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October 4, 2022

Let’s talk about QR Codes. You know, the funny little squiggly boxes that you’ll see on commercials, restaurant windows, and plant signs. Scan them with your phone and you’ll get everything from website links to fun music playlists.

But have you ever wondered how that works? That’s an excellent question, and we’ll get into it in the top story.

Other highlights:

  • Tesla demonstrated its first “Humanoid Robot” …  it was kind of sad.
  • Sarah tried out the  Botzees Robotics Kit for kids. And there were good things. And bad things.
  • Hold up now; YouTube wants to charge extra to watch 4K videos?
  • … and more!



The humble QR code often feels like a trend or an annoyance. But this technology, which is over 25 years old, is much more useful and brilliant than it seems. And once you learn how they work, you may find yourself generating QR codes and sticking them around your home! Read More »

How to Make Your Home Feel Like A Million-Dollar Smart Home

I recently toured several million-dollar homes that boasted integrated smart home tech. To my surprise, I didn’t see a single custom-built system like Control4. Most of the tech were gadgets you can buy and easily install yourself! (With a just few exceptions.) Read More »

Everything You Need to Take Better Photos on Your Phone

Phone cameras are incredible. They’ve got cutting-edge hardware and software and are highly convenient since they’re always on you. But like traditional cameras, they work best with tripods, lights, and editing software. Here’s everything you need to push your phone photography to the next level. Read More »

31 Spooktacular Horror Movies to Watch This October

Watching horror movies is a fun Autumn activity, and an absolute must for Halloween enthusiasts. We rounded up 31 of the most exciting and outrageous horror movies (with plenty of classics and a few newer picks) to give you something thrilling to watch every day in October. Read More »

Botzees Robotics Kit Review: A Great Coding Tool For Young Kids

For only $100, you can make your child the happiest person alive and write it off as being educational. Botzees Robotics Kit lets your kid build robots that can move around, and then create unique coding commands that the robot responds to. How cool is that? Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE Organize and Charge All Your Portable Devices With This Dock
Organize and Charge All Your Portable Devices With This Dock

Keeping all your computing devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones powered and organized can be a chore sometimes. This charging dock from Great Useful stuff has slots for all those devices and their charging cables. Not only is it a great way to ensure all your stuff stays charged up, but also so you always know where they are when it’s time to dash out the door. This bamboo stand looks great with any decor and is convenient to put near the door, so you won’t forget to take your stuff with you when you leave.

Today’s Quordle Answers

Wordle was just too easy, wasn’t it? You probably left that behind and moved on to Quordle, the true “hard mode” of the word-guessing game format. But now you’re stuck and so close to failing. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with a hint—and if you really need it, today’s Quordle Answers. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Anker Teases Its Biggest And Most Capable Power Station Yet

Portable power stations are one of the best gadgets for outdoor enthusiasts or in emergencies like a power outage. And while we loved the big Anker 757 Powerhouse I reviewed earlier this year, Anker just started teasing something even better. Read More »

Today’s Wordle Answer

Are you a huge fan of Wordle and absolutely stuck today? Let me guess; you’re hanging out on guess four or five and feeling the pressure. We get it entirely: nothing feels worse than losing your streak. If you’re not ready to outright cheat, we have you covered with hints and today’s Wordle answer. Read More »

Wisk Debuts Its Latest Self-Flying Air Taxi That Seats 4

Wisk, the air taxi startup that once partnered with Boeing back in 2019, recently revealed its all-new electric autonomous aircraft. The Wisk Aero is its sixth-generation craft design, seats four, and hopes to reshape inner-city travel and skip traffic in the years ahead. Read More »

Leaked Pixel 7 Pro Ad Reveals a New Camera Mode

We’re only a few days away from Google’s Pixel 7 launch event. Still, last-minute leaks taste the sweetest. And thanks to SnoopyTech, we now have leaked advertisements for the Pixel 7, the premium Pixel 7 Pro, and the Pixel Watch. Read More »


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The First All-Electric Maserati GT Packs 760 HP and More

Maserati recently confirmed its plan to go all-electric in the years ahead, and today, the Italian luxury vehicle maker unveiled more details about its electric GranTurismo Folgore coupe. Read More »




Who Appeared On The Largest Denomination Of U.S. Currency?
Woodrow Wilson »
Herbert Hoover »
John F. Kennedy »
William Howard Taft »
YouTube Could Hide 4K Videos Behind a Paywall

Last year Google added an extra fee for YouTube TV subscribers trying to stream TV in 4K, and now it looks like the company could be ready to do the same for regular videos on YouTube itself. Read More »

Tesla’s First Robot Demo Was Very Disappointing

Friday was AI Day 2022 at Tesla, and the company revealed an actual Optimus humanoid robot prototype. Last year the company simply brought on a man in a robot suit to do a dance. Read More »

Everything You Need to Use a PC With Your TV

There’s a pretty good chance your TV has a larger screen than the one on your laptop or desktop computer. Have you ever thought about hooking up your PC to the TV? It’s easier than you might think. Read More »

Mcdonald's Is Selling Adult Happy Meals This October

Starting October 3 and running throughout the month, adults will have the chance to relive their childhood with the nostalgic feeling of enjoying a Happy Meal—complete with a classic McDonald’s mascot toy. Read More »

The Best Tech Travel Gadgets of 2022

Before heading out on that month-long vacation or quick business trip, don’t forget to gear up. From noise-canceling headphones and Bluetooth trackers to plug adapters and travel routers, these devices are the best tech travel companions. Read More »

How to Make a Minecraft Texture Pack With Stable Diffusion

Minecraft is a fantastic game, and it has one of the largest modding communities in gaming history. What if you want to add some personal flair to your game, but you’re not a graphic artist? Here’s how to use Stable Diffusion to make textures for Minecraft. Read More »

Here's Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of Oct. 3, 2022

Comedy fan? Love a horror thriller? Netflix is bringing it all to you this week, and honestly, it all looks so good! Read More »


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