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June 10, 2022

Happy Friday, Roca Riders. The one downside to our new "Lunch on Roca" promo is that we have to see all our winners' amazing lunches. All of the sudden, my 2 disintegrating Nature Valley bars and days-old Chipotle guac don't look as good. Oh well, anything to spread the Roca wave, dear friends.

In today's edition:

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Cheers, Mat!

 Key Stories

Plastic-Eating "Superworms"

A new study found that a certain type of beetle larvae can digest styrofoam

  • ~400M tons of plastic are produced yearly, most of which takes hundreds of years to degrade. Styrofoam accounts for 7-10% of global plastic production
  • According to the Australian researchers who conducted the study, the “superworms” were able to eat solely styrofoam and complete their normal life cycles, although they were less healthy
  • The scientists hope to identify the specific enzyme that breaks down the plastic, then use it in waste-processing bioreactors
Dig Deeper
  • “We envision that [styrofoam] waste will be collected, mechanically shredded, and then degraded in bioreactors with an enzyme cocktail,” one of the researchers said. This study may help find that "enzyme cocktail"

Iran Removes Nuclear Cameras

Iran is removing 27 cameras from nuclear sites. The head of the top international nuclear group — IAEA — called it a “fatal blow” to restoring the Iran deal

  • In 2015, Iran agreed to dismantle its nuclear program in exchange for reduced sanctions. The Trump admin withdrew from that deal in 2018, though, and Iran has resumed its nuclear weapons program
  • President Biden pledged to restore the nuclear deal; however, doing so requires the ability to monitor Iranian nuclear progress
  • The UN says the cameras are necessary for monitoring that progress
Dig Deeper
  • Iran and the Biden administration had been negotiating a new nuclear deal, however the talks stalled in March. A new deal has looked increasingly unlikely since then, and even less likely now

Thailand's Weed Giveaway

The Thai government announced it is giving away 1M marijuana plants as part of a scheme to jump start the country’s cannabis industry

  • On Thursday, Thailand announced it will no longer classify weed as a narcotic, legalize marijuana consumption for medical and health use, and release 4,200 cannabis offenders from jail
  • The government said the change will benefit the country’s farmers and reduce inequality, particularly in the countryside
  • “Cannabis is like gold,” a Thai minister said. “Something valuable [that] should be promoted”
Dig Deeper
  • While Southeast Asia has some of the world's strictest druglaws – drug dealers in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore are regularly hanged – Thailand draws 40M tourists annually, many for its parties and nightlife

Murder Attempt on Justice Kavanaugh

A man was charged Wednesday with attempting to murder Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

  • Nicholas Roske, 26, was arrested near the justice’s house after calling a suicide hotline. He was found with a handgun, knife, zip ties, and hammer
  • Roske told police that he was angered by the Uvalde shooting, an upcoming gun control case, and the Roe v. Wade draft decision. He later told a judge that he wasn’t “thinking clearly”
  • According to the affidavit, the man planned to break into Kavanaugh's house, kill the judge, then kill himself. He faces up to 20 years in federal prison
Dig Deeper
  • Justices have been under increased security since a draft of the Roe v. Wade decision was leaked last month. The Senate recently unanimously passed a bill to provide security to justices' family members, but the House has not yet voted on it
 Roca Treasure Hunt
Today's Clue (Day 4 of 4):

A bad golfer looks better in a double Windsor...
Day 1 clue: Divided, but known for equality
Day 2 clue: How do you make a jam in the summer without any berries?
Day 3 clue: A Scandinavian phonetic toga party

Each newsletter this week contains a clue about a landmark in the United States. Thursday's newsletter will contain a bonus clue, which is automatically unlocked by referring 2 people to this newsletter. In total there will be 5 clues about 1 landmark.

You get one guess, which you submit by replying to a newsletter with a Google street view screenshot.

See rules at the bottom of the email. 
popcorn Popcorn
  • LeVegas James: Newly-minted billionaire LeBron James said he wants to own an NBA team in Vegas once he's done playing
  • Pass the... Frank's: Popular California-based Sriracha maker Huy Fong is halting production due to a drought-caused pepper shortage
  • Oops, I broke in again: Brittney Spears' ex-husband Jason Alexander broke into the pop star's wedding and documented it on Instagram

  • Oh how seal-y: A Welsh photographer found a seal chilling on her dinghy and snapped some funny pics of the content mammal
  • Chipotle announced its first-ever seasonal drink, a watermelon limeade. The chain is releasing it in the US and Canada for summer
  • EV not so easy: A new study found that 27% of non-Tesla electric vehicle fast chargers in the Bay Area don't work

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Today's Poll:
Do you double dip in communal salsa with friends?


Today's Question:

Just 20 Qs!

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 20 Questions

Every Friday, we ask the Roca readers 20 questions, then feature our favorite answers the following week. 

