Influence Weekly #275- "TikTokker Wanted - $10,000 a month and a $7,500 travel budget to check out rental properties across the globe"

Influence Weekly #275
March 10th, 2023
Executive Summary
  • "TikTokker Wanted - $10,000 a month and a $7,500 travel budget to check out rental properties across the globe"
  • Nissan brings TikTok’s BeReal lookalike to March Madness
  • Fig.1 enters CVS with a micro-influencer campaign
  • E.l.f. Cosmetics pens new song in big bet on O Face lipstick

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Great Reads

Skillshare CEO Matt Cooper Shares Survey Results On The State Of Creativity
Skillshare, an online learning community, has released its first report on the state of the creator economy called Trendshare. The report is based on a survey of 1,000 creative professionals and hobbyists conducted from December 2022 to January 2023. Skillshare CEO Matt Cooper shared insights from the report, including the impact of the pandemic on creativity, the use of technology in the workplace, and the future of the creator economy.

Cooper explained that the pandemic accelerated certain trends in the creator economy, as people looked for healthy and positive activities to reduce anxiety and stress, and creative pursuits became more popular. He also discussed how the creator economy has impacted traditional businesses, providing access to exceptional talent on an as-needed basis.

Cooper also discussed the role of AI in the creator economy and clarified that AI is not a replacement for creatives, but rather an accelerant and an aid to help them do their jobs more efficiently. He expects that the combination of AI, better software, and better tooling will bring more people into the space and make it easier for the best people to do amazing work and set themselves apart.

Cooper stated that the creator economy is constantly evolving, and he expects to see a lot of creator economy platforms trying to rationalize how to become a business and generate cash in the future. He believes that Skillshare will remain a stable platform for creators moving forward.

LSU star gymnast’s TikTok ad for AI homework tool prompts ‘academic misconduct’ warning
Louisiana State University (LSU) issued a warning to students about the use of AI for classwork, after a post by gymnast Olivia Dunne on TikTok promoting artificial intelligence tools for writing essays. The paid post by Dunne, which has received over one million views, featured Caktus AI, an educational AI tool that constructs complete paragraphs from prompts. The caption claimed that the software provides “real sources for you to cite at the end of your essays and paragraphs”. However, LSU warned that using AI for classwork could result in academic misconduct charges. The school does not specifically ban the use of artificial intelligence in classwork, but plagiarism in academic work is prohibited.

“At LSU, our professors and students are empowered to use technology for learning and pursuing the highest standards of academic integrity,” said the school in a statement. “However, using AI to produce work that a student then represents as one’s own could result in a charge of academic misconduct, as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.” The release of ChatGPT last year led to several public schools and colleges banning the generative AI platform from devices and networks.

“Our goal is to have AI play a helpful role in students’ learning journeys, not a harmful one,” said GPT-3’s co-founder, Sam Altman. “We believe that the best way to achieve that is through conversations with students, educators and researchers around the world.”

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Campaign Insights

Nissan brings TikTok’s BeReal lookalike to March Madness
Nissan has launched its “Road 2” campaign as it returns as an official sponsor of the NCAA March Madness basketball tournaments, with a focus on its all-electric vehicle (EV), the Nissan Ariya. The campaign centres around six commercials featuring a lineup of Nissan vehicles and 16 team mascots, as well as former and current basketball stars. In-person activations, a video series with Bleacher Report and an online bracket challenge in partnership with CBS Sports are also part of the campaign, with the opportunity to win prizes including the Nissan Ariya crossover.

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration with TikTok, Nissan has partnered with the platform’s BeReal copycat tool, TikTok Now. Fans can post videos of their live viewing experience, and by sharing the post on Instagram, they are entered into a sweepstakes for four tickets to the 2024 Men’s Final Four game. Nissan also created Giphy stickers for use on social media. The automaker has a history of integrating into college athletics, with its long-running football programme, “Heisman House,” and is the first brand to have a college-level athlete on the programme since name, image and likeness restrictions were loosened.

