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July 21, 2022

Every few months, Review Geek finds a new way to complain about smart TVs. And while I’m biased, I think that these complaints are justified. Smart TVs violate your privacy with aggressive tracking software, they shove advertisements down your throat, and their smart features crap out after just a few months.

But can you still buy a “dumb” TV that doesn’t connect to the internet or run awful software? Check our top story to learn more—you’ll be pleasantly surprised; I promise that much.

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TODAY'S TOP STORY Can You Still Buy a “Dumb” TV?

Buying a new TV is a trap. You’re forced to pick between thousands of different smart TVs, and they all have the same problems—they spy on you, shove ads down your throat, and run slower than a snail in a pile of boogers. But there’s one way to escape this trap; buy a “dumb” TV. Read More »

New Eve Motion Sensor Detects Light and Supports Thread

The best-known HomeKit brand just debuted a fancy new motion sensor. For just $40, the second-gen Eve Motion adds an integrated light sensor, Thread support, and a more compact design. And better yet, it’s cheaper than the previous model. Read More »

Google Begins Publicly Testing Its Next-Gen AR Glasses

Earlier this year at Google’s annual developer conference, the company gave viewers a short teaser of its upcoming augmented reality glasses. The company hopes its AR tech can open up the world to new experiences, and now, it’ll start publicly field-testing its next-gen wearables later this summer. Read More »

Nanoleaf Starter Kits and Expansions Are up to 58% Off Through July 24th

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Nanoleaf is running a massive sale on its starter packs and expansion kits. You can even get some items for more than half off! So, now’s the time to stock up on Nanoleaf’s amazing smart lighting products, including the popular Hexagons and gamer-focused Lines. Read More »

Samsung Could Cancel a Fan-Favorite Smartphone

If you want the Galaxy S22 experience, you’ll have to pay full price. Rumors indicate that the upcoming Galaxy S22 FE, a mid-range phone with flagship specs, is canceled. Samsung has reportedly reallocated its supply of Galaxy S22 FE chips for the popular Galaxy S22 Ultra. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE This Tubeless Tire Sealant Kit Will Keep Your Bike on the Trail
This Tubeless Tire Sealant Kit Will Keep Your Bike on the Trail

There’s nothing worse than getting a flat tire while you’re out enjoying a nice bike ride. Thankfully, easy repair kits can seal a puncture, rip, or tear in minutes. If you ride on tubeless tires with your downhill, enduro, MTB, or even an e-bike, you’ll want one of these in your repair kit.

The Muc Off no puncture tubeless tire sealant is easy to use, has a UV dye to help you spot the hole and fix it later, and will completely seal a hole up to 6mm in size. That way, you can quickly seal a hole, air up, and get back on the road or trail. Similar to products like Stans, it works for beads and rim gaps. You’ll get a valve core removal tool and a flat sealant bottle that’ll fit in your backpack, all for a low price.

Add USB-C Charging to Your AirPods with This 3D-Printed Kit

Robotics engineering student Ken Pillonel made headlines last year when he modified an iPhone to charge over USB-C. Now, he’s back to his usual shenanigans by not only repairing a broken AirPods charging case and switching it to USB-C, but he also shared how others can do the same. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Which Smart TV Should You Buy: Vizio, Samsung, or LG WebOS

Buying a TV used to be simple. You would decide on a budget, look at how much space you had, and pick a TV based on screen size, definition, and reputation of the manufacturer. Then smart TVs arrived and made everything complicated. Read More »

Qualcomm Will Reveal Its Next-Gen Snapdragon Chipset on November 15th

We’re getting an early look at the future this year. Qualcomm usually shows off its next-gen smartphone SoC in December, but it now confirms that the 2022 Snapdragon Summit launch event begins on November 15th. Read More »

Netflix’s Cheaper Ad Tier Just Got a Little Worse

Earlier this year, Netflix confirmed that a cheaper ad-supported plan is coming in 2023. And while at first it didn’t sound too bad and could be great for those on a budget, we’re slowly getting more details, and it’s not looking good. Read More »

VIZIO M-Series Soundbar and Subwoofer Review: The Best Option Under $200

While I’ll always be a fan of budget audio devices, I’m usually frustrated by cheap soundbars. They tend to skimp on essential features like HDMI passthrough, often with the assumption that buyers on a budget don’t know any better. But VIZIO’s M215a-J6 soundbar and subwoofer combo is a wonderful exception. Read More »


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