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ISSUE #328

13th of November 2022

Greetings Kotliners! This week was the 12-year anniversary of the initial commit in the Kotlin repository. This has changed the life of many of us and how we spend most of our daily routines. Hoping for another 12 years of Kotlin goodness. Check out our selection of articles for the upcoming weeks.


Kotlin 1.7.21 is out there
Kotlin 1.7.21 has arrived with bug fixes and some other goodies. Check out the latest version and update now.


Properties should represent state, not behavior
What should be defined as a behavior, and what should rather be a function? In this new excerpt from Effective Kotlin, learn how properties can be used to represent exclusively an state.

Our journey to Kotlin Multiplatform
Francisco Aguilar explains his journey to adopt KMP at his company, including some of the initial steps they took.

How to Boost Code Coverage with Functional Testing
DoorDash has implemented Functional Testing at their Kotlin codebase to boost code coverage. Learn some of the learnings they had and how they moved forward in their latest article.

Using Apollo Kotlin Data Builders for Testing
Data Builders provide an easy way for creating GraphQL response classes. In this post, Aleksander Jaworski shows how they can be used to improve your tests.

How to test intermediate steps in suspending functions
Have you ever had the need to test some of the intermediate steps your suspending functions are executing? Arkadiusz Chmura explains how we can achieve it in his latest article.


Retrofit With Kotlin Coroutines: What You Need To Know
Piotr Wolak keeps writing about Retrofit. In this new article of the series, he showcases how we can start using Retrofit with Coroutines.


Sharing Data Layer Between Android and iOS | Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Beta
Mohit Sharma shows how to build an end-to-end Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile app with local persistence via Realm and cloud-syncing via MongoDB Atlas.

Gilded Rose Refactoring Kata
Dmitry Kandalov practices in this video the Gilded Rose refactoring Kata, where you will learn some techniques to extract, move, lift and refactor your code in Kotlin.

Kotlin For Beginners - Multiple Coroutines Sharing one State!
Charfaoui Younes uses multiple coroutines to update a single state, with some solutions and other best practices related to concurrency.


Inikio is a library and plug-ins to achieve better initial-style DSLs in Kotlin.

Announcing Multiplatform Paging
Multiplatform Paging is a library that packages AndroidX Paging for Kotlin/Multiplatform. Check out the latest KMP release from Cash/Square.

Kace means kotlin-android-compatible-extensions, a framework for assisting in the seamless migration from kotlin-android-extensions.


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