Fig.1 enters CVS with a micro-influencer campaign
Direct-to-consumer skincare brand Fig.1 announced on Monday that it will debut at over 3,200 CVS stores nationwide. The brand's launch, which greatly expands its presence, is about accessibility, said co-founder Kimmy Scotti. The brand's retail launch will be supported by a major influencer campaign, Fig.1's largest to date. Called "The Change Up," the campaign includes partnerships with 10-15 micro-influencers in New York, California and Florida. 

Each will encourage their followers to "change up" their everyday skin care products in favour of adding Fig.1 to their routines. The brand has identified creators ages 20-40 who are relatable, passionate about skin care and have different types of skin, including acne-prone or mature. The creators' content will live across TikTok, Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories, and the campaign will put money behind the content via paid social ads from Fig.1's social handles and will also pay to boost posts from partner influencers' handles. The brand launched with six products priced between $22-$42, with most around $30.

Big retail companies are paying influencers to help them with their TikTok presence
Big retail companies such as Walmart and Amazon are partnering with TikTok influencers to improve their engagement on the platform. Amazon has an influencer program that capitalizes on the creative videos of thousands of TikTok users, while Walmart has a Creator program. Influencers in these programs create content featuring products from the respective retailers. Anyone can apply to these programs, democratizing the process of working with big brands and retailers. 

Kelli Burns, a professor at the University of South Florida who researches the creator economy, warned that with so many influencers promoting products, we may see less creative content in our feeds. She also said that deinfluencers, who promote dupes or duplicates of luxury or brand-name products, have become so influential that brands want to partner with them. This trend is part of the democratization of the influencer marketing industry, where one does not need to be famous, rich, or beautiful to succeed as a product promoter.

E.l.f. Cosmetics pens new song in big bet on O Face lipstick
E.l.f. Cosmetics has launched a campaign for its new O Face Satin Lipstick, including a shoppable TikTok livestream with beauty creator Meredith Duxbury and the creation of an original song, ""Lip Positions."" The beauty retailer is hoping to tap into Gen Z's loyalty, a demographic that the brand has consistently targeted via social media, especially TikTok. The campaign also includes the brand's first out-of-home activations in Chicago and Dallas, as well as influencer promotions on TikTok. E.l.f. is betting on social commerce, a slow-growing area, and is encouraging users to post using the sound from ""Lip Positions,"" aligning with the lipstick's raunchy name. E.l.f. CMO Kory Marchisotto stated that the new product is the brand's ""biggest lipstick launch yet, and we’re going all in.""

“This is ELF Cosmetics biggest lipstick launch yet, and we’re going all in,” said Marchisotto in a press statement around the launch. Marchisotto also emphasized the lipstick’s price point of $9 as a draw. “Lip Positions” follows E.l.f.'s previous success with original songwriting, including the company's 2019 viral hit “Eyes, Lips, Face,” which was featured in the first branded hashtag challenge on TikTok. Other brands have also turned to original music to build awareness, including McDonald’s and Applebee’s. E.l.f. has also expanded its outreach to younger consumers by targeting the gaming community with a line of limited-run makeup and skincare products.

Hailey Bieber on Using YouTube To Launch Skincare Line Rhode
Hailey Bieber’s skincare brand, Rhode, has become one of the most talked about skincare brands online since its launch in June 2022. The model and influencer integrated the skincare line into her content, bringing on other beauty influencers to discuss it and highlighting it in get ready with me videos on her channel. Rhode products often sell out, and Bieber discussed how she merged her content creation with her business endeavors at The Upfront Summit last week.

However, Bieber is not alone in utilizing her online platforms to start a beauty company, with Kylie Jenner and other beauty influencers like Michelle Phan, NikkieTutorials, and TikToker Hyram Yarbro launching their own brands. Often, outside companies approach influencers about launching their own brands, with TikTok darling Addison Rae being approached to be the face of a new line by beauty and makeup brand incubator Madeby Collective. Despite this, influencer-led brands have struggled in recent months, with Sephora stopping carrying Rae and Yarbro’s products after sales slowed down in January. Experts are wondering if this is the beginning of the end for influencer-backed brands.

