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Today's big stories

  1. Musk polled Twitter, and users voted for the chief twit's resignation
  2. Here are eight investment ideas from our own analysts – Read Now
  3. BlackRock looks set to bring in more funds than rival Vanguard for the first time in 15 years

Musk’s Last Christmas… Maybe

Musk’s Last Christmas… Maybe

What’s Going On Here?

Elon Musk polled Twitter users, and they said on Monday that he should give up the "chief twit" gig.

What Does This Mean?

Hallmark Christmas movies can only entertain you for so long, but you can count on Musk to bring the drama when you need a break from the corporate-man-learns-the-meaning-of-love storylines. The world’s second richest man just put his Twitter future in the hands of a poll: Musk asked the platform’s users – and bots, presumably – whether he should step down as chief executive, and they answered “yes”. Now, he had promised to stand by the results, it’s true, but he also tweeted that he doubts anyone’s good enough and keen enough to replace him. So if this is Musk’s dramatic exit, it’s likely to be a lot more drawn out than your average conclusion – and only time will tell if there’s another twist to come.

Why Should I Care?

Zooming out: One man’s trash is the same man’s treasure.
Musk’s wrecking-ball approach has slashed Twitter’s costs. Problem is, the firm’s all-important advertising revenue looks to be shrinking too. So with Twitter’s future in the balance, the self-proclaimed “chief twit” may even have to sell the company – and possibly for a lot less than he bought it for. That would leave Musk nursing a bruised pride and an ego-shattering loss, sure, but those tax losses could offset any taxable gains from Tesla stock sales. Given the billions involved, that definitely beats a Band-Aid and an aspirin.

For markets: Driving home for Christmas.
Tesla’s share price has been sinking fast while its head honcho’s brain and bucks have been focused elsewhere. And to make matters worse, slowing demand and an incoming surge of competitors have pushed investors to dramatically downgrade their Tesla outlooks. Shareholders, then, will be on cloud nine at the prospect of Musk dropping his social media mistress, and heading home to play happy families once again.

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Analyst Take

Where Finimize Analysts Are Investing Right Now

Where Finimize Analysts Are Investing Right Now
Photo of Carl Hazeley

Carl Hazeley, Analyst

With the year coming to a close, it seems like an ideal time to refresh your portfolio for 2023.

So I asked the Finimize analysts what trends they see emerging now, and what investment ideas they have for the new year.

I’ve collected their answers, and come up with a few ways to help you put their ideas to work.

So that’s today’s Insight: eight different investment ideas for 2023.

Read or listen to the Insight here

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Wharton professor says these are “buy” conditions

This wallet-squeezing environment might make you want to hide your cash under your bed.

But famous Wharton School of Business professor Jeremy Siegel thinks the opposite.

This, he claims, is the right time for long-term investors to buy into those wishlist investments at a cheaper price.

That’s The Motley Fool’s view too: that investing with a long-term outlook can give you a higher chance of turning a profit, and that this could be the time to pick up stocks that could truly deliver.

Motley’s even revealed the exact stocks it thinks could really pay off in the future: check them out here

Find Out More

BlackRock, Paper, Scissors

BlackRock, Paper, Scissors

What’s Going On Here?

Game over, Vanguard: BlackRock looks set to pull in more funds than its biggest rival for the first time since 2007, according to a Morningstar report out late last week.

What Does This Mean?

This year’s recessionary funk has been a far cry from the post-Covid celebrations we were hoping for. In fact, the investing scene’s been so bleak that panic-stricken investors have pulled $138 billion out of asset management firms so far, according to Morningstar. So it’s even more impressive, then, that BlackRock pulled off a showstopper of a year. iShares – the firm’s exchange-traded fund segment – raked in $152 billion in investors’ assets before the end of November (tweet this), enough to dwarf any withdrawals from its active asset management business. And with Morningstar estimating that BlackRock’s biggest rival Vanguard lagged behind over the same period, you can guess who’ll be popping the expensive bottles this festive season.

Why Should I Care?

For markets: Nothing’s greener in Texas.
Still, BlackRock’s bonzer year wasn’t all smooth sailing. See, when investors pile into index funds, asset management firms like BlackRock end up as major shareholders in a bunch of businesses. (Case in point: Investors Business Daily believes Vanguard is the biggest shareholder in 330 S&P 500 companies.) And that can send them up the creek: Texas lawmakers dragged BlackRock over hot coals just last week, after the firm voted to replace three of ExxonMobil’s board members with eco-friendly candidates. So despite the good intentions, BlackRock and its rivals will need to learn how to avoid making political enemies – stat.

For you personally: People power.
BlackRock has one bright idea, mind you: pass the responsibility buck onto its investors by letting them vote on company issues. BlackRock’s CEO said the move could usher in a new era of “shareholder democracy” in a recent letter, with retail investors finally getting the chance to shape the boardroom decisions for some of the world’s biggest firms.

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