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June 21, 2022

TODAY'S TOP STORY 5 Biggest Problems with EVs

The electric vehicle market has been on a roll lately and showing no signs of slowing down. We have stunning cars and rugged electric trucks. And while most EVs are stylish, fast, powerful, and offer the latest luxury features, it’s not all good news. Read More »

The Best Desktop Conference Speakerphones of 2022

Your smartphone can serve as a speakerphone, and you might even have a Bluetooth speaker with a call function. But neither of those will cut it for actual conference calling—grab one of these dedicated Bluetooth conference speakerphones instead. Read More »

Lenovo’s Latest ThinkStation Shoves Big Specs in a Small Package

Desktop computers, and especially Lenovo ThinkStations, are often made to deliver a ton of power for professionals or creatives. But a powerful computer usually means a huge, unwieldy chassis. That’s why Lenovo is unveiling the ThinkStation P360 Ultra, a surprisingly powerful workstation in a tiny tower. Read More »

Microsoft’s New Cybersecurity Tool Arrives on All Platforms

Microsoft Defender, a years-old cybersecurity tool for businesses, is now available to the general public. It offers advanced phishing and malware protection on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. And more importantly, it lets an adult view their family members’ security status through a simple dashboard. Read More »

The ZiGGY Robot Will Find and Charge Your EV

ZiGGY is a neat new autonomous robot that will find you a parking spot, wait for you, and recharge your electric vehicle battery while you’re shopping, at work, or running errands. No, seriously. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE Add This Kid-Friendly Drink Dispenser to Any Juice or Milk Jug
Add This Kid-Friendly Drink Dispenser to Any Juice or Milk Jug

Trying to keep up with the kids or prevent them from messing up the house is a full-time job. Any gadget to make life easier is a big plus, including this ingenious little automatic milk dispenser. It’s like a beer tap for milk, juice, and other liquids. Put the Magic Tap on any gallon of milk, and your kids can quickly add milk to a bowl of cereal without opening the bottle or even getting it out of the fridge. Amazing, right? It’s perfect for adults, too. Add it to that ready-to-drink Margarita mix and call it a night.

Get it at Amazon →

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Your Phone Can Double as a PC

Phones have become increasingly more powerful over the years. Nowadays, even a low-end smartphone has more power than a standard PC or laptop from a decade ago. So why can’t you use your phone in place of a computer? Read More »


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Amazon’s Prime Day 2022 sales extravaganza is almost here, and we’re giving you front-row seats to the show. All week long, we’ll be sharing the hottest discounts available, and you can have them sent directly to your inbox. Read More »

What's New in Chrome 103, Available Today

Google’s speedy release cycle for the Chrome browser continues with version 103. This release—scheduled for June 21, 2022—includes faster page load times, fonts for web apps, and more tools to block annoying notification prompts. Read More »

INNOCN Ultrawide 40-Inch 40C1R Monitor Review: A Huge Deal With Some Compromises

As with any new computing accessory, getting a different monitor can be quite an adjustment. Most monitors are designed for up-close-and-personal work, while others, like the oversized INNOCN Ultrawide 40-Inch 40C1R Monitor, offer a whole new perspective on what it means to be a computer user. Read More »

Here's Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of June 20, 2022

Netflix is a on roll during the month of June. Hot off the release of Stranger Things’ most recent season, a new favorite is returning. Read More »


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The Hacker News Daily Updates Newsletter cover Mobile-First Fraud Prevention With Fine-Grained Behavioral Data “One size fits all” has never worked at scale Download Now Sponsored LATEST NEWS Jun 28,