Hotel Chain Sofitel Launches Men's Fashion Experience in Rome Led by Top Italian Influencer
Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese has launched a new men’s fashion experience led by Italian fashion influencer Giorgio Giangiulio. The experience invites men to create a custom wardrobe with Giangiulio's guidance, sharing tips and tricks for achieving the perfect Italian style. The journey begins with a traditional shave at Antica Barberia Peppino and continues with stops at luxury boutiques around Rome, including Bocache & Salvucci, E. Marinella, Cruciani & Bella, and Brioni. Giangiulio will provide guidance, tips, and style suggestions throughout the entire experience. The journey concludes with an Italian cigar experience at Sansone Smoking Store and a photo shoot with a local photographer, accompanied by Giangiulio, who will offer posing and styling tips throughout the session.

Giangiulio is a top Italian influencer and menswear consultant, with a passion for fashion and style since an early age. The experience is aimed at men who want to revamp their style and create a classic Italian wardrobe with the help of an expert in the field.

Interesting People

Lifestyle Influencer Kendel Kay Talks About Her Growth In The Industry And Why She Loves Making Content
Lifestyle influencer Kendel Kay has shared her journey in the content creation industry and what she loves about making content. Kendel's passion for photography and videography led her to post content on Instagram, which later gained her over 500,000 followers on TikTok and 435,000 on Instagram. She creates content on self-care and feminine energy and tries to align it with her current lifestyle. She listens to her followers' suggestions and creates content based on their requests.

Kendel admits that navigating hateful comments is the hardest part of being a content creator, but she measures her success based on the number of views her videos receive. She has collaborated with many brands, and working with health and wellness brands is her favorite.

The best part of being a content creator, according to Kendel, is the freedom and independence that come with it. She encourages aspiring content creators to be consistent and patient in their journey.

Kendel also expressed interest in creating her own personal brand and starting her own company in the future. She believes that while the content creation space moves fast, she will continue to roll with the opportunities that come her way. As an experienced content creator, she wants to see how the competition between new and established influencers plays out.

Influencer Nala Meets World: Ellen Bieber - The State Of The Pet Influencer Industry With Pet
Ellen Bieber, the owner of the popular pet influencer account Nala Meets World, shares her thoughts on the pet influencer industry and creating content with unpredictable pets. Ellen emphasizes the importance of storytelling in her content, which is based on the moods and funny moments of her four cats and two dogs. Ellen also notes the importance of striking a balance between showcasing her pets' personalities and keeping them comfortable during photoshoots, as well as maintaining consistency in her content.

Regarding brand partnerships, Ellen is very selective and recommends that brands give creators more control to create engaging content that resonates with their audience. She also discusses the challenges of the rise of the pet influencer industry, including people undervaluing the work that goes into influencing and brands not allocating enough advertising budgets to creators.

"I feel like brands should be moving their advertising budgets to creators doing this content, so I feel like the industry can only grow from here," says Ellen. As for Nala Meets World, Ellen plans to continue growing the platforms and dreams of writing a children's book and launching cat products in the future.

Ellen adds, "I'm just throwing this out there and seeing if it sticks," regarding the unpredictability of the algorithm and the viral nature of content. However, her love for interacting with her audience in real-time and her commitment to her pets and their comfort provide a foundation for Nala Meets World's continued success.

Dr. Bradley Schaeffer On Representing The LGBTQ CommunityAand Being A Content Creator
Dr. Bradley Schaeffer, a foot and ankle surgeon and content creator, shared how he balances his roles and the impact he wants to make in the LGBTQ community. He became a popular content creator on social media by sharing his experiences as a resident and his journey as a young professional doctor. He now hosts the TLC show My Feet Are Killing Me and recently opened his wellness center in New York City.

Brad, a proud member of the LGBTQ community, wants to use his platform to reshape people's perception of what a male is and convey the importance of perseverance. He wants to spread awareness about the LGBTQ community and show an alternate way people can be and have a different version of what a gay man is.

