CITY Furniture sees 118%+ in repeat buyers

Furniture shopping takes diligence. CITY Furniture was looking to bring the 1:1, in-store experience that shoppers love to their digital experience, but their tech stack wasn't put to the task. With Bluecore, they found a way to bring the showroom experience straight to their shopper's living rooms.

“We want to build a more connective tissue between each one of our channels — email, site and paid media with an experience that is consistent at scale. And the data will keep getting better over time to maintain that commitment to service each customer what they need.”

— Justin Roisman, Managing Director of
Digital Marketing at CITY Furniture

By leveraging Bluecore's unified cross-channel personalization platform, the CITY Furniture team was able to:

  • Connect every touchpoint from store to digital for an omnichannel experience that drives revenue
  • Seamlessly streamline millions of signals from identification to shopper behavior for predictive communications that get better and better
  • Increase conversion and loyalty with personalization — even for traditionally one-and-done categories

Bluecore, Inc.
222 Broadway
16th Floor
New York, NY 10038

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