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Today's big stories

  1. Meta’s quarterly update finally gave its investors some good news
  2. These five stocks could rocket higher as China reopens – Read Now
  3. AMD's quarterly results came in much stronger than expected

Saving Face

Saving Face

What’s Going On Here?

Meta reported impressive results late on Wednesday, surprising investors and breaking a streak of bad showings.

What Does This Mean?

Meta’s investors probably got spooked this week, when Snap – another ad-dependent social media giant – forecasted its first ever quarterly dip in revenue. But Meta ultimately bucked the trend, with monthly active users across its platforms growing by 4% and hitting hitting over 3.7 billion last quarter – almost half the world’s population. And the firm not only added more users, it also made more money than expected per active user – thanks in part to its AI investments helping to improve user feeds. In the end, then, overall revenue might’ve fallen for the third straight quarter but it still blew past expectations, and that just got the party started. Meta also announced a $40 billion stock buyback program, and reassured investors with predictions of decent revenue this quarter and by lowering expense forecasts for the whole year, which sent shares popping 19%.

Why Should I Care?

The bigger picture: Coming cuts.
Tech companies like Meta have been busy with their scissors lately, desperately trying to trim costs ever since demand started going slack. At this stage, more than 100,000 jobs have disappeared in the sector. But Bank of America’s strategists have just finished crunching the numbers, and they reckon tech companies are still 20% too big on average. So if you were laid off recently, don’t worry – your smug former colleagues aren’t in the clear yet either.

Zooming out: Of little interest.
The Federal Reserve's (the Fed) interest rate hikes have been one key factor putting a damper on demand recently, but with inflation finally cooling, the central bank’s easing off the gas. That much was clear when Wednesday’s hike came in at a dainty 0.25 percentage points. Still, it won’t be the last of its kind: the Fed warned ongoing increases are still needed to keep inflation under control…

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Analyst Take

Five Spicy Stocks For China’s Reopening

Five Spicy Stocks For China’s Reopening

By Paul Allison, Analyst

If you’re looking for a way to profit from the long-awaited Chinese reopening – something that goes beyond the usual Chinese stock suspects (looking at you, Alibaba and Tencent) – I’ve got five you might consider

They’re all really close to home. And one of them has climbed 13% in just the past few days, after an out-of-the-park earnings update.

That’s today’s Insight: five stocks that could blast higher on China’s reopening.

Read or listen to the Insight here


Top industry execs are investing in… Nobody

And get this: now you can too.

Top executives from Amazon, Facebook, Google, Stripe, and Coca-Cola are piling into one opportunity right now: Nobody Studios.

That could be a savvy move: high-octane Nobody Studios is on an audacious mission to create 100 industry-shaking companies in just five years – and it has the tech and guts to do it.

So by investing in one single opportunity, those high-fliers have bought themselves a piece of 100 new fired-up firms. And because Nobody doesn’t believe in barriers, you can join them.

Nobody’s on a mission to change the business world: find out why top execs are along for the ride.

Check Out Nobody

Silicon Surprise

Silicon Surprise

What’s Going On Here?

AMD reported unexpectedly strong quarterly results this week, sidestepping the slumping PC industry.

What Does This Mean?

Looks like someone threw the chip market into reverse. After struggling to keep up with unbridled orders for over two years, chipmakers have found themselves facing a sudden supply glut. But AMD had an ace up its sleeve, beating competitors like Intel in the high-stakes race to get the advanced chips used in cloud data centers and corporate networks to market. AMD, then, has managed to nab a bigger share of a market where spending is holding up relatively well: the firm’s data center segment reported that sales were up 42% from the year before, enough to balance out a 51% fall in AMD’s PC business (tweet this). That could be why revenue and profit came in ahead of expectations, and why investors sent shares up despite the firm admitting that this quarter's sales could drop 10% from the same time last year.

Why Should I Care?

Zooming in: What’s yours is mine.
AMD’s results were a welcome relief for investors: Intel delivered a tale of woes last week, and the gap between the two firms could point to the way the pie’s being divided in the chip world. After all, stealing market share from its flailing rival is playing out well for AMD, helping it weather the economic storm until things are predicted to pick up. And there’s plenty more to loot: sure, Intel might not hold 90% of the PC and server markets like it did in 2017, but the 70% it currently controls is still sizable by anyone’s standards.

For markets: Watch this space.
Analysts think chip companies’ profits will fall 21% this year, but AMD’s prospects have got them thinking that it might be one of the few firms capable of escaping that destiny and making more money in 2023. That might be why analysts expect AMD’s stock price to outpace Intel and Nvidia with a 19% jump this year.

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💬 Quote of the day

“The cost of living is going up and the chance of living is going down.”

– Flip Wilson (an American comedian and actor)
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