Regarding his content creation, Brad's process involves filming everything he's passionate about, centered on giving medical advice or talking about fitness. Although he admits that being a content creator is another job, he enjoys it and wants to put himself out there in a different way.

Brad's favorite collaborations are those that involve giving back, such as the recent giveaway he had with Unagi Scooters, where he gave away two scooters. He advises aspiring doctors to have a human connection with patients, train, read up, and be real with patients. Brad also wants to look for and seize opportunities to show his personality in different ways and continue working for and in the LGBTQ community.

Industry News

Condé Nast Acquires ‘In The Dark’ Podcast From American Public Media
Condé Nast, the global media company, has acquired the popular podcast 'In The Dark' from American Public Media, along with the library of past episodes. The investigative show's staff, including co-creators Madeleine Baran and Samara Freemark, will now work with the staff of The New Yorker on future episodes of the show and on new narrative podcast series for the publication. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. 

In The Dark, which launched in 2016, has won two Peabody Awards, an Edward R. Murrow Award, and a George Polk Award. The move by Condé Nast expands its presence in the investigative podcast space and strengthens its reputation as a leader in narrative podcasting.

YouTube is killing the overlay ad format next month
YouTube will be discontinuing its overlay ad format, which are banner ads that appear over the video player, on April 6. The company considers the overlay ads a "legacy ad format" that are disruptive for viewers and only work on desktop. Going forward, video ads that can play before, in the middle of, or after a video will be the only ads in the video player. The "view product" pop-up ad will still be allowed, and there will still be banner ads in the recommended video list. 

The change is not expected to have a significant impact on most creators as engagement is likely to shift to other ad formats. The overlay ads were not necessarily enough for creators to earn money, as advertisers could choose to only pay if a user clicked on the ad. Video ads with a "skip" button also do not pay out if users click the skip button.

YouTube Head of Gaming Talks Exclusive Creator Deals, CEO Neal Mohan
YouTube's head of gaming, Leo Olebe, has discussed the video platform's exclusive deals with content creators and its gaming strategy under newly appointed CEO Neal Mohan. According to Olebe, gaming-related content on YouTube hit more than 120 billion hours of watch time in 2022, while the company attracted more than 500 million daily active viewers. Olebe believes that YouTube's success is due to its diverse offering, including live streaming, esports and video on demand, as well as the ability for creators to diversify their followings. 

He also praised the platform's new CEO, Mohan, for his business acumen and understanding of gaming's integral role in culture. Regarding feedback from creators, Olebe said that YouTube's exclusive creators are concerned with the overall creator economy and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be successful. YouTube's gaming division has also attracted top Twitch talent and brought gaming-friendly features to the main YouTube experience.

TikTok’s new ‘Series’ feature lets creators put content behind a paywall
TikTok has introduced a new feature called “Series” that will allow eligible creators to post collections of premium content behind a paywall, with one Series able to include up to 80 videos, each up to 20 minutes long. The move marks TikTok's latest attempt to expand its monetization offerings and directly compete with YouTube. Creators can set the price for their Series and will be able to keep 100% of their earnings for a limited time, with TikTok likely to start taking a cut in the future. The feature is currently only available to select creators, with applications to join opening in the coming months.

“From the top collection of must-know spreadsheet shortcuts to the most effective workouts or the latest baked oats recipe, the diverse range of valuable and entertaining content on TikTok has quickly become a part of a billion people’s lives around the world," TikTok said in a blog post.

The move comes two weeks after the beta launch of the “Creativity Program” aimed at generating higher revenue and unlocking more opportunities for creators. Its launch follows feedback from creators who criticized low payouts from TikTok's Creator Fund, which rewards creators for popular videos.

“TikTok is looking to appease creators and give them more ways to earn money through its platform amid enhanced competition from other companies," noted ChatGPT, a language model

Spreaker Wants To Be The Google AdSense Of Podcasts
Podcast platform Spreaker has announced it will allow small independent creators to sign up for free, as it seeks to become the Google AdSense of the podcasting world. The company, acquired by iHeartMedia in 2020, previously operated a freemium SaaS model, with only paying users able to make money on ads. 

