Backstory: Through my agency we currently work with 5 ReCharge clients. ReCharge is the most popular subscription billing plugin for shopify, powering 10k+ stores. ReCharge has the most developed API and is the most mature, but they lack some key features that we're often asked to help with on every project. One such example is bulk coupon uploads. The only option to upload coupons in bulk is to email their support, as listed here.  Typically delivering excellent support, ReCharge can take up to 1 month to upload these correctly. 

The Idea: A bulk coupon uploader for ReCharge.

Deep Dive: This idea is a lead magnet of sorts, designed to bring in specific customers for you to gain an initial great first impression and offer additional services/products. For the bulk uploaded, you would keep it simple, allow users to upload the existing ReCharge spreadsheet and slowly insert coupons (ReCharge rate limits their API calls). Your app would have to notify the users when their coupons are uploaded and if there were any errors. 

Offering a service that "just works" in this space is huge and builds trust with users. Given there is a boom in e-commerce, becoming the expert in a small niche is a great idea.

Validation: I'm already doing this through a "hacky" script for clients and ReCharge offers something similar. A self-serve service would offer a great amount of value to customers. 

Monetization: I would charge per coupon, fraction of a cent.

Steps to Launch: I would start by doing this for a client for a fixed fee. This would give you some initial startup money and a little bit of a runway to get it off the ground. A great way to find that first client is at ChargeX, an upcoming recharge event:

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