Backstory: As social distancing phases out, we're really looking forward to game nights with our friends. Ironically we've been playing pandemic a lot. 

We're always interested in trying new board games but with so many out there, we don't know where to start. Everyone likes multiple types of games as well. 

The Idea: Board Game Rental Service.

Deep Dive: You could start out with the simple subscription to rental service but to further differentiate and give value to the service, you could have a curational portion to the process. Customers can sign up and group together, put in their interests and a simple algorithm would pick a game that is most fitting for their likes and dislikes. You could also go the tinder style, if you like this game, you'd like this one too.

Building the community around the games will separate this from just a rental service. Game board enthusiast can make raving fans quickly, if you deliver and provide enough value.

Validation: The notion of owning "stuff" is trending downward, I like most ideas around renting and trying new experiences. Games are fairly low on the "experiencial" side but it still qualifies. 

Monetization: Subscription model, watch your shipping costs and lossage due to missing pieces.

Steps to Launch: I would dig through your closet and find some board games you don't play anymore. Write a review and post on facebook marketplace, try to get someone to validate the idea with as little effort as possible.