allowing entire communities to join hands and build citizen-centric digital services. 

Hurdles… Constraints in technical capability, lack of financing and risks to data rights of citizens can slow the development of these solutions. Collaborative efforts such as Co-Develop bring together resources that help countries build inclusive, safe and equitable solutions whilst also upskilling local populations.

This space is where the new era of dynamic, open and inclusive global cooperation must find its next calling … take a deeper dive here

💭 Little Bytes

Quote: “What businesses need to be doing is putting all of their investments and plans through the wringer, to check how climate compatible they actually are. There’s a big risk of locking in high-carbon activities by indivertibly investing in the wrong kind of things…” IPCC Working Group co-chair Professor Jim Skea

Stat: 10 brands account for 50% of UK’s packaging litter - Planet Patrol

Watch: IKEA and WWF team up for Swedish seed balls - for insects

🗞 In other news...
  • Check out our deep dive we did in collaboration with Unicorner on climate risk startup Climate X

  • Stanford University has received the largest gift in its history ($1.69bn), and it’s for a school dedicated to studying the climate crisis

  • Nike has unveiled two footwear models from its improvising, scavenge, protect, and adapt (IPSA) division which is modular to aid in repair and recycling

  • The world’s fastest electric car charger (claimed to charge a car in 15 mins) is installed in Norway

  • John Deere teams up with a driverless sprayer that uses AI and IoT tech to spray orchards and vineyards
💰 The Deal Room
  • Pachama Raised $55 Mln in Series B funding for its platform focuses on saving forests across the world and uses artificial intelligence to verify carbon credits

  • Flyp Raises $10 Million in Series A Funding To Turn Landfill Waste Into Jobs by using AI to resell it through millions of online sellers.

  • Voyage Foods Raises $36M In Series A Funding for its  cacao-free chocolate, peanut-free spread, and coffee without coffee beans

  • Yotta Energy Raises $16.5 Million Series A Funding for its solar microgrid solutions

  • Goodcarbon raises $6 Million in Seed Funding to help democratise access to the voluntary carbon market
🎣 Gone Phishing

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