However, now users with free accounts can access monetisation and unlimited podcast storage and downloads. Spreaker takes a 40% share of advertising revenue from podcasters on its platform and relies heavily on programmatic technology to match creators with advertisers. CEO and co-founder Francesco Baschieri said there was ""a lot of untapped potential"" for new shows to emerge.
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Great Paywalled Content

TikTok creator job with Blueground pays $10K a month - Fortune
Blueground, a mid- to long-stay rental platform, is offering $10,000 a month and a $7,500 travel budget for a resident TikTok creator to travel to Blueground’s 9,500 properties across the globe to produce 15 to 20 TikToks per month. The aim of the role is to amplify the brand’s presence on TikTok and engage with millennials and Gen Z. The successful candidate will be considered a member of the brand’s social media team and will work with the company’s marketing team to create a content strategy that brings personality to the brand and humanises the company. 

The chosen resident will start the role on 1 May and will not have to be verified on the platform before that date. Blueground has asked for submissions to be made through its careers page by 6 April, but interested parties are encouraged to apply sooner rather than later. The project is initially set to run for three months, but there is potential for an extension.

ShopStyle Collective Rebrands as Collective Voice - BoF
ShopStyle Collective, a monetisation platform for influencers, has undergone a rebranding and is now known as Collective Voice. The new name reflects the platform's expansion beyond affiliate marketing to include more offerings for creators. The platform's new features include TapTo.Shop, which lets creators share multiple affiliate links and monetised content through one link, and Amplify, an education programme for influencers to learn about increasing their income. 

Collective Voice is also expanding its data and insights offerings for creators. The rebranding comes as the platform aims to meet the evolving needs of its brand and creator partners. "Collective Voice combines the power of storytelling, community and scale all under one roof," said Lindsay Jerutis, General Manager at Collective Voice.

Aldo features Tinx, Noor Stars, others in self-acceptance campaign - Ad Age
Footwear retailer Aldo has teamed up with social media personality Tinx, basketball player Scotty Pippen Jr., beauty influencer Noor Stars, musician Rishab Sharma and model Irene Kim to launch its "For All That Is You" campaign. The marketing effort is focused on self-acceptance and authenticity. "Customers today don’t want the glossy perfection from a brand or a creator. That’s really changed over the past five years in marketing," said Amanda Amar, senior director of global PR and social media at Aldo. 

The campaign features all five creators modelling a pair of Aldo shoes that best encapsulates their likeness. Aldo granted the influencers creative license to show off its spring collection however they wanted, allowing content creators to be themselves. The 50-second spot, which includes all five creators, will be shown in various countries. Tinx has 1.5 million followers on TikTok and is using her platform to champion female empowerment.

20 women who founded creator-economy startups to address issues they saw in the industry, from pay gaps to lack of banking options - Business Insider
The creator economy has seen a surge in recent years, but mostly by male-led startups. However, a new breed of female-founded companies has emerged to address issues in the industry. Insider highlighted 20 female founders who have launched successful startups that are helping remedy problems in the creator economy, from pay gaps to lack of banking options.

Clara for Creators is the pay-transparency app that helps influencers negotiate better pay with top brands around the world. Catch+Release helps brands safely and easily license content made by creators, while Cllctve is a creator-driven software platform that allows influencers to craft online portfolios in minutes and apply for paid freelance opportunities.

Creative Juice provides funding, banking, and automated business tools for creators to scale their businesses, and Curastory helps creators make more money from the ads that run in their videos. Meanwhile, Fanhouse is a subscription platform for creators to monetize, share exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and connect with top fans.

These female-led startups have been welcomed by the creator economy, as they help solve issues within the industry and promote more diverse representation in leadership. Despite facing unique challenges, the creators economy has been more accepting of women leaders than other corners of tech.
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