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Last week, I told you about a new sponsor, and we had an awesome response from all of you. For those of you who missed it, I want to tell you about them again: It's Aug X Labs and their incredible generative AI VIDEO tool, affectionately called AUGIE.

For podcasters, and probably for all manner of creators, AUGIE is an absolute game-changer. It's a tool that runs in your browser that makes it SUPER-EASY to make videos based on audio or text content you've already produced. 

So, as a podcaster, what can this AI tool do for you?

  • Generate a podcast video trailer.

  • Generate a video for each of your podcast episodes.

  • Create a whole video content library to quickly and easily start a YouTube channel for your podcast.

  • Create short-form, vertical videos to promote your podcast on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

So check out AUGIE and join their beta before everyone else in the podcasting industry gets in on the secret of this productivity-multiplying content creation tool. 


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Here are this week's recommendations: 


Three Siblings

Join three siblings as they share their personal mental health journey and the lessons learned from surviving the loss of both parents. through their story, they openly discuss the impact of depression and suicide and how they coped with the loss.

With diverse backgrounds and experiences, each sibling has a unique story to tell. through their tears, heartache, and laughter, they hope to inspire and provide comfort to those who are struggling. This is Three Siblings sharing their story of survival, hope, and love.

Website | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Overcast - Not sure where to start? Start with the first episode. 


Main Engine Cut Off

If you're at all excited about the idea of space exploration and humanity's place amongst the stars, this is the right podcast for you. Touching on a wide variety of issues around spaceflight, the Main Engine Cut Off podcast features opinion and analysis of spaceflight, exploration, policy, and strategy.

Website | Listen on Apple Podcasts | SpotifyGoogle Podcasts | Overcast

Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: T+220: Artemis Architecture (with Eric Berger)

Headlong: Running from COPS

Dan Taberski and the team behind Missing Richard Simmons investigate COPS — the longest-running reality show in TV history — and its cultural impact on policing in America. The story begins with the footage of a routine arrest behind a church in Georgia…

Website | Listen on Apple Podcasts | SpotifyGoogle PodcastsOvercast

Not sure where to start? Start with the first episode.


The podcast for pagans and other spiritual folk of any path worldwide is hosted by the Tribe of the Greyhorn Pagans. A worldwide podcast and tribe dedicated to reconnecting to our heritage and our gods.
Save 10+ hours a week... and discover the Best Business Podcasts. Get quick summaries of must-listen episodes covering a range of fascinating topics – without enduring hours of audio.
Alt Marketing School is a newsletter and podcast teaching marketers how to market to hearts, not brains. Using psychology, impact and the latest frameworks to help you make a bigger impact online.
The Smarter Brain helps you cut through the noise on the web and save valuable time, so you can focus on getting things done. You’ll receive actionable insights right in your inbox twice a week to help you level up in just 3 minutes or less. 

Sign up now and become a smarter, more productive you.


Marketing Unplugged

Marketing Unplugged is a podcast about the humans behind marketing. Co-hosts Mark Emond and Elle Woulfe hold insightful conversations with accomplished B2B marketers about how they use marketing to advance their ideas, their organizations, and themselves. The goal of this podcast is to help you become a more confident marketer.

Website | Listen on Apple PodcastsSpotify | Google PodcastsOvercast

Not sure where to start? Start with any episode.

To Be a Rebel

This podcast explores the lives of rebels throughout history - folks who have defied and resisted unjust authority and stood up for themselves, at times costing them their lives or their reputations. And sometimes both. The show uncovers and pieces together what it means......To Be A Rebel.

Website | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google PodcastsOvercast

Not sure where to start? Start with any episode.

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