Backstory: Education has always been ripe for change and the pandemic is starting to force this change. My friends with younger kids in elementary school are taking a much more active role in their child's education. 

One of the most interesting days I remember in elementary school was career day. Parents of some children would come into the classroom and discuss their jobs and how they go to where they are, career wise. 

The Idea: Children's career box.

Deep Dive: You would build a multi-part box series, diving into different careers. Each series could consist of 3-5 different boxes and would give kids real life examples and problems to solve as they pretend to take on different careers.

Let's take a chef, they would be responsible for buying food and cooking a meal the first box. The second, they could work with their parents to help them make a similar meal (teaching others as a master chef). The third box could have them talk to their parents as a wait staff or manager to help the children learn all about the business. The possibilities are endless and you'll have to get creative with this one.

Validation: There are so many kids boxes aimed at teaching and children stem such as bitsbox and kiwi co.

Monetization: Subscription model, watch your shipping costs and overhead.

Steps to Launch: I would pick a career that you're familiar with. I would build out the first box for pictures and talking points. Test the first box on your children or friends and get some pictures. Using feedback, testimonials and pictures from these early experiences I would throw up a landing page and try to sell some subscriptions to your service. I would put the ship date in the future, giving you time to build up sales, justifying your time to build out the next few boxes.