Google reinvents search 🔎, Amazon Kindle Scribe 📖, Cloudflare's CAPTCHA killer 🤖

Google showed off a bunch of new ways for people to search the internet at its annual Search On event. 

Daily Update 2022-09-29

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Big Tech & Startups

Google is trying to reinvent search — by being more than a search engine (8 minute read)

Google showed off a bunch of new ways for people to search the internet at its annual Search On event. The company has been trying to find more natural and visual ways for people to search and get results. Google is completely reinventing its search to take advantage of advances in AI and computer vision. Its search inputs and outputs are becoming more multisensory over time. Details about the new search methods are available in the article.
The 11 biggest announcements at Amazon’s hardware launch event (3 minute read)

Amazon revealed a ton of new tech at its fall hardware launch event. The newest Kindle can be used for reading and writing. Two new Echo Dot speakers were announced, one with a clock and one without. Amazon also announced a new Echo Auto, a sleep monitoring device, a new Fire TV cube, two new Fire TV Omni QLED TVs, a mount for the Blink Mini cam, an upgraded Astro robot, and more.

Science & Futuristic Technology

AI for the Next Era (29 minute read)

The potential for AI tools to significantly help humans on an everyday basis is more tangible than ever. AI could be the foundational platform from which numerous advancements across all industries will be made. This article features a transcript from an interview with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. The interview discusses the current state of AI and what to expect at Greylock's Intelligent Future event, a summit that features experts and entrepreneurs from some of today's leading artificial intelligence organizations.
Posits, a New Kind of Number, Improves the Math of AI (4 minute read)

Posits are a different way of representing numbers. A team of researchers at the Complutense University of Madrid have developed a processor core that implements the posits standard. The processor core shows a four order of magnitude increase in accuracy for basic computational tasks compared to computing using standard floating-point numbers. Posits' strengths make them perfect for deep neural network computations. Computing using posits could speed up training, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Programming, Design & Data Science

Refurb (GitHub Repo)

Refurb is a tool for refurbishing and modernizing Python codebases. It was designed to make code more elegant, readable, and modern. Refurb supports plugins and customizations.
Resiliency in Distributed Systems (23 minute read)

This article contains excerpts from the book 'Understanding Distributed Systems' by Roberto Vitillo, a former Senior Staff engineer at Mozilla and Principal Engineer at Microsoft. The book discusses communication, coordination, scalability, resiliency, and maintainability. It covers the theory needed to understand distributed systems as well as practical topics. The excerpts in this post discuss resiliency.
Kubernetes cheatsheet by Datadog (Sponsor)

Monitoring Kubernetes is a tall order! Use this cheatsheet to keep things simple. Quickly reference all the metrics and commands you need to monitor your K8s environment — resources, disk I/O, network performance, and more. Get the cheatsheet for free


What Figma plans to do inside Adobe (6 minute read)

Figma was a hit with designers almost immediately after launch. It made design processes much more efficient than it had been before. Adobe recently offered to acquire Figma for 40 times the company's annual revenue run rate. Investors have been skeptical about the deal as it may be blocked for being anticompetitive. This article features an interview with Dylan Field, one of Figma's co-founders, where he discusses how the company plans to navigate antitrust issues and keep control of its product roadmap and what AI tools might mean for the future of design.
Cloudflare’s CAPTCHA replacement lacks crosswalks, checkboxes, Google (3 minute read)

Turnstile is a new CAPTCHA alternative from Cloudflare. It uses Cloudflare's Managed Challenge system, which takes cues from user behavior, browser data, and Private Access Tokens to distinguish between humans and bots. The system improves itself through machine learning. Cloudflare's Managed Challenges system is able to reduce 91% of CAPTCHAs served to its customers' visitors. Turnstile is available for free to anyone, Cloudflare customer or not.

Quick Links

RBAC ⇒ ABAC: Seamlessly scale your permissions with low code, via (Sponsor)

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California companies must include salary ranges in job postings under new law (2 minute read)

California's new law, which requires employers to include pay scales in their job postings and maintain job title and wage histories for each employee, will take effect on January 1.
OpenAI removes the waitlist for DALL-E 2, allowing anyone to sign up (3 minute read)

DALL-E 2 is still in beta and pricing will remain the same.
Why Aren't There More Programming Languages Startups? (10 minute read)

While investment and buying for developer tools is on the rise, deep tech tools aren't seeing their share of the growth.
High-performance image generation using Stable Diffusion in KerasCV (8 minute read)

This guide covers how to generate images based on text prompts using KerasCV's implementation of Stability AI's Stable Diffusion text-to-image model.
Instagram test feature lets you post text statuses for your followers (2 minute read)

Followers will be able to view notes for 24 hours and reply with messages.
DocuSign to cut workforce by 9% as part of restructuring plan (1 minute read)

DocuSign's plan is designed to support the company's growth and improve its operating margin.

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