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June 1, 2023
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Jenny Boyts on the CreativeMornings/Indianapolis stage

“Are we fighting for power and privilege and resources and all the things that we know have been kept from us as a community, or are we actually fighting for shared freedom?” 

From an early age, Jenny Boyt was policed and shamed for unknowingly defying gender conventions. Now as Board President of Indy Pride, she nurtures and grows the community that offers the belonging and welcome she didn’t have growing up. Her talk for CreativeMornings/Indianapolis beautifully enacts solidarity and community-building: she led cheers for local and national organizers doing important work to keep the LGBTQ+ community safe, and she invited poet Sylvia Thomas to take the stage and perform a gorgeous Pride poem. Amidst coordinated attacks on the rights of queer and gender non-conforming people to exist and choose their own destiny, Jenny Boyts urges you to consider your role in the fight for shared freedom. 
Photo by Jes Nijjer 

Combat Dreaded Scope Creep

The dreaded scope creep: things are going smoothly, until the client emails you to add a deliverable to the original plan. One extra task won’t delay the entire project, so you agree. Then, the requests keep coming, and before you know it your team is in the weeds — and your project is derailed. But if you understand what the top causes are ahead of time, you’ll have a better chance of keeping your projects on track. 

Harvest dives into what scope creep is, what can cause it, and how you can avoid it.

(Brought to you by our content partner Harvest)
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💆🏻‍♀️ FEATURED FIELDTRIP: Heal creative burnout by trying EFT tapping.

Watch how the world’s first LGBTQ+ mariachi band combats the machista elements of mariachi culture and creates a safe space for queer musicians.* 

Learn how to create your own meaningful rituals (and if this intrigues you, the Nearness is starting a new cohort for exploring life's big questions on 6/12).

The Visions of Motherhood photography contest reveals a prismatic array of maternal experiences.**

Did you know you can shoot beautiful, professional quality video – on just your iPhone?*  

DJ Jim Q's Reverie playlist is also a tribute to the late great Tina Turner. 

Meet Sally Anderson, the patron who gives artists “the gift of time.”

Sculptures designed to be colonized by marine life appear in the Great Barrier Reef. 

Top tips from creatives for protecting your mental health from overwhelm

The creative tensions, according to Austin Kleon

Brainstorm questions, not ideas. 

MoMA teaches collage. 

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**Thanks to Amanda Jaquin for the link inspiration.

CreativeGuild Spotlights
global directory of creative companies and individuals.

First Principle's mobile screenshots for the booking system they designed
First Principle in Brooklyn conceptualizes and designs new product experiences from early-stage start-ups to large organizations that are looking to begin new initiatives or reinvent themselves. Explore their booking system for Cedar.
37's architectural collision study
37 in Richmond are enthusiasts, mavens, over-energetic advocates for all things creative. The’'ll dive into almost anything. Check out their architectural collision study.
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring? Looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.

History Factory in Washington, DC is looking for a Writer/Associate Creative Director with a strong content and conceptual focus to help lead their teams. 

Mailchimp is seeking a Group Product Manager – Customer Data Platform in either Atlanta or Brooklyn to lead the next generation of data platforms and solutions for their customers. 

Wistia in Cambridge is hiring a Copywriter to concept, write, and develop work that builds on their relatable, helpful, human voice to communicate their products and brand to the world. 

SYPartners in New York is on the search for a Senior Strategist to play a critical team role in helping diagnose clients’ challenges.

humhum is hiring a part-time Email Marketing Manager who is a passionate and creative human with a knack for creative writing and email marketing strategy. 

Understood in New York is seeking a Senior User Researcher to develop a nuanced understanding and empathy of user’s needs and challenges at various stages of their journey.

I made this newsletter in solidarity with those whose lives and stories are being erased. You being here matters. Your starlight burns brightly. 

🏳️‍⚧️ Waving,
Annie Yi, CreativeMornings HQ

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