Check Out These DIY Electric Vehicle Builds

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June 17, 2022

Electric vehicles are all the rage… at least in theory. But actually buying one is next to impossible right now. Tesla, Rivian, and all the rest have outstanding orders that mean new buyers today will have to wait a year or more.

So what if… and hear me out here… you just built your own electric vehicle? Not from the ground up, mind you; that would be crazy. But you could take an existing car and swap the gas engine for an electric motor. Well, maybe not you or me, but someone can. A bunch of people are already trying that idea, and we have all the details in the top story.

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TODAY'S TOP STORY Check Out These DIY Electric Vehicle Builds

As we all know by now, electric vehicles are expensive. And if you want to get a classic car converted into an EV, it’ll cost you even more. As a result, we’re seeing more people convert old gas-powered vehicles to EVs themselves. Read More »

UGREEN Nexode 65W USB-C Charger Review: Compact Charging for up to Three Devices

With USB-C-powered devices becoming ubiquitous, if not yet universal, having a good compatible charger is a must. If that charger can handle multiple devices at once and remain compact like the UGREEN Nexode 65W USB C Charger, all the better. Read More »

Best Video Downloader Software

Reasons for downloading online videos are endless. You could want to watch them offline, or you might want to incorporate portions of a video into a project of your own or share them with friends and family. Whatever your reasons, an online video downloader program can help you achieve that goal. Read More »

Samsung Wallet Brings Your Money, Keys, IDs, and More Into One App

When Samsung revealed the Galaxy S22 lineup last February, it sneakily announced a plan to combine Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass into one app. It’s an obvious and overdue move, but starting today, Galaxy owners in the US, UK, and parts of Europe can use the new Samsung Wallet. Read More »

The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Aren’t Affordable Anymore

Tesla just raised the prices on both its Model Y and Model 3 Long Range by about $3,000, something we’ve seen time and time again over the last few years. And while it was hard to call Tesla vehicles “affordable” before, they’re certainly not affordable anymore after all these price hikes. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE This Cooling Bamboo Blanket Will Keep You Comfy on Summer Nights
This Cooling Bamboo Blanket Will Keep You Comfy on Summer Nights

Nothing is worse than being overheated and uncomfortable when trying to get a good night’s rest. And with the warm summer months here, you’ll want a cool, breathable, and comfy blanket. If you haven’t tried a “bamboo cooling blanket” yet, now is a perfect time. Bamboo blankets aren’t too thin, but they’re not too thick either. Bamboo blankets are also highly breathable yet silky soft. This blanket comes in a dozen different colors, and being 71×79-inches means it’ll keep you covered and cool instead of tossing and turning all night.

Get it at Amazon →

Cadillac’s Ultra-Luxury Celestiq EV is Hand-Crafted & Expensive

GM recently started production on the affordable Cadillac Lyriq, the sub-brand’s first all-electric vehicle, and now it’s ready to talk about what’s next. That, of course, is the all-new and ultra-luxurious Cadillac Celestiq EV. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Adobe Lightroom vs Photoshop: Which Should You Use?

Beginner photographers often ask whether they should use Lightroom or Photoshop. And the answer is a lot simpler than you’d expect. Functionally, Lightroom and Photoshop have a lot of overlap, but they’re very different tools that excel in different situations. Read More »

NYT’s New WordleBot Is Perfect for ‘Wordle’ Stat Nerds

Honing your Wordle skills takes time, effort, and a surprising amount of research. But an interesting tool called WordleBot can help streamline things a bit. Developed by The New York Times, WordleBot expands upon your Wordle stats and analyzes your daily performance, helping you see how certain choices affect your game. Read More »

All Verizon Home Internet Plans Drop to $25, but There’s a Catch

The price of everything is rising these days, but not your Verizon Home Internet bill. Today, Verizon announced that all of its home internet plans, 5G, Fios, and 4G LTE home, are getting discounted to start at just $25 per month nationwide. But, there’s a small catch. Read More »

Amazon Lets You Set Up Deal Alerts for Prime Day 2022

Scrambling to find good Prime Day deals is a nightmare. But for Prime Day 2022, which runs from July 12th to July 13th, Amazon will let you set up deal alerts to track the products you care about. It’ll even send you a push notification when those products go on sale. Read More »


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In the U.S., there are two smartphone brands that most people seem to go with—Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy. Both run on the same Android operating system, but that’s where most of the similarities end. Read More »

The 30-Minute HIIT Workout You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime

Sometimes all you really have is 30 minutes, and instead of deciding you don’t really have time for your workout, get your athleisure on and sweat it out with this easy and efficient set of exercises. Read More »

How Often Do Electric Cars Catch Fire?

Given the intense stories about electric vehicle fires, and past disasters with overheating lithium-ion cell phone batteries, it’s reasonable to be concerned about an electric vehicle (EV) battery catching fire. But how often does that actually happen, and why? Read More »


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