issue 315: spring cooking inspo + a biiiig stretch 🌻

Issue #315 - April 28, 2023
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A weekly dose of comfort for your inbox with musings on and recommendations for downtime.
Flowers everywhere. Image source: @hannezaruma via @visual.fodder

Happy Friday,

Hello from Brooklyn, where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and spring produce is just starting to appear. (Are ramps overrated? You tell me.) This week’s newsletter is packed with my latest fixations, from new cookbooks to hip-saving stretches, plus plenty of good reads to start off the weekend. Hope it’s a great one. xoxo— Aliza Abarbanel, executive editor

This Week's Picks

Curated this week by Aliza Abarbanel

COOK: Asparagus season is finally here, and I’m celebrating with this decidedly festive goat cheese tarragon tart from Melissa Clark. It uses store-bought puff pastry for an impressive finish that comes together like no big deal—perfect for brunch, dinner, and everything in between. *gift link*

STAY HYDRATED: We’re getting motivated to hit our daily water intake goals by setting out a gorg new pitcher that makes refills easy and filters out over 30 contaminants. GNI readers can take 20% off the purchase of any LifeStraw Home at with the code "GNI". *Sponsor 

STRETCH: If, like me, your hips are crunchier than a bag of tortilla chips, may I suggest this simple hip mobility exercise? I’ve been doing these stretches in the morning and evening for a few days now, and it’s made a real difference. Extra crucial for people who sit all day at work!

WATCH: Maestro producer Fred Again’s recent Tiny Desk Concert might go down as one of my all-time faves. He loops instruments like marimba, vibraphone, and piano for a shimmering, calming experience. 

SIP: Iced tea season is upon us, and I’ll be brewing pitchers of this organic Assam black tea from Alaya on repeat. It’s rich and robust, with a slightly sweet finish that holds up to a splash of your preferred milk. I also love that packaging is completely compostable, even the zipper. (I reached out and got us a code - "GNI" for 25% off).

GLOSS: I’ve been searching for the ultimate lip gloss since middle school and I finally found it: hydrating, with a glossy-not-sticky sheen that gives an instant confidence boost. The brand, Ami Colé, is formulated for “melanin-rich skin” but seriously looks great on everyone.

MAKE: This cheeky crochet pool ball scarf is the absolute cutest. If you’re not up for a whole scarf, I think the individual balls would also make for great one-off gifts to display on a shelf or keychain.

A programming note: In our reader survey, we found that there’s some confusion about what is sponsored and what is not in this newsletter. Anything sponsored will *always* say “Sponsor” right after—no sneaky stuff here. The rest are tried and true recommendations from us. :) Thank you for reading!

This week's Sponsor:

Not all water pitchers are created equal

We always start the day with a cool glass of tap water—but instead of sipping straight from the faucet, it’s coming from a LifeStraw Home water filter pitcher. The sleek BPA-free pitcher is just chic enough to leave out on your desk or the dinner table to ensure everyone stays hydrated (especially in the cheery lavender Wisteria hue). It’s the only pitcher around that removes bacteria and microplastics in addition to more than 30 contaminants. Considering that many water systems in the U.S. are over 100 years old—and vulnerable to contaminants caused by age-related issues like cracked pipes—we’ll take all the extra filtering power we can get.

The water we use for ourselves, our family, our pets, and our loved ones should be as safe as possible—and even our ice cubes taste crisper when the trays have been filled up with filtered water from a LifeStraw Home. Want to make the switch? GNI readers can take 20% off the purchase of any LifeStraw Home at with the code "GNI".

3 Spring Cookbooks to Revitalize Your Weeknights

Spring produce is hitting the markets, and a new crop of cookbooks is here to make the most of all that bounty. From entirely plant-based books to those that foreground vegetables alongside meat, there’s something for everyone, but these are at the top of my “to-cook” list.—Aliza

Ever-Green Vietnamese by Andrea Nyguen

Some think of Vietnamese food as all beefy phở and bánh mì—Andrea Nyguen is here to change that. The celebrated cookbook author’s latest book is all about Vietnam’s deeply rooted plant-based traditions, with a little meat that can be subbed out. Think: cabbage stir-fry brightened with punchy nước chấm, vegetarian phở, and allll the herbs. Out now.

Salad Seasons by Sheela Prakash

Say it with us: No more sad salads! This cookbook places vegetables at the center of the plate, throughout the seasons, from a winter-friendly smashed potato and chorizo salad that comes together on a sheet pan to peak-summer corn salads. Every recipe is fast, fresh, and flexible. Out now.

Tenderheart by Hetty McKinnon 

A love letter to vegetables that interweaves family memoir with recipes like Miso Mushroom Ragu with Baked Polenta and Upside-Down Rhubarb and Ginger Olive Oil Cake. Hetty is a regular contributor to New York Times Cooking and her recipes never fail—I recently made her fennel frond pesto for a niçoise-style salad, which received rave reviews. Preorders ship May 30.

Butter Living Giveaway with East Fork

Want to brighten up your kitchen? We’re teaming up with fan fave ceramics brand East Fork to give away a seven-piece dishware set in their cheery new hue Butter, plus more elevated kitchen staples and a year’s supply of the very best butter. The prizing package is worth over $2500 (!!). Enter the giveaway (ends 4/30)!

Reader Mailbox 💌

“I've been a subscriber for a couple of years now and had to let you know this is one of the best newsletters I've read from y'all in a while! Just maxed out my e-book holds in my library account...Thanks for the great recs!” —Blake L, in response to last week’s mega list of book recommendations in Issue #314

All together now. Image source: @brutt.a

This Week's Reads

What Would You Do for a Taylor Swift Sweatshirt? *gift link* (The New York Times)—A captivating look at the Swifties angling to beat out resellers by arriving well before dawn to secure Eras tour merch.

Here’s How to Actually Be Kinder to Yourself (SELF) 

Please Eat in the Library (TASTE)—Sipping on mushroom soup or a glass of wine at the library feels like a fantasy, but around the world, library cafes are raising their game.  

Why We Speak More Weirdly at Home (The Atlantic)

A Century of the New York It Girl (The Cut). A deep dive into the highs and lows of being dubbed an “It Girl,” from flapper Clara Bow to Chloë Sevigny.

Taco Bell’s Innovation Kitchen, the Front Line in the Stunt-Food Wars (The New Yorker). The funniest, freakiest story I’ve read in a long, long time. 

Please note: Some of these reads may be under paywalls depending on your reading habits! We believe quality journalism is worth paying for, and strive to offer gifted links when available.

This newsletter may contain affiliate links, which means when you buy through the link, we might get a cut. We only recommend products we believe in or are thinking about a lot. Sponsored content is clearly marked as "Sponsor." Thank you so much for your support!

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