His Multi-7 Figure Exit and How Community Helped

Today I am honored to have Chris Yates on the podcast.

I've known Chris for many years and I've been a member of his Rhodium Community for about a decade now.

Not only is Chris an excellent community builder, but he also recently had a successful business exit (multiple 7 figure sale).

He originally acquired the business (from a Rhodium community member) and with the help and advice from community members, he was able to grow the business exponentially.

Listen in to this fascinating interview on how to scale and exit a business with the help of community right here.

And if you want to learn how to build your own community, Chris has tons of advice on that as well.

Enjoy the full interview with Chris Yates right here.

How to Quickly Grow and Monetize a Facebook Page

I've recently been trying to scale a Facebook page. The idea is to grow the page and then send as much traffic as possible from my page to my niche website, where I then monetize with display ads.

Over the past 5 days, I've added over 2,600 followers for just $80.49, or 3 cents a like! (The page now has a total of 49,000 followers).

We post around 3 times a day on the FB page that link to articles on my site.

Sometimes the articles "take off" and get thousands of visitors from Facebook.

Other times they don't.

However, I can smell the opportunity.

With the right FB page size and post frequency...and engaging enough content, I'm not surprised that some people have been able to scale to millions of visitors a month.

One of those people is Andy Skraga.

Andy has been making a full-time living for years off of Facebook traffic.

In fact, one of the pieces of advice that he shared with a friend of mine is the reason I've been able to get likes for just 3 cents.

Andy recently launched a full course that goes over how to scale a Facebook page and how to make money while doing it.

That course is The Facebook Traffic Blueprint Right Here

Andy gave me access to the course, so I know what's in it.

I'll be honest, the course isn't pretty...its most just text that you read through...but the advice is solid!

I'm also told that he is in the process of adding more images, videos, and walkthroughs of how to do everything in the next couple of weeks.

I'm personally fascinated with Facebook traffic, and Andy's course is the only one I'm aware of that shows you how to do it right now.

Go ahead and check out the Facebook Traffic Blueprint Right Here.

Thanks again,


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