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It's the JavaScript that I don't know that gets to me

To my horror, I noticed early this week that jster.net is down. It turns out the server had gone offline. The original service was hosted in Ukraine and I imagine something bad happened. That meant I had to finish and deploy the new version on a sufficient level.

The new site is far faster than the old one as it's fully static. It doesn't have full feature parity with the old one yet and I'm restoring it bit by bit. That said, the index and the blog posts are up although you may notice something not rendering in a post for example.

On the plus side, the new stack is fairly nice and it renders fast. It takes about six seconds on my computer to render 3000 pages and roughly 10 seconds on Cloudflare Pages infrastructure (not counting Deno installation).

The process hasn't been fully optimized yet so that's a good sign in case I want to grow the index one day and then there are more tricks like incremental compilation and using edge workers to generate pages dynamically on demand.












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