"Death, Taxes, and Roca Friday 20 Questions." - Sir Benjamin Franklin

We are mixing it up with 20 Questions this week, introducing a new version of the series: True or False? We will provide a statement and all you have to do is tell us if you believe it's true or false.

Send your answers to, and answer as many or few as you want. Last week's answers are included below.

1. Live concerts are better than live sporting events
2. Mustard is better than ketchup
3. Math is the most interesting school subject
4. Mozzarella sticks were the best school lunch
5. Never eat the fish at McDonald's
6. CNN and Fox News want you to be happy 
7. Just "Max" is a better name than Maximilian
8. We should not use shampoo every day
9. We should not use deodorant every day
10. Patrick Star is the best SpongeBob character
11. Patrick Star would be a great desk mate at work
12. Books are generally better than their movie adaptations
13. The Star Wars prequels were great movies
14. Nails on a chalkboard is a worse sound than loud chewing
15. Paper straws should be mandated
16. You prefer chess to checkers
17. Big News is good for the country
18. Honey mustard is the best chicken nugget dipping sauce
19. It will be normal to travel to space in 50 years
20. Keanu Reeves is an underrated actor

Send all answers to!
Last Week's Responses

1. Are you a better or worse dancer than average?
"Worse and I'm on a dance team lol"
"Sober, no. 3 drinks in, no"
"Is the average person good at dancing?"

2. Why does almond butter have such a better rep than peanut butter?
"Does it?"
"Cause Peter Pan is awful"
"It's way better..."

3. What is one right you would add to the Constitution/Bill of Rights?
"Right to not be spied on"

4. What's the hottest place you've ever been? Describe it.
"Kuwait. Desert. Intense sunlight"
"Savannah, GA, August 2014. 100 degrees, 98% humidity. My makeup melted off the second I walked out of the hotel"
"India. Utterly scorching, I'm still cooling down"

5. Do you have a hilarious story from this week?
"Spilled coffee all over my coworker's lap"

6. What would you choose as a treasure hunt location?
"My living room"

7. What was your favorite school lunch?
"Fish sticks"
"Chicken patty"
"Going on hunger strike"

8. A hobby you'd like to pick up?
"Bird watching"
"Book club"

9. A deal-breaking red flag on a first date?
"Loud chewer"
"Super picky eater"
"Talking constantly about their ex"

10. Recommend your fellow Roca readers a podcast.
"How I Built This"
"2 Bears in a Cave"

11. What's the best kind of donut?
"Chocolate sprinkles"
"The 3rd one"
"Vanilla cream filled"

12. Do you prefer chips & queso or chips & guac?
"Chips & salsa"
"Chips & Moe's queso"

13. Should cyclists be allowed on the road?
"Absolutely not"
"Only when I'm the cyclist"

14. Do you still listen to the radio?
"Yes it's making a comeback"
"No I don't drive anymore"
"What's that?"

15. If you could increase something by 5% what would it be...
"My bank account"
"My muscle mass"
"My daughter's patience"

16. If you could decrease something by 5% what would it be...
"My student debt"
"The number of millionaires in Congress"
"CO2 emissions"

17. Thoughts on paper straws?
"Hate them"
"A good little thing we can do"
"I live in Texas, never heard of them"

18. Strangest thing in your fridge right now?
"Bear sausage"
"Wild Ears mushrooms"
"Gator tail"

19. Strangest song on your phone right now?
"The Climb by Miley Cyrus"
"I don't have songs"
"Blueberry Yum Yum - Ludacris"

20. A country in the world that fascinates you?
"The US"

 Roca Clubhouse

Yesterday's Poll:

Are you an early bird or night owl? 
Early bird: 45.3%
Night owl: 54.7%
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 Final Thoughts

We hope all of you have great weekends. On Roca's end, a few of us are going to a concert (Rufus du Sol – one of the Maxes favorite band), a few are seeing family, and one is going to Vegas...

Whether your plans are way better than that or not, don't forget to submit your 20 Questions answers! And your Treasure Hunt guess!

See you on Monday.

- Max and Max
Rules for the Roca Treasure Hunt

1.     Each newsletter this week – Tuesday through Friday – contains one clue. Thursday's newsletter will contain a bonus clue, which is automatically unlocked by referring 2 people to this newsletter

2.    Use the clues to guess the location. The location is visible on Google Maps and within the USA
3.     Each reader can submit ONLY ONE response, which must be a reply to one of our newsletters, which goes out weekdays at 11 AM ET

4.     Submissions must be a screenshot of the location on Google Street View. We will not accept in-person photos; this is entirely virtual

5.     The winners will be determined by (1) a screenshot of the correct location (as determined by RocaNews) and (2) timestamp of when RocaNews receives the email. If winning responses are submitted at the same time (by the minute), prizes will be split evenly
4.     The first person to submit the correct response wins a Macbook, second wins Airpods, and third wins a Denny's giftcard

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