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⭐ We have some news: YC is back in person!
This week, Dalton and Michael announce the S22 batch will be in person, talk about trends among the most recent YC applicants, where founders are moving, the economic downturn, and the impact of the new standard deal.

 🗓️ Upcoming Events @ Work at a Startup
Whether you're actively looking for a new role or just thinking about what might be next, we're hosting a series of events to help you figure it out. Join us for an in-person mixer in SF with YC companies and founders, sign up for a women in engineering 1:1 with YC Continuity's Anu Hariharan, attend a tech talk on climate change, and more.


🚀 The Launchpad

The latest YC company launches
Productivity and people management tool for managers

Chicago, Illinois
Credit rebuilding made simple and affordable
San Francisco, California
Track anything and gain insights into your health, fitness & more

New York, New York
Sell, rent, and buy real estate in Europe
Bengaluru, India
Operating System for lending

New York, New York
The first commission-free, high-frequency sports betting exchange
Sunnyvale, California
A Cloud-Based Bioinformatics and AI Platform

Zürich, Switzerland
Boosting customer service and sales productivity by 2-3x
Hello Cognition
New York, New York
Next-generation search engine for software developers

San Francisco, California
Intelligent billing for data, infrastructure and platform
Palm Beach Gardens, Floridaa
Manage document requests at scale

🔥 Top Posts on Hacker News

💼 Jobs at YC Startups

Browse more open roles at workatastartup.com
Massdriver (YC W22)
Deploy secure, scalable cloud infrastructure in minutes not days
HiringLead Backend Engineer (Founding Team)
Remote • $150k - $190k • 0.50% - 1.00%
PolicyFly (YC W22)
Modernizing specialty insurance
Hiring: Sr. Backend Engineer
Remote • $150k - $200k • 3+ years experience
SimpleHash (YC W22)
Multi-chain NFT API
Hiring: Sr. Backend / API Engineer
San Francisco • $170k - $220k • 1.00% - 2.00%
Discz Music (YC W22)
The hottest new social media and music app
Hiring: iOS Engineer
New York / Remote • 3+ years experience


🌎 The YC Community

Highlights from our founders

📈 The Bar

The latest raises and rounds from YC companies
Let's Do This (YC W18)
$60M Series B • London, United Kingdom
Endurance events marketplace Let’s Do This raises $60M Series B led by Craft and Headline

Kinside (YC S18)
$12M Series A • San Francisco, California
Child care startup Kinside raises $12M Series A in a round led by mothers
Paces (YC S22)
$1.9M Pre-Seed • New York, New York
Data Platform Paces Raises $1.9M To Derisk The Green Infrastructure Development Revolution

Talus Bio (YC S21)
$9.7M Seed and Grant • Seattle, Washington
Inspired by scientist CEOs, Seattle startup lands $9.75M to build up drug discovery platform
Canix (YC S19)
$10M Series A • San Francisco, California
Canix raises $10M to expand its cannabis seed-to-sale platform across the US and Canada

Finch (YC S20)
$15M Series A • San Francisco, California
Finch raises $15M to build an API for HR systems
Vanta (YC W18)
$100M Series B • San Francisco, California
Lessons From the Newest Unicorn Startup: Be Frugal, and Drink Costco Coffee

Teleo (YC W20)
$12M Series A • Palo Alto, California
Announcing Teleo’s Series A
Delphia (YC W18)
$60M Series A • Toronto, Canada
Multicoin Capital leads $60M investment in Delphia to give retail investors edge against hedge funds

Proper (YC W22)
$4.3M Seed • San Francisco, California
Proper raises $4.3M seed round to help other fintechs wrangle data
Middesk (YC W19)
$57M Series B • San Francisco, California
Announcing Middesk's $57M Series B

Carbonfact (YC S21)
$2M Seed • Paris, France
Carbonfact Raises $2M in Seed Funding
Brown Foods (YC W22)
$2.36M Seed • Boston, Massachusetts
Brown Foods ushers in new age of dairy, raises a ‘latte’ money for cowless cow’s milk

Luminai (YC S20)
$16M Series A • Palo Alto, California
Luminai (formerly DigitalBrain) gets $16M investment for customer support RPA-like tool

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