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What a Google Search Can't Tell You About These JS Testing Frameworks

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ISSUE 138  September 23rd 2022




Welcome to the 138th issue!

Over the past years, we've seen a lot of new open-source tools for testing web apps.

Ever wondered how they really compare? Here's the answer:

What a Google Search Can't Tell You About These JS Testing Frameworks.

Thanks Daniel Caldas for this fair, detailed, data-based overview of the six most popular tools.

Happy weekend and happy testing! 🙂

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A perfect process for a11y accessibility testing

Accessibility testing is becoming an important part of test strategy in many companies. Małgorzata Czuluk and Anna Borgosz give a comprehensive overview of why it's important and how we can support the testing process.  Permalink


Do's and Don'ts of Exploratory Testing

New to exploratory testing? In this Reddit thread, a lot of people share tips on what to do and not to do.

Furthermore, Mārtiņš Belte wrote a good article about Approaching the quality process with experience-based and exploratory testing.  Permalink


Machine Learning Testing Possibilities

Venkat Ramakrishnan shares some interesting insights into working with machine learning and the ways we can test it.  Permalink


Team Owns Quality

Whole-team approach to quality is one of the main agile testing principles. Ryan Craven shares his experience of joining a team with that mindset and what impact it had.

On top of that, you might be interested in implementing some Metrics for Testing — Guide to Quality Assurance as Aroni Das explains.  Permalink


The Easiest Way To Get Into a QA Leadership Role

Mihaela Sfat shares her story of becoming a QA Lead and what she learned from that journey.

And if you're looking for new opportunities, Melissa Fisher put together a few great tips on CV writing for software testers.

Moreover, Nicola Lindgren summarised four helpful Software Testing Job Sites.  Permalink




How to make a start with Test Automation

Looking to begin your journey with test automation? This advice from Ben Dowen might come in handy.

Also, Maciej Rojek has got you covered if you don't know where to test your automation skills.  Permalink


Integration testing your streaming data application

Here's a practical guide to two open-source tools — Testcontainers and Zerocode — that can help you with testing the integration of data streaming systems. Examples by Redpanda Data.  Permalink


Small but Powerful Tweaks to Help Maintain Your Tests

Test automation isn't easy. But sometimes you may find some quick wins that can significantly improve your tests. Dennis Martinez explains how.  Permalink


Test Automation Levels of Maturity

Do you know how advanced and mature your test automation practices are? Johanna South created a handy, four-level assessment for your convenience.  Permalink


Writing Tests That Depend On Other Tests

Wait, but isn't it an antipattern? Well, it is. But every rule has its exceptions. And if you find yourself in such a situation, follow Gleb Bahmutov's advice on doing it right using Cypress as an example.

Speaking of test coupling, Sajitha Pathirana answers the question: Do you think it is good to have tests under the development project?.  Permalink


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AutomationSTAR Conference, 17–18 Oct 2022, Munich, Germany — a EuroSTAR event

Two days focused on automation in testing. Join software testers and automation engineers from 17 countries. Get world-class learnings on cypress, GitHub Actions, test automation frameworks, automation strategy, codeless testing & lots more. Check out the programme & save €355 by booking before 30th Sept. Teams save even more! Book Now.  Permalink




Executing Cypress Test Cases in WebKit (Safari)

The day has come! After years of waiting, Cypress 10.8 finally brings support for Safari! It's still an experimental feature but you can enable it easily. This guide by Kailash Pathak shows how.  Permalink


On-Call for QA Engineers

If you're interested in monitoring and getting notified when your tests turn red, Sai Anudeep Adimulapu shows a simple example of setting up and using Test Results Reporter for that.  Permalink


Standard Naming Convention for UI Elements to Use with Selenium Locators

With so many types of elements in web apps, it's sometimes hard to keep track of their names. Shoeib Shargo suggests a structured naming convention for variables and shares a handy cheat sheet for reference.  Permalink




I am learning about systems thinking to help me test

System thinking has proven to be helpful in software engineering. Mike Harris shares what he learned about it so far and recommends a few books to explore.  Permalink




Refactoring Without A Net

If you wonder what the value of unit tests is, watch this 48-minute tutorial by Gil Zilberfeld that shows how they can support code refactoring.  Permalink




What a job opportunity... 😂



Thanks for reading!

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