Flavio - [FREE EBOOK] The Express.js Handbook!

Hi Reader

I'm back with a new free ebook: the Express Handbook

I can't believe it's been 4 years since I wrote the Express Handbook back in 2018.

Earlier this year when I launched The Valley of Code, the new website that hosts all my free ebooks, I didn't feel comfortable adding that book without a solid review and update.

I finally had some time to review and update it for a new 2022 edition.

It's one of those frameworks that despite the hype surrounding other tools, is just so popular that it never fades away. It's still my go-to tool when I need a quick web service to do something like responding to a webhook or a simple API. 

As with all my books, you can download it for free in PDF for printing, or as epub to load it on any ebook reader you use.

I also have mobi but apparently Amazon deprecated it in favor of epub, so I might drop that as well in the future.

This summer has been quite productive along with my new PHP, Svelte, Swift, Go free books .. I have more ideas for new ones on SQL, Laravel, Astro, the DOM, Tailwind and more. I can't say which one is going to be the next, as I decide quite randomly what to work on. 

As a newsletter subscriber you can download them all here!

Just a reminder that next month I'll launch the 2022 edition of the JavaScript Masterclassthe perfect way to learn modern JavaScript and the Web Platform. Join the waiting list on the website if you're interested!


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