RWD Weekly #450 — the one about NFTs and Content buddies

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Hello again, welcome back to RWD Weekly #450.

Another mini-milestone and we are now less than a year away from hitting 500 editions. While it seems a long way away now, I was thinking the same thing as we were going into lockdown back around edition 400.

It was International Women's day on the Monday just gone so a huge big THANK YOU to my wife, daughter, Mum, Mun-inlaw, aunties, cousins, nieces, and best friends for being amazing! Love you all! It's also Mother's day this Sunday for a lot of you... don't forget to get a card at the very least :D


I've been getting into the NFT and Crypto scene of late. I think NFTs are a great way for artists to money in an open decentralised marketplace, I've even bought some amazing pieces like the example below from @wblut. I'm also fascinated at the potential impacts of Web3 and the use of tools like MetaMask for browsing the web. Even Brave are starting to take leaps towards paid content and could be a dark horse in the race for browser dominance.

The other side of the coin comes from the environmental impact of using platforms like ETH. This piece (a twenty minute read mind) was sent to me earlier in the week. It was an incredibly popular piece but has unfortunately led to a lot of negative reactions to NFT artists on social media (but then, what do we expect from Twitter most of the time).

There are also responses to that article which address some of the main points of the original.

I was interested so I tested my own wallet address to see how much impact I have had with my purchases. 3,683Kg of CO2 I've been responsible for in the purchases I've made. I don't really know what that's worth, but I will also add that I contribute to Tree Nation where we've planted trees that equate to an offset of 47.1 tonnes of CO2.. I'm in the green still.

What do you think about the impact of NFTs?



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The WordPress Evolution Toward Full-Site Editing

This is a really exciting post from Geoff this week about Wordpress expanding out to allowing more site template design control. This means adding a content block which is the Wordpress Loop. Any design changes you make to one element on that loop, like adding the featured image, will also be made on the other items in the loop. This is big, and it is very exciting for folks who are more visually led than coders.

Higher ed's slow page speed epidemic

I don't think this is limited to just Higher Education websites either. The more we talk about building faster and less weighty websites, the higher the size of websites seem to be going. A nice look at the epidemic from Joel.

Content buddy

Imagine having Jeremy Keith as your content buddy! Amazing. Jeremy covers off a few tips that he has given recently to colleagues who are writing articles or presentations. Great tips.


Responsive text based on image size

We all face such requirement where we need to make a title below (or above) an image to not exceed the width of the image. In most of the cases, we need them to have the same width. Here's some solutions from Temani

CSS Auditing Tools

In a new short series of posts, Iris will highlight some of the useful tools and techniques for developers and designers to get their work done better and faster. Starting out with a few tools for getting to the bottom of CSS.

TailwindCSS Hidden Gems 💎

Tony Lea gives us some great tips on some lesser know capabilities of Tailwind. These include spacers, dividers, animations and more.

CSS Grid Cheat Sheet Illustrated in 2021

Let's refresh Our CSS Grid Memory. Here's a Cheat Sheet of everything you can do with Grid to get started in 2021!🎖️ Thanks Joy!

A Helpful Algorithm to Determine "this" value in JavaScript

I'm still relatively new to Javascript so I'm bookmarking this for myself to look back on next week.

The Guide To Ethical Scraping Of Dynamic Websites With Node.js And Puppeteer

This article from Adreas is great for two reasons. Firstly, I learned another way I can scrape a website. Secondly, I learned the ethical steps I should go through to see if I should be scraping the site and how quickly.

Digging Into CSS Logical Properties


Resources & Tools



Nice, simple conic gradients


Fast and low overhead web framework, for Node.js


That's all for this week. Thanks for stopping by, if you found something useful please recommend us to a friend and help us continue to grow.



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