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June 14, 2022

Maybe you’ve heard of NAS devices, the small boxes that connect hard drives with your router. People often think that NAS devices are just glorified hard drives—that’s only somewhat true. Yeah, they’re great for wirelessly backing up or retrieving data, but they also unlock a ton of amazing functionality for movie snobs, computer geeks, gamers, and small businesses.

There are so many amazing reasons to own a NAS device, and unfortunately, we can’t fit everything in an email. Check our top story for more!

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The Best Reasons to Own a NAS Device

A dedicated NAS device is sort of like a cloud server for your home—it lets you back up and access data through the internet. But NAS devices are more than just glorified hard drives. With minimal effort, they unlock a world of functionality for computer nerds, movie snobs, music fans, or even small businesses. Read More »

Nuheara IQbuds 2 MAX Review: Music to My Broken Ears

I once called Nuheara’s IQbuds Boost earbuds potentially life-changing, but I did have some complaints. Now the IQbuds 2 MAX buds are here to solve those problems. These are some of the best wearables on the market, and they do address most of my issues. But perfection is still just out of reach. Read More »

HyperX Debuts Its First True Wireless Earbud, the Cloud MIX Buds

The gaming peripherals company HyperX has been on a roll lately with high-end headsets. Now, it just debuted its first set of insanely low-latency true wireless earbuds perfect for gamers on any platform. Read More »

Amazon Prime’s Air Drone Delivery Takes Flight Later This Year

After years of work and several delays, on Monday, Amazon said it’s ready to let a fleet of Amazon Prime Air delivery drones take flight. Once it receives the final approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), deliveries will begin in California. Read More »

Mozilla’s Thunderbird Email Client Is Coming to Android

Like many people, I used Thunderbird to manage my email accounts throughout the 2000s and early 2010s. But Mozilla practically gave up on the client sometime between 2012 and 2015, forcing me to find something new. Now, as part of Thunderbird’s revival, Mozilla is finally bringing the email client to Android devices. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE This Joy-Con Charging Station Connects Directly to Your Switch Dock
This Joy-Con Charging Station Connects Directly to Your Switch Dock

If you have a Nintendo Switch, chances already picked up spare Joy-Cons so everyone can play. But charging all those Joy-Cons is a pain. Sure, you could buy any old charging dock, but that’s extra room and another plug for your crowded outlets.

That’s why we like this ipega four-port charging. It connects to your Switch dock’s USB port and wraps around the front. Slap in your Joy-Cons and a handy LED indicator lets you know the controller is charging. No need for additional plugs, and it takes minimal space. Best of all, it’s not that expensive. Just what the Doctor Mario ordered.

More Details »

This Leaked Chrome OS Feature Is Perfect for Big Screens

Google’s Chrome OS has improved by leaps and bounds since it first debuted in 2011, but the company hasn’t slowed down when it comes to adding new features. If the latest leaks are accurate, Chrome OS could soon get an improved “split view” mode for bigger screens or multi-display users. Read More »

Fiat Testing Roads That Wirelessly Charge EVs While You Drive

A common concern when it comes to electric vehicles is charging. That includes the electric grid handling the growing demand or having enough charging stations where we drive. Thankfully, in the future, we could have roads with wireless charging built-in, and our cars can charge as we drive. Read More »

TP-Link’s Energy-Monitoring Smart Plug Comes to HomeKit

TP-Link just unveiled a HomeKit-compatible version of its energy-monitoring smart plug. And man, it’s a serious bargain. While similar HomeKit plugs cost about $40 each, a four-pack of the Kasa Smart Plug Mini costs just $49 (that’s about $12.50 per plug). Read More »


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iOS 16 arrives as a free update in fall 2022 alongside the next iteration of the iPhone, with a ton of new features. With so much news it can be easy to overlook some of the subtle yet meaningful changes the new update will bring, so here are some highlights. Read More »

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