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Seattle leaders make plea for workers to return downtown and help address ‘remote work affliction’
More than 1,200 business and civic leaders gathered Tuesday afternoon for the Downtown Seattle Association’s annual “State of Downtown” event.  The bright sunny skies and spring-like weather that greeted attendees as they entered the sparkling brand new Seattle Convention Center seemed to highlight the DSA’s upbeat theme of the day: “Optimism & Opportunity.” But there was a more direct call to action that emerged during the 4-hour event: What’s it going to take to get office workers back downtown?
Meta laying off 10,000 more workers, four months after Facebook parent cut 11,000
Meta announced another round of significant layoffs on Tuesday, as the parent company of Facebook and Instagram said it would cut about 10,000 jobs.
Commentary: OpenAI’s GPT-4 has some limitations that are fixable — and some that are not
Editor’s note: Four months after the release of its ChatGPT chatbot, OpenAI unveiled its latest artificial intelligence technology, GPT-4, on Tuesday.
Three proven strategies for paying off personal debt

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How SVB’s collapse could impact housing markets, according to a Zillow economist
Silicon Valley Bank’s swift downward spiral could ease mortgage rates and push property prices downward in tech-heavy metros including San Francisco and Seattle.
As tech companies bring workers back to downtown Seattle, Zillow holds firm on ‘Cloud HQ’
Amazon, Starbucks and other large companies are mandating that workers return to the office with the hope that in-person interactions spur more creativity, productivity and profits.  But one Seattle tech CEO is not buying that argument.
How Pfizer’s $43 billion acquisition of Seagen could impact the biotech industry in Seattle
Biopharma acquisitions often come with layoffs and lab shutdowns as smaller companies get absorbed.
Pfizer will acquire Seattle-area biotech giant Seagen for $43 billion
Pfizer is buying Seattle-area biotech giant Seagen in a massive $43 billion deal announced Monday.
T-Mobile to acquire Mint Mobile for $1.35B and tap into owner Ryan Reynolds’ marketing skills
Bellevue, Wash.-based wireless carrier T-Mobile announced Wednesday that it is acquiring Ka’ena Corp., owner of the brands Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile, in a deal worth up to $1.35 billion.
SVB Seattle leader asks customers to return: ‘No safer institution to hold deposits’
Silicon Valley Bank wants you back. The 40-year-old institution now supported by the U.S.
Biotech experts wary of Pfizer cutting Seagen workforce — but history reveals silver lining
Seattle-area biotech experts are eying the past warily in the wake of this week’s news that Pfizer plans to acquire Bothell, Wash.-based Seagen for a whopping $43 billion.
The ripple effects from the Silicon Valley Bank fiasco on startups and investors
While many startup founders and investors slept easier Sunday night knowing their deposits at Silicon Valley Bank were safe, the rapid meltdown of the 40-year-old institution could have short- and long-term ripple effects on the tech startup industry.
Microsoft’s real AI battle against Google begins with the promise of new superpowers for work
Microsoft was encroaching onto Google’s turf when it announced an AI-powered Bing search engine last month.
Leafly lays off 21% of workforce amid potential delisting from Nasdaq
Editor’s note: This story was updated with information from Leafly’s fourth quarter earnings report and an internal email sent from the company’s CEO.
‘Open for business’: Amazon shows off antennas for its Kuiper satellite network
After years of development, Amazon is showing off the antennas it plans to use for its Project Kuiper satellite broadband network — and says it plans to begin offering beta service for large customers next year.
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