How the FBI Tried to Ambush My Meeting and Arrest a Source

Jim Risen tells the story of when a trusted intermediary lawyer betrayed him and collaborated with the FBI to stop his reporting.


The FBI Tried to Ambush My Source. Now I’m Telling the Whole Story.

James Risen

I’ve been reluctant to write what I know about the FBI’s scheme because the tale is so complicated that I’m still not sure I fully understand it.



America Tolerates High Levels of Violence but Suppresses Photos of the Slaughter

Peter Maass

It’s time to publish graphic images of school shootings and other acts of violence. But change won’t come from that alone.



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With New Ad Buy, DMFI Turns Its Sights on Another Progressive Candidate: Rep. Marie Newman

Akela Lacy

The ad points to a congressional ethics investigation into Newman’s campaign. “This is just an ongoing march against progressive women,” Newman told The Intercept.



Industry-Linked Sustainability Standard Allows Clothing Giants to Ramp Up Emissions

Rachel Donald

The index used to certify sustainability in New York’s Fashion Act is tied to apparel giants like Patagonia and Walmart.



What’s Stopping Chesa Boudin?

Akela Lacy

Across major cities, voters picked reform-minded district attorneys who promised to fight mass incarceration. Now, conservatives in both parties are trying to take them out.



Ousted Whitney Museum Board Member Still Selling Tear Gas Despite Divestment Claim

Sam Biddle

Despite claims of divestment, Warren Kanders’s companies are still selling chemical weapons used by police against peaceful protesters.



Lula Leads, but Bolsonaro Could Still Win Reelection in Brazil

Andrew Fishman

Brazil’s presidential election in October will be a dramatic referendum on the country’s future.



Democrats Press Amazon on Legality of Worker Chat App That Would Block Words Like “Union”

Ken Klippenstein

“If you are concerned about your workers discussing topics like ‘restrooms’ or ‘slave labor,’” write Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Cori Bush, and others, “the answer is … to improve your treatment of workers.”



GOP Challenger Slams Sen. Maggie Hassan for Siding With Big Tech

Ryan Grim

Hassan’s chief of staff (and fundraising consultant) argued privately that pushing back against Big Tech is bad politics. The opposite appears to be the case.





How the FBI Tried to Ambush My Meeting and Arrest a Source


Jim Risen tells the story of when a trusted intermediary lawyer betrayed him and collaborated with the FBI to stop his reporting.



Can Democrats Win in Rural America?


Chloe Maxmin flipped a Trump district in her run for a Maine Senate seat. In her new book, she offers Democrats a recipe for replicating that success.



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The Killing of a Portland Antifascist Activist Went Unsolved. Then Journalists Sued the City.

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